Review of Second Screen Sports Apps


Published on looked at three prominent second screen sports apps on a college football Saturday, following the Florida-Miami game. See what we learned.

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Review of Second Screen Sports Apps

  1. 1. Brief Review of Second Screen Sports Apps ESPN ScoreCenter – mobile app SportStream – mobile app and web app Tagboard – web app During a full college football Saturday, did a quick review of these second screen sports apps. Here is what was observed (see more in the accompanying blog post)... @njh287
  2. 2. @njh287 ESPN's ScoreCenter App defaults to the 'Top 25' scoreboard, but this view shows the All NCAA FBS games. Clicking the 'star' icon redirects the fan to any scores involving 'Favorite Teams' the fan previously noted with the App The abbreviated info provided with this snapshot includes: TV [even non-ESPN] coverage, score, national ranking [where relevant], and time remaining Footer allows for navigation back-and-forth between scores, videos, headlines, and national rankings In-house advertisement banner at the bottom of the App page
  3. 3. @njh287 Selecting a given game in ESPN's ScoreCenter takes one to a live feed of play-by-play with buttons to toggle to: 'Live' [play-by-play], 'Feed' [play-by-play and Twitter], 'Stats' [shown right], 'Videos', and 'Photos,' 'Discuss,' and 'Scores' There are NO ads on this page nor interstitial ads shown when toggling between pages/tabs The share icon at the top right allows one to email, tweet, and Facebook share this page Note the extensive, advanced stats available and number of videos available to watch [auto-refreshes with fresh content]
  4. 4. @njh287 ESPN's ScoreCenter 'Feed' The Feed combines play-by- play with tweets from relevant media and team accounts Fans can toggle to Live, Plays [all], Scoring Plays, Notes, and [only] Twitter - appears Tweets with links are filtered (no links, media shown in Twitter feed) Fans CAN interact with the tweets, but cannot compose original tweets from this page No advertising on this page
  5. 5. @njh287 Reviewing each additional menu option of ESPN ScoreCenter: Videos are a great feature and big plays from the game are ready to review in short time - NOTE: Despite ESPN's partnership with Twitter for in-stream highlights, this is a more personalized, faster place to get videos (especially since media in- stream is NOT shown in the Feed in prior slides) Note that, nearing the end of this game, there are NO photos shown - This could be combo of professional and fan photos - No social media integration for these photos with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. or opportunity for fans to share pics The Discuss section was also dormant
  6. 6. @njh287 SportStream's default screen for this game is the Stream, which is primarily tweets from fans, media, and personalities discussing the game - Neither ESPN nor SportStream organizes their feed based solely on hash tag use The icon in the upper right allows one to compose a tweet, but not to share the page - NOTE: Tweets CAN be interacted with (like in ScoreCenter) The Stream is comprised of all social posts, mostly tweets, that update at sometimes crazy volumes during the game (~ 1/second) with no official play-by-play (though most info is tweeted anyway) Fans can toggle to 'Chat' and 'Stats' at the bottom No advertising on this page
  7. 7. @njh287 The volume of posts to keep up with, especially for big games, can be overwhelming, at times, on SportStream This can come into play because, unlike ScoreCenter, stats/time remaining/etc. are not readily available on the Stream screen so fans may have to toggle back & forth to view stats
  8. 8. @njh287 SportStream's stats are not as detailed as ScoreCenter's but are easy to sort and get quick numbers ScoreCenter allows fans to 'share' a stats page [using their universal share icon], but SportStream does not allowing sharing of stats (though fans using SportStream are likely more inclined to share tweets with stats in the Stream)
  9. 9. @njh287 SportStream's feed turns into a de-facto stream of social posts and play-by-play The examples here show the diversity of posts with: official media, plays, and fan/writer sentiment (few from official team accounts) - more subjective/contextual posts - balancing giving context and valuable posts to Stream vs. overwhelming volume Little to no media shown in stream, tweets with link & profanity filtered out
  10. 10. @njh287 SportStream allows fans to easily compose an original social media post (unlike ScoreCenter) to Facebook or Twitter The suggested hash tags are a nice addition and helps fans label their tweets and get into the Stream Fans need only sign in once and can then compose messages, share photos, and interact with tweets in the Stream No Instagram composing integration at this time
  11. 11. @njh287 SportStream's Chat section clearly still has some bugs and garners little-to-no participation Potential for future reforming of this future? - create chat rooms for buddies - integrate chat into the Stream or vice-versa - invite “celebrity” (media, ex-player, pop culture) into chat - contests/games integrated in chats w/ sponsors
  12. 12. @njh287 One of SportStream's strongest features is the 'My Games' section, where the games one has checked out, or those containing favorite teams as noted in your App profile, are saved each day - Revisiting games in ScoreCenter requires going through the entire process again (except for games with Favorite Teams) - This allows one to easily revisit games one is following, even if those games do not involve a favorite team - There is an additional feature where 'hot' games are shown for fans to check out
  13. 13. @njh287 TAGBOARD allows one to aggregate social media posts from several networks (though Twitter comprises the majority of posts for most event) based on a single hash tag entered by the user. In this example, #Gators was tried (as a guess, no suggestions provided).
  14. 14. @njh287 In this example, using #Canes, the aesthetically pleasing view of Tagboard is showcased with new posts updating automatically and media being shown where relevant (links, pics, etc.) - One CAN compose an original tweet using the icon in the upper right - No advertising on Tagboard, which (for now) is a WEB APP ONLY - Tagboard is more utilized by teams to present/track tags relevant for them, not as helpful to follow an individual game; one can view only one hash tag at a time (no tags are suggested) - Note ability to toggle between several social networks, well beyond SportStream & ScoreCenter)
  15. 15. Brief Review of Second Screen Sports Apps ESPN ScoreCenter – mobile app SportStream – mobile app and web app Tagboard – web app Share your comments at! @njh287