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Crowfunding in video games
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Crowfunding in video games


Présentation sur le crowdfunding dans le processus de développement de jeu vidéo, son historique, les besoins, les bénéfices et les risques. L’objectif de cette recherche est de pouvoir comprendre …

Présentation sur le crowdfunding dans le processus de développement de jeu vidéo, son historique, les besoins, les bénéfices et les risques. L’objectif de cette recherche est de pouvoir comprendre l’application du crowdfunding comme solution alternatif pour financer les projets relatifs au développement de jeu vidéo au Maroc.

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  • 2. Structure• Crowdfunding introduction – Definition – Catergories – Pro & cons – Company• Crowdfunding & video game developement – History – Expansion – 2012: year of video games – Specific platform• A Strategic approach to crowdfunding• Local constraint• Reference
  • 3. DefinitionCrowdfunding is asking a crowd of people to donate a defined amountof money for a specific cause or project in exchange for variousrewards.
  • 4. Crowdfunding categories• Equity-based crowdfunding is asking a crowd to donate to your business or project in exchange for equity.• Donation-based crowdfunding is asking a crowd to donate to your project in exchange for tangible, non-monetary rewards such as an e-card, t-shirt, pre-released CD, or the finished product.• Debt-based crowdfunding is asking a crowd to donate to your business or business project in exchange for financial return and/or interest at a future date.
  • 5. Crowdfunding company
  • 6. Pros & Cons • Pros – 100% Creative Control – Eliminates (Some) Risk – Accessible Audience – Public Facing Creator – Allows Flexible Process • Cons - Idea Thievery - Self-Promotions (no shyness) - Many Hats - Successful Campaign, now What!*By Julie coniglio & Cindy Au
  • 8. Earlier 2012Socks, Incs Venus PetrolGained over Gained over 7000 $ 100 000 $
  • 9. Expansion• Developers: Double find production• Genre: Adventure game• Plateforme: Windows, linux, Mac OS X, IOS, Android• Engine: Moai (Open source game engine)• Release: Q2 2013 Goal = 400 000 $ Total = 3 000 000 $
  • 10. Expansion• Developers: Inxile entertainement, Obscidian Entertainement• Publisher: Inxile entertainement• Genre: Role play video game• Engine: Unity• Plateforme: Windows, linux, Mac OS X• Release: October 13 (Estimated) Goal = 900 000 $ Total= 2,933,252 $
  • 11. Expansion• Developers: Boxer8• Type: Video game console• Operating sys: Android 4.0, Ice cream sandwish• Sys on ship: Nvidia Tegra 3• CPU: Quad-core Arm cortex A9• Memory: 1 go ram• Graphic: Nvidia ULP Geforce GPU• Price: 99$ • Kit developement include • Support Onlive Goal = 950 000 $ Total = 8,596,475 $
  • 12. 2012: The year of games
  • 13. 2012: The year of games1. Games — $50 million2. Film — $42 million3. Design — $40 million4. Music — $25 million5. Technology — $16 million
  • 14. Unhappy Gamers + Unhappy Game developers
  • 15. 2012: The year of gamesGames give players the power to take control anddecide what happens. Kickstarter gives backers thepower to take control and decide what happens… Kickstarter
  • 16. Specific Plateform
  • 18. 3 majors question to ask• How much do we need to make our game?• Who is going to fund it ?• How do we reach this people ?
  • 19. Compaign goalMost successful Kickstarter campaigns ask for lessthan $5G. What if you need more than that?• Be bold Will your goal seem• Re-evaluate reasonable for your audience ?• Re-structure And ask for $6G
  • 20. Compaign Goal• Base Cost +5% rewards +5% for Kickstarter +5% for Amazon • Gets estimates and quotes • Secure your team • Rack your brain in hidden cost
  • 21. Contributors • Family, freinds, co-workers • Your community • Industry contacts • Peeps who want your game to exist • Their communities
  • 22. Reach out• Digital outreach• Be personal Find creative ways• Real-world outreach to break trough• Make swag the digital noise?
  • 23. Gives reward 23,75 $
  • 24. Showtime• Poeple aren’t just giving money to your project, they are giving money to you • Be honest, sincere + charming • Get straight to the point • Establish your credibility • Keep it < 5 mins,
  • 25. Local constraint• Extrait de la Loi de 1971, relative aux appels à la générosité publique : « Toute annonce ou diffusion dun appel à la générosité publique, en particulier par voie de presse, daffiches, de tracts, de bulletins de souscription, même distribués à domicile ou par tout autre moyen dinformation, ne peut être faite que si lappel a été autorisé et que si lannonce mentionne le numéro de lautorisation prévue au premier alinéa ci-dessus »
  • 26. Question• While local creators claim for a lack funding or less freedom in their projects due to business constraints etc. Is Crowdfunding an alternative way to finance video games development in Morocco? Let’s discuss 
  • 27. Reference• http://dailycrowdsource.com/crowdsourcing-basics/what-is- crowdfunding• http://fr.vox.ulule.com/-trois-cercles-financement- communautaire-crowdfunding-717/• http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1015869/A-Strategic-Approach-to• http://www.economist.com/node/21562213• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowd_funding_in_video_games• http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2012/10/18/fully-funded- kickstarter-game-goes-belly-up-haunts-the-manse-macabre-is- out-of-money-as-programmers-call-it-quits/• http://ynim.posterous.com/crowdfunding-potentiel-et-le-cas- marocain
  • 28. ContactMail: Arif.Yassine@gmail.com
  • 29. Chokran 