C Spire Wireless Delivers on its Promise ofPersonalized Wireless with 1:1 CustomerDialogues                               ...
“Thanks to greater automation and workflow reusability, we’ve nearly tripled the number of campaigns. In addition,we can s...
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C Spire Wireless Delivers on its Promise of Personalized Wireless with 1:1 Customer Dialogues


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Customer name: C Spire Wireless
Industry: Telecommunications
Business Need: Support its corporate
mission of delivering personalized
wireless by moving from untargeted,
blanket campaigns to personalized
dialogues driven by customer needs,
preferences, and behavior.

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C Spire Wireless Delivers on its Promise of Personalized Wireless with 1:1 Customer Dialogues

  1. 1. C Spire Wireless Delivers on its Promise ofPersonalized Wireless with 1:1 CustomerDialogues Customer name: C Spire WirelessNeolane Drives Targeted, Relevant Interactions across Outbound and Industry: TelecommunicationsInbound Channels, Helping C Spire to Boost Marketing Efficiency and Business Need: Support its corporate mission of delivering personalizedEffectiveness wireless by moving from untargeted, blanket campaigns to personalized dialogues driven by customer needs, preferences, and behavior.C Spire Wireless, based in Ridgeland, to pull in the required data. “Neolane is helping C SpireMississippi, is the nation’s only Another by-product of the tool’s to fulfill its promise ofwireless provider that offers limitations was manual, time-consuming delivering personalizedconsumers and businesses a suite of processes. Lists had to be generated wireless. We’re able topersonalized services. The company externally and then uploaded, resulting sustain more meaningful,provides wireless services and mobile in additional steps. Moreover, only abledevices in four states through its relevant conversations with to send one-off deliveries, marketerswebsite, call center, and 80 retail our customers across all couldn’t plan and execute coordinatedlocations. C Spire is the first wireless touch points, which has not campaigns across the customer lifecycle.provider in the U.S. to personalize only improved the customercustomers’ experience by offering “We simply outgrew our email marketing experience but businessapps that fit who they are, services that tool and no longer had the feature results.”anticipate their needs, and rewards for set to support our growing marketingusing their phone in new ways. sophistication, said Justin Croft, ” Justin Croft, Manager, Campaigns and Promotions, Manager, Campaigns and Promotions, C Spire WirelessChallenge: Competitive Market C Spire Wireless. “To succeed in thePrompts Need for Personalized competitive wireless market, we neededCustomer Dialogues to take our marketing communicationsFormerly Cellular South, C Spire RESULTS from untargeted, blanket campaigns toWireless underwent a full rebranding personalized dialogues driven by needs, • Created a single, consolidated customer view that encompassesin September 2011, changing its preferences, and behaviors. ” multiple data sourcesname and unveiling its “personalized • Increased open rates nearly 41wireless” experience. This personalized Solution: Move beyond Email with percent and click-through ratesexperience has become the heart of Integrated Campaign and Decision 25 percent as a result of sendingthe company’s products and services— Management more targeted, personalized emailsincluding its SCOUT personalized To create these personalized customerrecommendation tool and PERCS dialogues, C Spire didn’t just need a • Tripled the number of campaignsrewards program—as well as customer with no additional headcount more robust email marketing platform. thanks to greater automation andinteractions across all lines of business. Instead, the company sought a cross- workflow reusability channel campaign management platformFrom a marketing perspective, C Spire • Mitigate churn risks by providing with a powerful personalization engine real-time recommendations vianeeded to retool in order to support and native support for email, SMS, the call center and point of salethis corporate mission and drive and other digital channels. To optimize • Optimize contact pressure anddeeper customer engagement. The inbound customer interactions via its call marketing effectiveness bycompany had been using a web-based consolidating messaging onto one center and point of sale locations, C Spireemail marketing tool, but there was platform was also looking for real-time decisionminimal targeting or personalization of management capabilities.campaigns. In addition, the applicationcouldn’t integrate with external systems
  2. 2. “Thanks to greater automation and workflow reusability, we’ve nearly tripled the number of campaigns. In addition,we can spend more time on marketing, versus systems maintenance and other technical tasks. ” James Veillette, Marketing Database Analyst, C Spire WirelessBased on these criteria, C Spire selected contract, or those with high-churn sustain more meaningful, relevantNeolane’s conversational marketing devices. In addition, customer lifecycle conversations across all touchplatform, including the Neolane Campaign communications are now automated and points, which has not only improvedand Neolane Interaction applications. personalized based on the whether the the customer experience butAccording to Croft, Neolane was in the individual owns a smartphone or feature business results. ”sweet spot: it was advanced enough to phone, is enrolled in the PERCS rewardsmeet the company’s current and future program, etc. Looking Forward: Mobilemarketing needs, but it wasn’t overkill that Marketing with SMS and Push Since moving from house list campaigns Notificationswould hamper productivity, agility, and to highly targeted, personalizedROI. Looking ahead, C Spire is eager to messages, C Spire has seen a significant expand its mobile marketing efforts“Neolane and C Spire had a shared vision boost in email engagement. Open rates through the Neolane platform. Thefor delivering personalized experiences have increased nearly 41 percent to 12.1 company recently added the SMSand building interactive customer percent, while click-through rates are up channel to send wireless servicedialogues, notes Croft. “It was quickly ” 25 percent to 16.1 percent. In addition, notifications and select, high-valueapparent that Neolane is a true one-to-one email deliverability is approaching 97 promotional content. In addition,marketing platform that would allow us percent. C Spire is piloting the Neolaneto increase engagement and results by In addition to greater campaign Mobile App Channel, which willdelivering the right message to the right effectiveness, Neolane has increased allow the company to delivercustomer at the right time—across both marketing efficiency at C Spire. “Thanks personalized push notifications andoutbound and inbound channels. ” to greater automation and workflow app content via its SCOUT app.Results: Greater Efficiency and reusability, we’ve nearly tripled the According to Croft, beyondEffectiveness, the Promise of number of campaigns, said James ” leveraging each channel to engagePersonalized Wireless Fulfilled Veillette, Marketing Database Analyst customers, C Spire anticipates and one of C Spire’s power users. “InWithin Neolane, C Spire has created a great value from consolidating all addition, we can spend more time onsingle, consolidated view of its customers messaging on one platform. “We’ll marketing, versus technical tasks. ”that encompasses demographics; device, be able to better manage contactsubscription, and billing information; To optimize inbound interactions via its pressure and gain insight into what’scampaign responses; and behavioral data call center and point of sale locations, C truly working from a messagingfrom both Neolane (e.g. opens, clicks, Spire has integrated Neolane Interaction perspective.”web tracking, etc.) and external sources with its homegrown CRM system. Right(e.g. app downloads, rewards program within the CRM interface available to Neolane, Inc.logins, sweepstakes entries, etc.). Daily retail employees and call center agents, 275 Washington Streetworkflows automatically load data from Neolane Interaction make real-time Third Floor, Newton, MA 02458 Office: +1 617 467 6760multiple sources, ensuring that the decisions based on the individual with Fax: +1 617 467 6701latest customer information is driving which they’re speaking. For instance, to info@neolane.comcampaigns. help mitigate customer churn, the call www.neolane.com center agent is able to identify high-This data—plus Neolane’s segmentation United States risk customers based on known churn United Kingdomand personalization capabilities— variables and offer the most relevant Francehas allowed C Spire to target email Nordics message or promotion dynamicallycommunications at a much more granular recommended by Neolane.level. Instead of reaching the entire Neolane and the Neolane logo are trademarks or registereddatabase, promotional campaigns are “Neolane is helping C Spire to fulfill trademarks of Neolane Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks contained herein are thesegmented for specific groups, such its promise of delivering personalized property of their respective owners.as customers nearing the end of their wireless, said Croft. “We’re able to ” © 2012 Neolane, Inc.