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5 keys to social media success for a wedding business
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5 keys to social media success for a wedding business


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Overview of the 5 most important social media pointers for anybody in the wedding business. This will show you how to market your business more effectively online …

Overview of the 5 most important social media pointers for anybody in the wedding business. This will show you how to market your business more effectively online

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. 5 Keys For Social Media Success
    in the Wedding Industry
    Neil Sisson
    Web Sales Marketing
  • 2. Who am I?
    • Many title’s...and many hats!
    • 3. General Dogsbody, Social Media Addict, Search Engine Enthusiast, The Boss (only in work)
    • 4. In my “downtime”, I lift things, drive things...and people, take photo’s, cut ivy from decorate venue’s....and whatever else is required for Linda.
    • 5. Love V Cost Reduction
    • I run Web Sales Marketing.
    • 6. Started early 2010 - currently employ 3 staff.
    • 7. Internet Marketing Strategy – Social Media Marketing -Search Engine Optimisation – PPC Advertising & Search Engine Friendly Web Design
    Why listen to me?
    • At 18 I fell in love with online business
    • 8. I was 25 introduced to Internet Marketing
    • 9. 13 years learning & studying my passion
  • Just a couple of things:
    • Lots of Value / 15 mins = breakneck pace!
    • 10. Don’t understand something? Please Jot down and come speak to me later
    • 11. Don’t Worry – Be Happy!! 
    (Virtual Goodie Bag of IM & SM Treats! @ end of presentation)
  • 12.
    • Who here uses Facebook for Business?
    • 13. Who uses Twitter?
    • 14. LinkedIn?
    • 15. YouTube?
    • 16. Who here has a blog they update frequently?
    • 17. Very important foundational concept everybody needs to understand:
    • 18. Unlike with shiny tiles and mucky boots:
  • Online The Bigger Your Footprint the Better!
  • 19.
    • What is an Online Footprint?
    Your company’s Online Footprint is the sum of everywhere online that you and your brand/company is being written, read or talked about, whether by you or by others.
    • This could be:Blogs – Forums – On your own Website – Facebook – Twitter – Social Bookmarking sites – etc etc
    • This is NOT something you should be scared of, but rather it is something you should embrace.
    • 20. It is an opportunity to get real market feedback about your product/services.
    • 21. No longer can you control what is being said about your brand and company.
    • 22. You CAN listen, engage and improve
  • You will earn a lot more respect and brand loyalty online today by engaging in a positive way with your customers – Happy and especially Unhappy.
    • This will almost always take place in an open environment online where lots of other people can see and join in.
    • 23. Difficult but very rewarding if you engage in a positive way.
  • So even though, at times, you may feel like this:
  • 24. But its important to remember that by “Engage”, I do NOT mean:
  • 25. What I really mean is:
  • 26. Key 1: Plan
    • No Plan = No Time, Little Effect, Poor Results
    • 27. You need to be doing the Right Activities, on the Right Platforms. Be deliberate rather than haphazard.
    • 28. Facebook is the best platform for Wedding Industry businesses (generally!). Twitter is close in 2nd place.
    • 29. Sign up today!!
  • Key 2: Optimise
    • What, How and Why?
    • 30. Connect your accounts - post once and distribute content to all. Allow your followers to get the whole picture on the platform of their choice.
    • 31. If you have a blog do your blog posts automatically get posted to Facebook and Twitter?
    • 32. Think of the benefit in context of the size of footprint
  • Key 3: Listen
    • I know at first it might feel a little like this...
  • 33. Key 3: Listen
    • Honest feedback about your business...
    • 34. How well do you know what problems your customers have? What worries them?
    • 35. Unparalleled opportunity for successfully growing your company
    • 36. Ignore the fruitcake – look at the trends & patterns
    • 37. Do NOT take it personally. Ever.
  • Key 4: Engage
    • This is the single most essential key to success
    • 38. After you listen, engage in the conversation. Be honest and with problems head on
    (eg: photographer accused of making the bride look like a panda)
    • positive, positive, positive...
    • 39. Lead the conversation...ask questions of your followers & fans...uncover more about what makes them tick
  • Key 5: Be Social!
    • There is a massive hint for success in the name: Social Media
    • 40. Be personable. Allow people to get to know your personality and who you are. This will naturally help you develop rapport with prospects you haven’t even met yet.
    • 41. WARNING: Business FB account open, Personal account completely locked down.
  • Key 5: Be Social!
    • Ever have a wild night out when you were in college? Helpful college buddies who know how to tag photo’s and are now FB friends?
    • 42. Doubtful this kind of “being social” will help your business if a prospect Google’s you and this appears
  • Virtual Goodie Bag
    • Barely scratched the surface of what’s possible
    • 43. Write down this link and check it out when you get home tonight or tomorrow
  • 44. Why Bother?
    On that page you will be able to get access to:
    • This Presentation
    • 45. The W.S.M. Internet & Social Media Marketing Toolbox This contains all the tools we at WSM use daily to optimise social media, find & listen to conversations involving your brand, and increase the size of your online footprint
    • 46. Details of a blog we will be launching where you can post articles to which will help hugely with your Google ranking
    • 47. Exclusive Special Offers (Massive Discounts!!) on selected services and training from WSM which will help you optimise your social media & website for better results
    • Social Media Check List for the Wedding IndustryThese lists are so fresh that I haven’t even finished them quite yet, although I’m most of the way there. These will take you deeper into each of the points I’ve covered this evening and in conjunction with the toolbox will allow you to optimise and grow your online footprint.
    • 48. Tips & Tricks newsletter I expect that this will be sent out once in a blue moon, however when I come across anything particularly useful for the Wedding Industry business I will shoot an email out to this list.
    • 49. Last but not Least!!!! I’m going to be giving away the chance to win 2 free 1on1 sessions over the phone with myself where you can ask me about any aspect of anything you are doing to promote your business online or offline.
  • Thank you!