Business Training: Cultural Awareness, Cultural Diversity and Cross Cultural Communication


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Kwintessential Training Brochure offering an overview of our Cultural Awareness, Cultural Diversity and Cross Cultural Communication courses including country specific information, leadership & management, communication, sales and customer service.

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Business Training: Cultural Awareness, Cultural Diversity and Cross Cultural Communication

  1. 1. Training Brochure ‘We Speak Global Here’
  2. 2. 1......Kwintessential Consulting Ltd. - Our Services 2......Our Approach 3......Types of Training and Locations 4......Our Courses 6......Living and Working in... 7......Doing Business in... 8......Working with the... 9......Working and Communicating Across Cultures 10....Working in a Virtual Team 11....Management and Leadership 12....Negotiation 13....Team Building 14....Business Etiquette 15....Customer Service 16....Cultural Competence 17....Sales and Communication 18....Retail 19....Hospitality 20....Healthcare 21....Film and TV 22....Online Tool: The Argonaut 24....Our Consultants 26....Some of our Consultants - Biographies 32....Clients, Case Studies and Testimonials 36....Training DVDs table of contents
  3. 3. Kwintessential Consulting Ltd. Our Services Kwintessential Consulting Ltd. - henceforth Kwintessential - are an international communications consultancy. We help our clients through bespoke training, localization, design, translation and interpreting services to meet any linguistic and/or cultural needs. Working in today’s globalised, international and intercultural business world brings with it many challenges. Our job is simple – to assist clients in overcoming such challenges by using language, culture and ‘local know-how’ to their positive advantage. With a wide and varied client base that includes global blue-chip companies, NGOs, small and medium-sized businesses as well as private institutions, we understand the mechanics of doing business internationally and working across many different countries. We use this experience to serve the specific needs of our clients. Our five core services are: For more information about these services please visit Kwintessential Training Overview 1
  4. 4. Kwintessential Training Overview Our Approach Our expertise, our people and our approach to training guarantees our clients a first-class service. We approach all our courses with one thing in mind – the needs, aims and objectives of the participants and/or the company. Our goal is to meet these expectations. Every company and every participant are different and we tailor all our courses to match requirements. At Kwintessential it is important to us that we: Nurture a close-knit and personal relationship with clients and partners to ensure we fully listen to and understand their needs Offer the quality of service of a large company but with the time, energy, attention and commitment found with smaller specialists Regularly monitor the standards of our work and services Offer a fair and competitive pricing structure in proportion to the work carried out for our clients The services we provide are not only about business but about people, communities and societies. We believe that our training is an essential tool for creating global citizens who can grow to become cultural bridge builders. Kwintessential have led the way within the industry in terms of providing bespoke, tailored courses that match each client’s particular needs. All our courses are designed and delivered only after careful consideration and assessment based upon a thorough understanding of both the client’s needs/ circumstances, i.e. HR or stakeholder level, as well as that of the participant(s’). This approach, we believe, is the only way of delivering courses that hit the spot in terms of giving people the skills and knowledge they require. • • • • 2
  5. 5. Kwintessential Training Overview Types of Training and Locations Our training methodology is based on two key areas: self-reflection interactive learning Cultural awareness, competence or intelligence can only ever really be achieved once an individual understands their own self and the cultural layers that influence them. Only through this level of self-understanding are individuals able to empathise with others and develop a mind-set for working with people from different backgrounds. This forms the basic foundation of our all our courses and is one we believe offers a learning experience that separates itself from the standard factual learning that constitutes many training rooms today. Coupled with this we also adopt a very nurturing, encouraging, engaging and interactive style that also thinks outside of the box in its delivery. Activities include a mix of reading materials, quizzes, map completion, use of artefacts/photos, role plays/simulations, exercises, analysis and discussion of DVDs/audio clips, small group work, individual presentations, group work, and case studies. This ensures participants are truly engaged and challenged. The open format allows participants to ask questions and discuss previous experiences as well as practical issues surrounding work and culture. 1. 2. 3
  6. 6. Kwintessential Training Overview Our Courses Our training solutions can be broken down into three categories. Each category focuses on a specific area and the courses that fall underneath it follow suit. Country Specific – centred on a particular country or culture such as China, India, Japan, etc. Skill Specific – centred on a skill such as management, negotiation, customer service, etc. Sector Specific – centred on the needs of a sector such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, etc. As we take a bespoke approach to training, courses can be combined and will overlap. For example, a retail client may need management training with a Japan focus which would combine country, sector and skill specific elements within one course. All courses outlined in this brochure act as guidance on the types of courses we deliver. The course you receive depends on what you need. Course lengths vary depending on requirements; anything from a 2 hour online session to a full-day to a three-day interactive course is possible. If you are unsure as to what type of course you need – simply contact us and we can talk you through the options. 1. 2. 3. 4
  7. 7. Country Specific Courses Living and Working in... – i.e. the UK, India, Japan, etc. Doing Business in... – i.e. China, Brazil, Russia, etc. Working with... – i.e. Koreans, Saudis, Germans, etc. Skill Specific Working & Communicating Across Cultures Working in a Virtual Team Management & Leadership Negotiation Team-Building Business Etiquette Customer Service Cultural Competence Sales and Communication Sector Specific Retail Hospitality Healthcare Film/TV • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Kwintessential Training Overview 5
  8. 8. “The consultant has methods of making the experience enjoyable. We were touched by his personal assistance & connection with relating to our issues” K.B Living & Working in... ie the UK, India, Japan etc. Aim To reduce the impact of culture shock and allow for successful relocation. Who for? Expatriates – HR Personnel – Managers – Relocation Professionals Talent Managers – Learning & Development Managers Overview Our ‘Living and Working in…’ courses are aimed at people relocating internationally. We provide both pre-departure and post-arrival training for expats as well as others interested in the relocation process. These courses are designed to minimise the impact of culture shock and increase expatriate work efficiency by equipping people with tools and skills to settle into their new lives and roles abroad. We can provide training in/on any country requested. Topics A typical course covers… An introduction to the country, its history, politics, people and culture An understanding of the target country’s values, customs and etiquette and their possible impact on work and social life Tips on preparing to work with new colleagues from different nationalities An accurate portrayal of the possible lifestyle in the target destination Guidelines and tools on adapting and dealing with cultural differences Advice on how to deal with culture shock and homesickness If this course is what you need, simply contact us to discuss your needs. We will see to the rest. • • • • • • Courses :: Kwintessential Training Overview Country Specific Courses 6
  9. 9. Doing Business in... i.e. China, Brazil, Russia etc. Aim To increase awareness of how business is done in a specific country in order to maximise potential when working there. Who for? Anyone working internationally including Sales – Business Development – Leaders – Managers Overview Our ‘Doing Business in…’ courses are aimed at business personnel travelling to a specific country and looking to gain a competitive advantage through understanding the local culture, values and ways of doing business. Topics This course would cover areas such as… Overview of the role of ‘culture’ within international business Introduction to the country/culture‘s social and economic history Differences in beliefs, values, ethics, customs and behaviours How to conduct effective meetings and presentations Strategies on negotiations and decision-making Communication: face to face and virtual How to build fruitful relationships Tips on business and social etiquette If this course is close to what you are looking for, simply contact us to discuss your needs. • • • • • • • • Kwintessential Training Overview :: Courses “This training gave me great insight into how to approach projects, ideas, meetings and decisions. The consultant was very good - he moved along when needed and allowed adequate time for discussion” D.G 7
  10. 10. Courses :: Kwintessential Training Overview Working with the... ie Koreans, Saudis, Germans, etc. Aim To improve understanding of how to work with people from a particular culture/country whether at home or abroad. Who for? Anyone working within an international and/or multicultural team. Overview ‘Working with the…‘ courses are targeted at individuals and groups working with counterparts from a specific country or culture. It improves communication and working relationships. This is achieved through examining the role of culture within international business and developing participants ‘awareness of their own working, communication and management styles’. Following this, they then look at the “other” culture and understand where to give and take in order to create a fruitful working relationship. Topics Areas covered include… Understanding what culture is and how it works Examining differences in beliefs, values, ethics, customs and behaviours Analysing stereotypes and generalisations Understanding your own culture and preferences Examining the target culture’s values, expectations, communication and working styles Leveraging differences to create fruitful outcomes Interested? Contact us to discuss how we can tailor this course to match your requirements. • • • • • • 8
  11. 11. Kwintessential Training Overview :: Courses “This training will help me to think about what I do and say in relation to working with other cultures - be more mindful - an increased understanding of other cultures and be more aware of this in different situations” E.F Working & Communicating Across Cultures Aim To provide a general appreciation of how cultural differences can impact working relationships and strategies to support issue mitigation. Who for? Anybody who works in a multicultural team, deals with international clients or travels abroad for work. Talent Managers and Learning & Development Managers. Overview This generic course is designed to introduce participants to the concept of culture and its impact on their role, team or company. It looks to provide participants with a greater understanding of the different factors at work when working and communicating globally. Furthermore this course aims to develop participants’ cross-cultural communication skills - both face-to-face and virtual. Topics Areas covered include… An introduction to culture and cultural awareness Examination of the impact of differences in culture, values, attitudes and behaviours on work Perceptions, stereotypes and expectations Self-assessment exercises Differences in working and communication styles Virtual communication across cultures Using International English How to develop cultural competence, skills and strategies If you would like a course that addresses these issues, contact us and we can prepare a course for you. • • • • • • • • Skills Specific Courses 9
  12. 12. Courses :: Kwintessential Training Overview “The training was very successful. The consultant was excellent from my end I thought he pitched the delivery very well, given the mix within the room” M.L Working in a Virtual Team Aim To address the challenges of working virtually and provide practical solutions to improve working relationships, communication and management. Who for? Team Leaders – Managers – Operatives – Talent Managers Learning & Development Managers – Anyone working virtually Overview Working virtually is challenging at the best of times. Throw in cultural differences and those challenges take on new forms. This course looks at helping people understand how they can improve performance as well as use cultural know-how to ensure smooth working relationships. Topics Subjects we examine include… Key concepts of virtual working Practical challenges of virtual and remote working Cultural differences affecting virtual and remote working Working styles and remote communication – SWOT analysis Building and maintaining virtual relationships Use of technology Key principles for effective remote and virtual working Best practice for teams, project deliveries, communication, etc A course can be designed and delivered around your or your company’s needs or circumstances. Contact us to discuss how it works. • • • • • • • • 10
  13. 13. Kwintessential Training Overview :: Courses Management & Leadership Aim To develop management and leadership skills to include the ability to lead, motivate and communicate across cultural lines. Who for? Managers – Leadership Roles – Supervisors – Talent Managers – Learning & Development Managers Overview Our Management & Leaderships training courses are designed to give support and guidance to managers either working in new countries or overseeing multicultural or international teams. Addressing fundamental issues such as hierarchy, management styles, communication and appraisals the course offers participants practical guidance on how to better team and personal performance. Topics Areas covered include… An understanding of the mechanics of culture and its influence on modern international business Awareness of important cultural facts to consider when working with multicultural teams Identifying personal preferred management styles and comparing them with other cultures’ expectations Identifying where and how culture impacts a management role: approach to hierarchy, recruitment, communication, reporting, appraisals, etc How to bridge cultural gaps and create synergy within a team Developing effective personal techniques and action plans to help overcome cross-cultural problems/ challenges at work To book a course, simply contact us with an overview of what you need. One of our team will take care of the rest. • • • • • • 11
  14. 14. Courses :: Kwintessential Training Overview Negotiation Aim To examine differences in negotiation styles across cultures and how best to adapt behaviour, approaches and tactics in order to maximise positive outcomes. Who for? Sales – Business Development – Managers Overview How people negotiate differs from country to country. This course is built around the specific business needs of participants, whether it’s negotiating with the Chinese or simply raising a general awareness of how to negotiate effectively across many cultures. Looking at factors such as relationships, communication, tactics, body language, presentation content and etiquette learners understand how to adapt in order to succeed during negotiations. Topics Factors we cover include... The etiquette of meeting, greeting, communication (verbal and non-verbal), gift giving, entertaining and business meetings. Preparing for the negotiation – how to approach the negotiation, building rapport and other preparatory steps. Necessary information – tips on what, when and the way in which facts, statistics and other supporting evidence should be used in negotiations. Negotiation tactics – examining cross cultural differences in negotiation styles such as haggling, stalling, changing demands, seeking concessions and closing deals. Simply contact us with an outline of your needs and we can build a course specifically to address your needs. • • • • 12
  15. 15. Kwintessential Training Overview :: Courses Team-Building Aim To address challenges that impact team performance at a company, cultural, team and personal level in order to create a positive team ethos. Who for? Managers – Team Leaders – Team Members Overview Our team building courses are designed to help colleagues working in multi-cultural or international teams create a sense of collective understanding. We address issues such as approach to management, expectations, decision making, planning, conflict resolution and communication styles in order to create consensus on how to work effectively as a team. Topics Areas such a course will look at include... Exploring the way in which culture impacts businesses, personnel and team building Providing self-analysis exercises to help participants identify areas of conflict within a team Addressing underlying cultural roots behind differences Brainstorming ways in which differences can be resolved Agreeing on team goals and objectives Establishing strategies for dealing with future issues If you are interested in team building, please contact us with an outline of your circumstances and objectives. • • • • • • 1313 “This has helped me understand the meaning of culture and learn how to work with a multicultural team. I can now better communicate with the team and how to adapt myself to the environment. The trainer was really clear and she created a good ambiance to learn and have training.” M.C 13
  16. 16. Courses :: Kwintessential Training Overview Business Etiquette Aim To learn, appreciate and use good etiquette in order to create and foster good business relationships when working cross-culturally. Who for? International Business Personnel –Sales – Management – Front Line Staff Overview This course is aimed at individuals or groups looking to make good first impressions and develop positive working relationships through proper etiquette. From handshakes to how you manage conflict, we provide critical insight into other cultures and how to respond appropriately to any situation. Topics Subjects we cover include... Why etiquette matters? Examination of our own etiquette expectations Cultural differences Etiquette at work – phone, email, meetings, negotiating, relationships, gender Tips and strategies on developing cultural know-how To book a course, contact us and we will talk you through the stages. • • • • • • good first impressions and develop positive working relationships through proper etiquette. From handshakes to how you manage 14 “This course will allow me to better anticipate and better appreciate my business partner‘s reactions and behaviours. Excellent authenticity and experienced background from the consultant” M.M
  17. 17. Kwintessential Training Overview :: Courses Customer Service Aim To raise awareness of cultural differences and expectations that impact upon delivery first-class customer service. Who for? Managers – Front Line Staff Overview Participants in this course will learn what exceptional service is, how to project a customer- friendly image, how to handle demanding customers, and most importantly to appreciate cultural differences in customer service expectations. All courses are tailor made to suit the participants’ industry, sector or specific work situations. Topics Areas covered include... Understanding cultural variations on customer service expectations Examining what exceptional customer service entails within their role/industry Identifying how to offer a great customer service to anyone of any culture Recognising cross-cultural barriers to the delivery of outstanding customer service Spotting and adapting to specific customer behaviour styles Learning techniques for dealing with difficult customers If you would like a course for your company, please contact us for further information on how we can help. • • • • • • 15
  18. 18. Courses :: Kwintessential Training Overview Cultural Competence Aim To develop general cultural awareness and skills that enable learners to work effectively in or with any culture. Who for? Anyone Overview For those looking to a behaviour centred approach, cultural competence training seeks to provide participants with an insight into how cultures differ. Once this foundation has been set a facilitator then explores manifestations of culture in a number of settings, whether work or personal. Through greater self-awareness participants are encouraged to develop personal strategies that can be implemented when working across cultures. Topics Learners will address topics such as... How and why cultures differ Perceptions, interpretations and stereotypes Self-awareness and understanding your own cultural values Mapping out cultural dimensions Tips and strategies on how to adapt to cultural differences To book a course, please contact us and we can walk you through the process. • • • • • 16
  19. 19. Kwintessential Training Overview :: Courses Sales & Communication Aim To equip learners with the necessary insight and skills to effectively manage the sales process across cultural or international lines. Who for? Sales – Business Development – Managers – Directors Overview Having to navigate time-zones, cultural challenges and marked differences in working styles, all mean today’s successful sales person must be culturally-adept. This course concentrates on communication and/or selling. Whether it is a simple introductory course for someone to appreciate basic cultural differences or a specific course for a sales manager, we have the tools and know-how to help. Topics Areas learners will address include... Appreciating how the selling process works in other cultures Identifying different approaches to selling when abroad Adapting techniques and styles to fit others’ expectations Developing good chemistry with others Meeting the emotional, factual and logistical needs of their buyers To book a sales course, contact us and we can advise on options available. • • • • • 17
  20. 20. Retail Aim To provide participants with a solid overview of how to provide excellent customer and sales service to an international and multicultural clientele. Who for? Retail Executives – Store Managers – Retail Personnel Overview Retail outlets across the spectrum are now selling more and more to an international client base. This course helps those in retail understand how to adapt and appeal to foreign shoppers through providing culture-savvy customer service. Topics Participants will address topics such as... Understanding how culture works Applying cultural differences to the retail sector and their role Examining customer service and sales practices through a cultural lens Addressing issues such as communication, personal space, gender differences Learning about particular cultures, i.e. Arab, Russian, Chinese Using practical behavioural and communication tips to deliver quality customer service If this course looks at some of the areas you need for a course then contact us. We can develop a course that 100% fits your needs. • • • • • • Sector Specific Courses Courses :: Kwintessential Training Overview 1818 “The training has helped me in gaining the knowledge which will help with the understanding of different cultures & maximise selling within the retail environment. Excellent, personal, engaging and interesting” C.B
  21. 21. Hospitality Aim To raise awareness and know-how for those working in hospitality on how to provide culturally sensitive customer service. Who for? Hospitality Executives – HR - Managers – Hospitality Personnel Overview Hospitality, from hotels to catering, is now provided to more of an international and multicultural customer base than ever before. The cultural differences that surround food, accommodation, business and pleasure bring challenges to any business. This course helps participants understand how to apply cultural insights to their company or roles in order to meet those challenges. Topics Participants will address topics such as... Understanding how culture works Applying cultural differences to the hospitality (or any specific) sector and their role Examining customer service expectations through a cultural lens Addressing issues such as communication, personal space, gender differences, food Learning about particular cultures, i.e. Arab, Russian, Chinese Using practical behavioural and communication tips to deliver quality customer service If this course looks at some of the areas you need for a course then contact us. We can develop a course that 100% fits your needs. • • • • • • Kwintessential Training Overview :: Courses 19
  22. 22. Healthcare Aim To raise awareness of the impact of cultural diversity on the delivery of effective treatment and healthcare. Who for? Healthcare Executives – Managers – Medical Staff – Healthcare Personnel Overview Cultural diversity within the modern day healthcare system means working with people from different countries, cultures, religions, beliefs and practices. When mixed with health issues it is vitally important that healthcare professionals know how to adapt to situations in order to provide a service that balances cultural sensitivity and medical assistance. This course provides learners with the skills to identify and manage cultural expectations at work. Topics Learners will look at areas such as... Understanding how cultural diversity impacts health care Applying cultural differences to their roles Examining patients expectations through a cultural lens Addressing issues such as communication, personal space, gender differences, medicines, beliefs Learning about particular cultures, i.e. Asian, Chinese, Somali Using practical behavioural and communication tips to deliver quality health care To book training for you or your company, simply contact us outlining your needs. • • • • • • Courses :: Kwintessential Training Overview 20
  23. 23. Film/TV Aim To provide bespoke training for film/TV crew and/or professionals working in foreign locations on cultural and safety issues. Who for? Media Executives – Film Crew Overview With foreign locations being used for films, documentaries and dramas, crews now have to travel and work in situations that can be alien or even hostile. Our courses provide a comprehensive overview of the country, its people, culture, political sensitivities and safety concerns which equip participants an awareness of how to conduct themselves appropriately in various situations. Topics Areas covered would include... An overview of the country – geography, ethnic differences, politics, etc A cultural insight into beliefs, world views, communication styles and sensitivities Practical tips and guidance on how to, react and deal with challenging situations Safety issues within the country and training on how to deal with hostile situations To book a course, please contact us with an overview of your needs. We can then guide you through the solutions available. • • • • Kwintessential Training Overview :: Courses 21 and safety concerns which equip participants an awareness of how to conduct themselves appropriately in various situations. “Enthusiastic and very knowledgeable; progressed at an appropriate pace, expanding where necessary.” J.P
  24. 24. Online Training: The Argonaut Our online training solution comes in the form of the Argonaut™ platform. Learners are provided with access and registration details to the online learning platform. This platform contains a variety of learning tools including: A cultural work style self-assessment Graphical personal profiles Group and organisational analysis Cultural descriptions of over 70 countries and regional/minority cultures, including values and concepts, working relationships, and communication Negotiations tutorial Strategies for overcoming culture shock Personal strategies for effective work across cultures You will have ongoing access to all this information for 3 months from registration, to allow for continued growth and learning beyond the training session. Personal Assessment The Argonaut™ assessment produces an easy-to-understand graphical map of cultural differences, focusing on 4 overarching areas (space & time, hierarchy, relationships and dialogue) and 12 key cultural dimensions: Planning Deadlines and timing Teamworking Leadership Organisation Motivation and Initiative Learners can immediately identify the areas for greatest attention and compare perceptions of their own working styles against a database of cultures. • • • • • • • • • • • • • Goals and results Problem-solving Privacy issues Taking control Communication style Conflict resolution • • • • • • Kwintessential Training Overview 22
  25. 25. Once learners have completed the assessment, they will have the opportunity to look at their assessments and get feedback. They receive a graphical personal profile of their assessment, or an ‘Argonaut map’ that resembles the following: The Argonaut™ also allows for group assessment results to be mapped out against each other as well as a particular culture: Individuals can click any slice on the map to get: Strategies for bridging cultural differences Information about the chosen cultures Realistic dilemma situations to be solved • • • Learners can also look at typical gaps between the cultures within their workplace. Below, for example, an analysis between France [perception] and India [reality check] identifies the areas where there are the greatest gaps between work styles: Kwintessential Training Overview If you are looking for a user centred online or e-learning solutions, please contact us. We can then provide a demonstration, trial access and walk you through how it can be used on an individual, group and company-wide basis. 23
  26. 26. Our Consultants We have a team of consultants worldwide that assist our clients with their training and/or coaching needs. All consultants come with their own specific cultural or practical skills which identify them as best fits for particular projects. Our global presence enables us to provide courses and training worldwide. We have consultants are based in the following countries*: Our consultants generally have a broad knowledge and experience of two or more different cultures. The ability to diagnose and treat business issues is developed through their experience in a number of different fields. * Please note new locations are added regularly. Where we do not have a consultant on the ground we can arrange for the consultant to travel to the training destination at pre-approved costs. Consultants :: Kwintessential Training Overview 24
  27. 27. Academic Knowledge Consultants will generally have an academic background either in specific courses such as ‘Cross Cultural Communication and Trade’ or ‘Cross Cultural Psychology’ or in related courses such as ‘International Relations’ or ‘Business Studies’. Their studies will equip them with the academic skills and knowledge of the field that will later be applied in the business context. Business Know-how It is critical for consultants to have considerable business experience. If this is lacking then academic knowledge is not usually sufficient to understand the mechanics of business operations. In order to understand how things work and the different challenges facing managers and staff it is essential to have experienced it firsthand. Training Experience Through courses and practical experience a consultant will have acquired knowledge of training techniques. This will include communication skills, presentation methods, the use of activities and utilization of different technology and media. Living Abroad Experience of living abroad, mixing with different cultures, speaking different languages and working in foreign offices is vital for any consultant. Without having been exposed to a different culture how can one advise on working effectively with that culture? Speaking a Foreign Language Language carries with it cultural coding. All experts, commentators and linguists are unanimous that without knowledge of the language the culture can never be appreciated. A consultant will therefore have this insider knowledge not only through living and working in a country but also by using and understanding the language. Kwintessential Training Overview :: Consultants 25
  28. 28. D.L. is an experienced, certified and highly rated speaker and educator with significant experience in cross cultural teams and processes; particularly with India, UK, US and China. His area of expertise includes M&A, leadership, team building, virtual teamwork, relocation trainings and repatriation. All trainings are based on his personal experience gained from working with such companies as Bank of America, EMC, Fidelity Investments, John Deere, Symbian, State Street, UnitedHealth and Wal-Mart. In addition to being a cultural trainer D.L. has an extensive experience in teaching. He has served on the faculty of the top ranked Boston University School of Management where he taught in three of BU’s departments, Organizational Behaviour, Management Strategy and Marketing. He brought his diverse experience to bear in courses including International Management, Management as a System, Marketing Management, Product and Brand Management and Internet Marketing. Prior teaching experience includes three years as a Senior Lecturer at WLC India, one of the largest post graduate management degree programs in India. While at WLC he developed several new MBA level courses and workshops for use at the College’s 15 campuses. Also, he has an MBA and is a business school professor, which allows him to understand the business models of the companies at which he is going to do training in. D.L. graduated cum laude from Bryant College and summa cum laude from Boston University’s Graduate School of Management. Some of our Consultants Consultants :: Kwintessential Training Overview 26
  29. 29. P.S. has lived and worked in several countries holding various managerial positions in Tax/ Audit, HR Consultancies, Banking and the Pharmaceutical industry. As a result, P.S. gained hands-on experience of the opportunities and challenges in cross-culturally diverse settings. Her area of expertise includes Intercultural Communication, Leading & Working Successfully in Multicultural Teams, Recruitment, Selection/ Assessment centre and Placement in a Global Context, Managing Global Project Teams, Cultural Differences & Improving Performance and Business Strategies, and Global Implementation Her client list includes prestigious organisations in the field of banking, legal, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, health care, FMCG, automotive, IT, technology, mobile provider, manufacturing, aviation, defence, retail and hoteliers. P.S. has designed and delivered managerial skill and cross-cultural management training programmes for all industry sectors in several countries. Her executive and team coaching approach is based on several licensed tools which help to identify cultural development gaps and excel peoples‘ effectiveness and success when working with different cultures. She holds a degree in Business Economics from the University of Frankfurt. She speaks German, English, French and basic Polish and Arabic. Kwintessential Training Overview :: Consultants 27
  30. 30. V.A. has over 20 years’ experience in Business Management in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America. She thrives in a challenging international business environment delivering complex business change programmes, building and re-shaping organisations and driving performance. She divides her time between South England and Cairo and takes assignments in most Middle Eastern countries. In addition to the consultancy services, V.A. enjoys sharing her experiences through cross culture seminars and workshops to increase cultural understanding and improve leaders’ ability to manage teams in the Middle East. V.A. has experience of working in the Telecom and IT for leading equipment sellers and operators supporting them to successfully develop their overseas business and develop their relationships with investors, local players, suppliers, customers and governmental bodies. She is certified to deliver Rosinski Cultural Assessments and furthermore recently received an EU grant to continue her personal development to deliver cross-culture training to increase cultural understanding between the EU and the Middle East. V.A. has also held senior positions in Global Account Management, Business Development and Operational Excellence as well as worked for several years as a Business Controller. Consultants :: Kwintessential Training Overview 28
  31. 31. R.J. is a lecturer, consultant and trainer specialising in intercultural communication. He has worked with a wide range of institutions and companies in the public and private sectors to raise cultural awareness and help trainees and students develop self-awareness, cross-cultural skills and knowledge of cultural differences. R.J has delivered tailored training programmes for numerous high profile international clients to help them build strongly integrated team cultures. He has also developed original training tools for individual and group acculturation an conducted trainings for Adidas, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Gucci Group, Hitachi, KPMG, the Learning and Skills Council, the National School of Government, Nomura, Sony and UKTI. In the academic field, he is Lecturer in cross cultural management at Regent’s College, London; and visiting lecturer in intercultural communication for business at both Birkbeck College, University of London and at the University of Surrey. His research interests include training methodology, politeness and conflict across cultures, and Japanese language and culture. He has extensive experience of living and working as a language and communication trainer and consultant in France, Germany, Japan and China. He is a former Board Member of SIETAR Europa, the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research. Kwintessential Training Overview :: Consultants 29
  32. 32. L.C. is an experienced Human Resources Professional and Cross Cultural Trainer with almost 30 years of experience in both strategic and “hands on” HR, working in blue chip companies in the financial services, business to business, publishing, airline and engineering companies in both UK/Europe and Asia Pacific. Her particular strengths are Training, Coaching and Cultural Briefings to Senior and Middle management plus interactive workshops on managing across cultures and doing effective business internationally in UK/Europe and Asia Pacific. L.C.’s experience includes coaching, cultural awareness and effective business management training, developing employee relations as well as designing and implementing performance management programmes. She is experienced in establishing HR strategies and setting up HR functions from scratch as well as developing diversity and equal opportunity programmes and policies. L.C holds a BA (Hons) Business Studies and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (Chartered FCIPD), a qualified mentor for small and medium sized businesses (SEEDA), on the Advisory Board of the Inclusion Network of Hays Executive, and is fluent in Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Urdu and English. Consultants :: Kwintessential Training Overview 30
  33. 33. M.H. is an experienced intercultural and leadership trainer, coach and speaker working in a multi-national business setting. He has more than 20 years of experience with over 70 clients from his international executive search HR and training career servicing clients that include, All Saints, NIKE, Tax Free Worldwide, Vodafone, UK Government, Ernst and Young, ABB, GE, PWC, Sony, SAP, Texaco, EdFE, RWE, Roche, Tesco and Deutsche Bank. He has personally worked with 50 nationalities more than 25 countries and managed people from 12 different countries. Today his work covers a number of training areas including; Raising Cultural Awareness, Influencing, Assertiveness, International Leadership and Communication. To add to that he also specialises in the areas of International Presentation Skills, Executive Coaching, Team Building, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Diversity and Difference, New Media Marketing, Building a Business Case, Self Coaching, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Virtual Team Building, Repatriation and Country Culture Briefings. His country areas of expertise are Russia, Poland, Czech and Slovak Republics, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, the US, Romania, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ireland the UK. M.H’s experience extends beyond the UK and the Continent to include Asia, Central Asia and a 6 year tour in the Czech Republic where he held a regional role for Central and Eastern Europe. Here he successfully shaped project requirements, designed and lead international training and consultancy assignments. M.H graduated from London University (Psychology and Life Sciences) and has professional qualifications in advertising, marketing and intercultural training as well as extensive in-house training and development experience. He is a licensed practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and now lives in London and is President of the charity The Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research, SIETAR UK. Kwintessential Training Overview :: Consultants 31
  34. 34. Clients, Case Studies & Testimonials Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (fomerly Gucci Group) Gucci Group is one of the world’s leading multi- brand luxury goods companies. Its brands include Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Sergio Rossi, Boucheron, Gucci Group Watches, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Balenciaga. The Group designs, produces and distributes high-quality personal luxury goods, including ready-to-wear, handbags, luggage, small leather goods, shoes, timepieces, jewellery, etc and directly operates stores in major markets throughout the world and wholesales products through franchise stores, duty-free boutiques and leading department and specialty stores. The Gucci Group needed training for all their boutique staff in the UK and Ireland. An increase in custom from tourists from China, Russia and the Arab world presented an opportunity to cater and offer world-class service to this growing and stable customer-base. “Kwintessential were tasked with creating a workshop that a) equipped all boutique staff with cultural know-how b) information on specific cultures and c) was exciting and stimulating. We created three themed rooms (Arab souq, Russian office and Chinese restaurant) with actors. Learners were taken on a journey through cultural awareness and were presented with real life challenged that helped appreciate their roles through experiential , hands-on learning.” Clients :: Kwintessential Training Overview 32
  35. 35. International Union for Conservation of Nature The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is the world’s oldest and largest global environmental network – a democratic membership union with more than 1,200 government and NGO Member organizations, and almost 11,000 volunteer scientists in more than 160 countries. IUCN’s mission is to influence, encourage and assist societies throughout the world to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable. The World Conservation Congress is the world’s largest and most diverse nature conservation event. Held every four years, the Congress seeks to improve the ways and means for managing our natural environment for human, social and economic development. From 6 to 15 September 2012 the World Conservation Congress took place in Jeju, Republic of Korea. Kwintessential were tasked with providing a couple of trainings on Working with Koreans which would enable IUCN staff to work more closely to organise the Congress in Jeju. Participants were provided with: Real insight into Korean culture and mentality The key skills necessary to work cross culturally A necessary understanding of relevant etiquette/protocol Knowledge to help maximise their potential when dealing with Korea “He has very good experience of Korean culture, people and history and this can be seen in the way he speaks and acts. He provided very good exercises, such as role plays. The excellent content of the training has taught a lot to IUCN staff, mainly to understand how Koreans think and work. This was very helpful not only during the Congress preparations but also onsite when it was sometimes tough to have things achieved as IUCN wanted to have them.” • • • • Kwintessential Training Overview :: Clients 33
  36. 36. Toyota Financial Services Toyota Financial Services is a service mark that acts as an umbrella brand name used to market the products of Toyota Motor Credit Corporation (TMCC) and Toyota Motor Insurance Services, Inc. (TMIS). The company provides retail and wholesale financing, retail leasing, vehicle protection plans and certain other financial services to authorized Toyota, Lexus and Scion dealers, Toyota forklift and Hino dealers as well as Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A. dealers, affiliates, and their customers in the United States (excluding Hawaii). The UK based team of the company requested some training to raise their awareness of Japanese culture due to their relationship with the HQ in Japan. The goal; to improve working relationships, consolidate practices, align expectations and essentially improve performance. Kwintessential designed and ran a series of workshops delivered across the UK and Europe. “We worked with Kwintessential to design and roll out an innovative Japanese Cultural Training session, to not only our UK employees but also to our employees from offices located across Europe. It is important for us that employees feel confident when meeting and working with their Japanese colleagues, and from the positive feedback we have had so far we feel the training has really helped our employees achieve this. We have employees who have worked directly with the Japanese for a number of years who came away from the training with a wealth of new knowledge about Japanese culture and how they can work more effectively with their Japanese colleagues.” Clients :: Kwintessential Training Overview 34
  37. 37. Some other clients we work with: 35 Kwintessential Training Overview :: Clients
  38. 38. Building the Multicultural Team Ideal for team building activities, Building the Multicultural Team: Diversity in the Workplace will take you on an exciting journey to observe a global team in action. You’ll watch a problem-plagued meeting between five managers from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America, and discover powerful techniques for working effectively with other cultures. Price: £400+£10 p&p Order: BMT-BW Type: dramatisation Building the Virtual Team Ideal for team building exercises, Building the Virtual Team: Communication Across Cultural Diversity observes a group leader and the problems she faces in virtual team management as she struggles to lead her managers in Asia, India, Africa and Latin America. Price: £400+£10 p&p Order: BVT-BW Type: dramatisation Intercultural Communication This high impact, flexible and easy to use training tool is ideal for intercultural training sessions involving general personnel, managers, HR staff and multicultural teams. Price: £500+£10 p&p Order: ICI-BW Type: documentary International Negotiation Through dramatisations and presentation of factual information International Negotiating explores all the fundamentals of negotiating effectively globally. Not only does it help viewers assess their own cultural negotiation styles but addresses issues such as negotiation strategies, preparing effectively, forming a team, building rapport, making effective presentations, overcoming obstacles, reaching agreement, conflict resolution and much more. Price: £500+£10 p&p Order: INS-BW Type: documentary Cultural Awareness In this programme you’ll discover what happens when an American manager collides with his Muslim counterpart. Find out how poor communication leads to bad feelings and damaged relationships. This powerful dramatization will help your employees gain the essential skills for avoiding costly cultural conflicts, and for respect and cultural awareness in business places. Price: £400+£10 p&p Order: CA-BW Type: dramatisation Please contact us for further information on our Doing Business In Country Series DVDs, Cross- cultural Communication & Customer Service DVDs and more. Training DVDs Kwintessential Training Overview :: DVDs 36
  39. 39. Contact information: Caroline Osinski Global Training Manager +44 (0) 208 688 7525