SVSLA Summer '12: Engaging Through Text Messaging


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SVSLA Summer '12: Engaging Through Text Messaging

  1. 1. Setting up EngagementThrough Text Messaging: Using Remind 101 andTwitter in Online Courses Jason Neiffer Montana Digital Academy Online Workshop for Teachers
  2. 2. Agenda Justification: Communication and OmniPresence Justification: Why text messaging? Tool: Google Voice Tool: Remind 101 Tool: Twitter
  3. 3. Today’s FormatExpose... Explore… today later
  4. 4. Justification:Communication & Omnipresence
  5. 5. Instructional Goals that JustifyAdopting AlternativeCommunication Platforms Enhanced effort to create communication conduits between teachers and students Immediate re-engagement at the first sign of instructional trouble Quick response to student questions
  6. 6. Face-to-face frameworks? Rigor Relevance Relationships Learning? Daggett et al 2005
  7. 7. Experience tells me…
  8. 8. The rules…1. Create regular “footprints” in a course2. Professional is great, but, polish can also be dangerous3. Presence should be public when possible and appropriate4. Be mindful of workflow and adopting technologies that are easy to maintain5. Abandon these rules of they don’t work for you
  9. 9. Justification: Mobile and Text Messaging as a Platform
  10. 10. “Teach the students sitting inyour class…” Although we provide email (Gmail for Moodle students, messaging for PowerSpeak users) for each student, do they check email?
  11. 11. Tool: Google Voice
  12. 12. Why Google Voice? One number can ring all of your phones: home, mobile, school, desktop Mobile apps for iPhone and Android platforms Cans can be made and/or ring to your gmail account Avoid giving out your private call/home number to students Fine-tuned controls: block numbers, set custom messages Voicemail-to-text Text messages to email/mobile devices etc.
  13. 13. Google Voice Demo
  14. 14. Tool: Remind 101
  15. 15. Why Remind 101? Built for teachers in an educational context Free and no ads Can set up different classes in one location Usable by teachers and parents
  16. 16. Remind 101 Demo
  17. 17. Twitter
  18. 18. Why Twitter? Using Twitter is a different context, but… Twitter is public, adding “transparency” to your classroom Potentially already used by your students Accessible from any number of apps Can be displayed in a course (Moodle, in particular) or website
  19. 19. Twitter Demo
  20. 20. Tips for the short messageuniverse! Balance the need to communicate with the need not to overwhelm Supplement with text, don’t replace with text Remember to mind your tone with text messaging 24 hour access means 24 hour access; balance access realistically!
  21. 21. Questions?