TapestryWorks weaving richer connections 10 february 2014


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TapestryWorks latest credentials incorporating some of our latest thinking and deliverables. Please contact us at neil@tapestryworks.asia if you would like to learn more or chat about how we can help

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TapestryWorks weaving richer connections 10 february 2014

  1. 1. Weaving richer connections with TapestryWorks
  2. 2. Weaving richer connections between businesses andDivider slide people •  Understanding  human  behaviour   Divider slide •  Connec5ng  the  dots   •  Simplifying  complexity    
  3. 3. Is your brand struggling to be heard over the background noise?
  4. 4. Is your business suffering from infobesity?
  5. 5. Don’t know which way to turn?
  6. 6. “It’s perfect. I love the format and it’s a great summary of a huge amount of data.” – Insights Director, Unilever Category  size   Current  use  (%)   UN Human Development Index: Highly developed market Less developed market Undeveloped market Market  size   Needs  (%)  
  7. 7. “Thanks for developing a really valuable online shopping experience blueprint.” – Regional Sales Director, J&J STAGE   Meaning   SEARCH   Shopper  searches  online  for  a  website  that  sells  the  brand,   product  or  service  which  can  solve  their  current  ‘problem’.   IDENTIFY   They  find  a  relevant  website  and  click  through.   VIEW   They  look  for  a  solu5on  by  scanning  the  website.   BROWSE   They  browse  and  interact  with  website,  reviewing  poten5al   solu5ons  and  narrowing  down  possible  alterna5ves.   CHOOSE   They  make  a  selec5on  from  a  small  range  of  alterna5ve   solu5ons.   BUY   Shopper  makes  the  final  purchase  and  completes  their  task.  
  8. 8. Our work is grounded in behavioural science
  9. 9. We do the hard thinking to help clients simplify complex data and ideas
  10. 10. We look at the big picture to connect the dots between your business and people
  11. 11. Some recent clients Divider slide Divider slide
  12. 12. Let’s get weaving Divider slide TapestryWorks  Pte  Ltd   26  Duxton  Road   Singapore  089490     T:  +65  63233340   M:  +65  96412573   E:  neil@tapestryworks.asia   www.tapestryworks.asia     We  are  also  present  in  Bangkok  and  Hong  Kong   through  our  partnership  with  ABN  Impact.   Divider slide  
  13. 13. Weaving richer connections with TapestryWorks Divider slide •  Understanding  behaviour   Divider slide •  Connec5ng  the  dots     •  Simplifying  complexity
  14. 14. Divider slide Case studies
  15. 15. Communications case study – screening ad executions against brand emotional profile Divider slide •  Client’s  hotel  brand  undertaking  a  cri5cal  adver5sing   campaign  across  different  media  in  order  to  defend   Divider slide market  share   •  TapestryWorks  helped  the  client  to  measure  the   brand’s  emo5onal  profile  against  category  ‘jobs’   •  Ad  execu5ons  were  profiled  using  the  same  emo5onal   framework  to  validate  fit  with  the  brand    
  16. 16. Example output : Ad executions benchmarked against a brand’s emotional profile WARRIOR   Brand profile CATALYST   Execution 1 Execution 2 GURU   100   80   ARTIST   60   EXPLORER   40   20   0   RULER   REBEL   IDEALIST   JOKER   CAREGIVER   SEDUCER   EVERYMAN  
  17. 17. Sensory innovation case study – making rice ’nice’ for a snack food brand Divider slide •  Client  had  struggled  for  years  to  develop  a  successful   snack  food  innova5on  using  rice  as  a  key  ingredient   Dividerartner  agency  undertook  a   slide •  TapestryWorks  and  a  p semio5c  analysis  of  the  meaning  of  rice  in  China   •  We  also  used  implicit  interviewing  of  consumers  to   understand  the  sensory  experience  of  ea5ng  rice   •  Findings  were  used  as  s5mulus  in  a  client  workshop   to  build  communica5on  and  product  strategies  to   blend  the  values  of  rice  and  snack  foods  
  18. 18. Example output – some of the past, present & future meanings of rice in China Divider slide Security Energy Home Family Hard work Balance Integrity Natural Healthy Daily necessity Harmony Peaceful Satisfaction Happiness Simplicity Honesty Variety Gentle Comfortable Freedom Worry free Home Balanced health Gentleness Cleansing Emerging meanings were used to develop communication strategies for ricebased snacks
  19. 19. Example output – how to blend the sensory experience of rice into a slide food Divider snack Sense   Sign   Appearance   Golden  outside   White  inside*   Mouthfeel   Feeling  of  substance  (3  dimensional)*   Not  thin   Not  too  hard   Texture   Chewability  (not  melAng  too  quickly)*   Contras5ng  texture   Akertaste   Rice  cues   *most critical sensations for the rice experience
  20. 20. Shopper research case study – improving instore activation Divider slide brand for a beauty •  Client  struggling  to  recruit  new  users  in  a  compe55ve   retail  channel  Divider slide •  TapestryWorks  completed  a  behavioural  audit  of  the   retail  environment,  including  reviewing  exis5ng   observa5onal  data  and  eye  tracking  footage   •  Results  delivered  as  an  audit  scorecard  with  key   improvement  areas  highlighted  across  each  of  5   behavioural  themes  
  21. 21. Example output: SNAPP® audit scorecard for beauty brands in key retail channel Client brand Simple Normative Available Personal Patterns Bench Key improvement areas mark Improve structuring of shelf display Use facial imagery and/or icons Greater focus on short-term benefits Introduce trial packs Introduce bundling of range items SNAPP score card based on rating of 25 behavioural triggers
  22. 22. Branding case study – building the emotional profile of an online brand Divider slide •  Client  had  bought  a  premium  web  address  and   intended  to  develop  a  strong  online  presence  in  a   compe55ve  bDivider slide category   ut  undifferen5ated   •  TapestryWorks  partnered  with  the  client’s  marke5ng   team  to  build  understanding  of  category  goals,   compe55ve  landscape  and  poten5al  posi5onings   •  5  alterna5ves  reviewed  for  strengths  and  weaknesses   •  TapestryWorks  reviewed  design  crea5ve  to  ensure   consistency  with  agreed  posi5oning  
  23. 23. Example output: advantages and disadvantages of one of five potential personality profiles Warrior + Idealist blend Benefits •  Blends good intent with the courage to fight in a good cause •  Shows the brand as leader Requires •  Clarity on the link to brand promise •  Potentially challenging for current non-users •  Uncomfortable for many staff (and some customers) Consequences •  Need to have clarity on ‘cause’ and provide proof points of commitment
  24. 24. Customer experience case study – engaging the senses for airline customers Divider slide •  A  design  agency  wished  to  understand  the  poten5al   to  build  a  more  engaging  customer  experience  for  an   airline  client   Divider slide •  TapestryWorks  partnered  with  the  client  to  audit  the   sensory  experience  of  a  number  of  global  and   regional  airlines  using  the  esSense®  framework   •  Audit  results  were  used  to  iden5fy  and  priori5se  key   improvement  areas  and  a  workshop  with  the  agency   developed  crea5ve  routes  linked  to  brand  personality    
  25. 25. Example output – esSense® audit of customer experience against sensory touch points Sense Symbol Story esSense® 75% 40% 70% 62% 55% 35% 85% 58% 20% 20% 10% 17% *esSense score card based on rating of 30 touch points
  26. 26. Thank You www.tapestryworks.asia