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Mobile Marketing Strategies


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TREC Approved course, 3 Hours MCE

TREC Approved course, 3 Hours MCE

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  • 1. Instructor Nelle Tatum
  • 2.  Introduction of  Mobile Marketing Instructor ◦ Terms & Definitions Policy & Procedures ◦ Marketing Statistics ◦ TREC Requirements for ◦ Identifying your target credit audience ◦ Breaks & Facilities ◦ Understanding mobile marketing cycle Purpose and  Creating QR Codes overview of class ◦ QR Code Learning Lab  Mobile phone scan code set up  Learning how to set up QR Codes
  • 3.  Learning SMS Text  Understanding FTC ◦ SMS Learning Lab & FCC guidelines Overview of ◦ Do Not Call Registry alternate mobile ◦ Opt-In Opt-Out marketing tools ◦ End User Charges Disclaimer ◦ Apps ◦ Bluetooth  Question & answer discussion session
  • 4. Mobile marketing is a promotional strategywhich utilizes the wide spread use of smartPhone/mobile phone technology as leverageto communicate information quickly anddirectly to consumers about a particularproduct, brand or service.
  • 5.  SMS - Short message service text message MMS - Multimedia message service Short Codes - Series of numbers shorter than full telephone numbers Key Words – Series of words, phrases or numbers which is the actual message that is text to the short code Proximity Marketing - The localized wireless distribution of advertising content. Transmissions can be received by individuals in that location who wish to receive them and have blue tooth capability Blue tooth - Wireless technology used to exchange data over short distances Mass Text - Sending a SMS or MMS message to a large group
  • 6.  There are approximately 5 billion mobile phones worldwide and only 1.8 billion internet users Marketing experts claim on an average emails have a 16% -20%open rate while SMS has an unbelievable 94% - 98% open rate Feature phone ownership still outnumbers smart phones 4:1 If your mobile strategy doesn’t include feature phones it will not include all of your potential customers
  • 7.  If your message is  Mobile messaging get’s opened it can the message out quickly communicate more also consumer behavior is detailed information adapting to the need to about the product or have information relayed service quickly People are consistently bombarded with  Mobile messaging is more unwanted emails/spam, interactive, allowing therefore as a marketing prospective clients react to avenue it’s becoming a call to action with a few less effective keystrokes Send an Email? Send a TXT?
  • 8. Building from the ground up
  • 9. QR Codes 2D Bar Code When scanned by smart phone it will direct end user to a designated link, product information, or videovCards Mobile business cards that are most likely associated with a text code or QR code which provides end users with the same contact information and content as a traditional business card. It also provides links to other relevant informationMobile Optimized Website Website which has been formatted for use on a mobile/smart phone to provide the end user with a more seamless web browsing experience from the phoneMobile Application (Mobil App) Software that runs on a mobile device which usually provides a service or quick information. “GPS Directions”
  • 10. 1. Who are your clients? 1. Mobile marketing opens up opportunity. With mobile marketing potentially everyone you meet can be converted into a future client or referral source. It enables agents to brand themselves as a specialist in certain areas to everyone with access to this technology. 2. Remember the demographic more receptive to this marketing strategy is going to be individuals in their early 20’s to late 30’s.2. What your objectives should be? 1. Cultivate and nurture existing clients 2. Direct traffic to alternative sites 3. Relay information quickly 4. Market a product or service 5. Generate a referral base
  • 11. Provide relevant information RelayDrive traffic to Mobile businesses additional websites Platform contact information Acquire subscribers contact information
  • 12.  Can your phone scan barcodes? ◦ Scanlife QR Code Placement ◦ Websites ◦ Blogs ◦ Business Cards ◦ Signs & Flyers Sample Free QR Generators ◦ ◦
  • 13.  Add your QR Code to your business cards Add your QR Code to your blog & website and facebook Add QR Code to flyers brochures and other marketing and branding materials ◦ T-shirts ◦ Key chains ◦ Buyer & Seller Packages ◦ EmailIt’s essential at first to encourage scanningadding a call to action, a tag line, or a briefdescription of the barcodes purpose. It will help.Whatever the campaign, make the tag line fun topromote participation
  • 14. How many of you have the phone number toat least 2 REALTORS beside yourself in yourcell phone?Text those 2 REALTORS and send them a callto action requesting that they do thefollowing: _______________________Now let us gage how fast you get a response.
  • 15.  A client has to opt in  vCard/mCard to receive txt and  mCoupon they can opt out  Alerts/Real-time when they want to information discontinue. This  Drive traffic/Call to ensures you (the action sender) is relaying The main objective of messages to an audience that wants SMS text is to build a to receive them loyal following.
  • 16.  Catchy Abbreviation  Don’t send a text every Easy to remember day Relevant to the ◦ Relay real time information information that would be delivered  Use specific groups as No more than 5-8 leverage letters  Partner with local businesses in areas you want to farm  Strategically place your keyword in all ads, websites, social media, and flyers
  • 17. 1. Choose your mobile marketing text provider and upload your contacts 1. Be sure the provider you choose has the level of tech support you need. Try contacting them first and gauge their response and customer service2. Send your first mass text. It should be a call to action inviting them to subscribe to your marketing list by texting your key word 1. To make it exciting provide a video link in your auto responder (youtube) explaining the purpose of the text group, how frequent you’ll be sending text messages, and explain the cost and charges 2. Start inviting people via ads, and social media, website
  • 18.  Things you might want to text: 1. Subscribe to my blog/facebook today by 5:00 pm for a chance to win_________ 2. Refer a friend, family member, or Co-worker to text ___________ to 55555 If I receive at least 5 additions to the group, everyone get’s a free Lowes coupon on me. 3. New listing today. Help me sell quickly. If you know someone interested in buying refer them to me and received $50.00 gift card to _____________ 4. FYI tonight is National Neighbors Night Out As a Katy Realtor, I love the opportunity to meet residents of the community. Did you know Katy has one of the lowest crime rates of all the surrounding cities in Houston. 5. Open house ____________ please stop by to view or tell a friend. Refreshments served, free buyers consultation
  • 19. Mobile applications are becoming verypopular and in real estate; finding a homehas now moved from searching from a desktop at the home or office to browsing infinitepossibilities on the go! Secure listing presentations by showing how you have a competitive edge Use mobile instead of email Prospects just browsing will always have the ability to contact you Monitor the usage & trends
  • 20.  You’re campaign is successful when your group begins to interact and responds to your call to action for events & referrals More traffic generated to your social media site (Facebook likes, blog subscribers, website traffic) When SMS subscribers increase consistently and automatically The number of subscribers who choose to opt out remain less than the amount who choose to opt in
  • 21. Mobile marketing capabilities are extensive.For example there are plenty of Apps available which allowyou to search for homes that are available for sale.Bluetooth marketing will allow any person with a bluetoothdevice receive information about a product or service whilethey are within the range of a sign or buildingMobile Coupons will provide subscribers of your text groupwith coupons that provide discounts, specials or incentives toloyal customersAfter you grow a good base then start looking for additionaland advanced options to keep your existing group engagedand draw in more subscribers