Singapore Lion Or Fish


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Singapore - Lion or Fish?

Singapore is a small island with a large presence in the global sea, and Singapore\'s Merlion combines the pride of a lion (or tiger) with the freedom to swim in the world\'s oceans. This pride and freedom is expressed in unique ways by the people of Singapore, with its diverse culture and economic success, and this short presentation dips a small toe in the local sea.

This presentation was originally given at the JMRA/APRC conference in Tokyo on 25 November 2010.

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Singapore Lion Or Fish

  1. 1. weaving richer connections
  2. 2. Singapore – Lion or Fish?
  3. 3. Is Singapore just a small island?
  4. 4. Or 1 small island and 63 smaller islands?
  5. 5. Singapore’s symbol is the Merlion, representing the lion seen by a Sumatran prince at the city’s founding, and a close association with the sea
  6. 6. Although there have never been lions, Sumatran tigers were once proudly here
  7. 7. Singapore attracts a lot of attention by being a beautiful fish in the global sea
  8. 8. Is Singapore proud tiger, beautiful fish, or both?
  9. 9. Singaporean pride is called KIASU, which means “fear of losing out” and defines the local temperament
  10. 10. Kiasu is Singapore’s version of Asian face, and not losing is more important than winning
  11. 11. Singapore is winning in the air as well as water
  12. 12. And even on dry land!
  13. 13. Despite appearances, Singapore is crowded with more than 5 million people
  14. 14. Singapore is the second most densely populated country on earth (after Monaco), and less sleepy than it once was
  15. 15. So people live close together, but not too close for comfort
  16. 16. They like to keep some distance
  17. 17. Which is why Singapore has the lowest fertility rate in the world and relies on population growth from outside
  18. 18. Inspiring local interest in encouraging more …. (Singapore’s 2010 blog of the year is about first dates!)
  19. 19. The country’s origins and strongest ties are with MalaySIa
  20. 20. And the national anthem is in Malay
  21. 21. English, or Singlish, is the main language spoken
  22. 22. Above all, Singapore is ethnically Chinese with 74% of the population
  23. 23. China is the dominant culture
  24. 24. There are also close ties to India and a significant population from South Asia
  25. 25. This makes Singapore a colourful blend and a meeting point for Asia, with strong ties to China, India and South East Asia
  26. 26. Indian ties Indeed, it is a global cross roads with 42% of the population born outside the country
  27. 27. Singapore’s blogosphere has all the local preoccupations with celebrity, appearance, individual lifestyle and commerce
  28. 28. And of course FOOD, which is a local obsession!
  29. 29. Singaporeans like to share prosperity cakes
  30. 30. And like to enjoy their prosperity, but does this make Singapore a pleasure garden?
  31. 31. Or perhaps a soft spot?
  32. 32. Whatever the truth, the wanderlust is still there
  33. 33. Which is why Singapore is the #1 logistics hub in the world
  34. 34. And rated #1 country for business by the World Bank
  35. 35. Although a small island
  36. 36. Singapore is a proud swimmer in the global sea
  37. 37.