How to automatically tweet a WordPress blog post to Twitter


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Want to know how to tweet a WordPress blog post to Twitter? Read this article, plus hire Neogain to help you with your SEO link building.

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How to automatically tweet a WordPress blog post to Twitter

  1. 1. How to automatically tweet a WordPress blog post to TwitterLink building often is a time consuming and soul depressing experience. Other timesbuilding links is fun when you are engaging with others. However if you are too busy to linkbuild, what are your options?You should hire our search engine optimisation team to perform the much needed websiteSEO, including link building. However if you have a bit of time on your hand, learn how tomaximise your SEO activities and take our search engine optimisation training.This article gives you two SEO tips, which are free to implement, and will automate yourtweeting from a twitter account. It doesnt beat social network engagement, and is onlythe tip of the ice-berg where linking building is concerned. It isnt enough to just tweet yourlatest articles when link building, but it will help a bit if you are time poor and if you donthave any budget, you should look at the options below. Though as mentioned,supercharge your SEO activities and hire Neogain to help you if you can!Option 1 – WP Tweet Button and Bit.lyBelow I will cover the basic setup to automate the tweets when you publish a blog post,including using the service to shorten the url.Step 1 – Sign up to and grab your authorisation keyMake sure your username is lowercase.From the settings copy your authorisation key, ready for use in a while. Also makesure you enable your twitter account in the settings area of the service.Step 2 – Download, install and activate the WP Tweet Button WordPress pluginVisit and download the plugin. Youcan then upload the plugin via FTP to the wp-content/plugins/ directory. Once upload loginto the WordPress dashboard as an administrator, and then activate the plugin.Step 3 – Configure the WordPress pluginThe plugin does need to be configured, such as shortener, alignment and other details.a. From the auto-tweeting option, select Authorize. Once authorised tick the option totweet when posts are created.b. Select the url shortener as, then scroll down and type in your lowercase usernameand paste in your authorisation key, you copied during step 1.Option 2 – TwitterfeedNow if you dont want to bother with installing a plugin, then you can always opt to use thefree twitterfeed service. Just give it your RSS feed url, configure the service and it willautomatically post your feed at a defined period of time, but not instant like WP TweetButton can.ConclusionTwitterfeed is a great free service, which also can update a Facebook page, amongst otherservices, but WP Tweet Button can update Twitter when your post goes live. If you require search engine optimisation training, please hire Neogain.