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Indusa provides technologically superior solutions through its domain expertise in healthcare and transforms the complex needs of the domain into absolute, innovative, and user-friendly applications, tailor-made to satisfy the business requirements and compatible to match the future requirements. Pls feel free to contact me at for more details.

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Indusa Healthcare Solutions

  1. 1. Indusa’s Healthcare Software Solutions with HIPAA-ICD Compliance Strategies You care about global health… we care about you! Indusa Technical Corp. 1 TransAm Plaza Drive Suite 350, Oakbrook, Terrace, IL 60181 630-424-1800
  2. 2. Indusa’s Expertise in Healthcare Domain Indusa provides technologically superior solutions through its domain Indusa's experience expertise in healthcare and transforms the complex needs of the domain into and expertise includes: absolute, innovative, and user-friendly applications, tailor-made to satisfy the business requirements and compatible to match the future requirements.  Integration between The Healthcare Industry is expected to improve efficiency continually, reduce disparate systems and costs and improve patient care, while still meeting the challenges of rising platforms  Credentialing for patient expectations, increased government regulations, and ever- recertification demanding e-business challenges. Indusa provides customized and cutting-  E-prescription edge solutions meeting compliance requirements for healthcare firms.  Extending information access to patients and We understand the significance of quality in Healthcare, and help our clients other constituents provide better patient care through best-in-class healthcare solutions. The  Improving patient safety  Compliance with result is a decrease in operating costs and an increase in data accuracy that regulations enhances productivity and improves customer service for healthcare  Security and privacy providers.  Facilitating review of patient records  Allowing input of data Helping Out with HIPAA and ICD Transition at/near the patient bed The US Healthcare system has endeavored to give the healthcare providers a systematic approach for disease classification and standardize the way the providers charge as well as ensure the accuracy of insurance claims and payments. The ICD (International Classification of Diseases) coding scheme is used to classify morbidity and mortality data which is required for vital statistics tracking and health insurance claims settlement. The US Government recently mandated vital changes to the ICD-9 system and expanded the same in the ICD-10 code-set. It mostly features changes in disease detection and course of treatment. The Government has also mandated an upgrade of the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) transaction format for electronic data submission from HIPAA 4010 to HIPAA 5010. The deadline for the implementation is locked at January 1, 2012 to accommodate the ICD 10 codes. Many organizations are required to meet fast-approaching federally mandated deadlines, understand and update their healthcare transaction processing standards based on the latest ones and allocate resources and funds for their implementation. All these tasks are daunting enough for many healthcare organizations worldwide.
  3. 3. But the other way of seeing it is that HIPAA compliance can be converted to an opportunity. By combining HIPAA-compliance efforts with efficient steps to integrate all business processes and better the communication structure with partners, the healthcare organization will be in tandem with the latest offerings and enhance its reputation. As you prepare your company to succeed in the next phase of the healthcare industry, it’s important that you choose a technology solution that's truly open, and a partner who's committed to the changing world of HIPAA requirements and also thoroughly experienced in business process integration. Indusa’s Project Showcase Project 1 Desktop Application and Web Application Up-gradation Indusa undertook the extension of the Clinical Electronic Record System, migrated the template documents into the database and facilitated creating new templates. A new web application was developed to support the utility enabling the authorized users to access the list of patients for relevant details, along with maintaining an audit trail. The application enabled sending electronic mails to the pharmacies. Benefits: Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings in the practices Technology Used: Eclipse 3.1, My SQL, SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit for Java platform) Project 2 In order to provide better homecare to its patients, Indusa developed a web-based application allowing the pharmacy staff to co-ordinate home-care and the associated medications and labs to patients as against the then-existing spreadsheet and manual system for the client Benefits: Increased staff efficiency and customer satisfaction Technology Used: Java, JSP, Oracle, ATG
  4. 4. Indusa built a web-based tool to make the employee evaluation and feedback process to occur on a timely basis. The application ensured compliance with JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) standards by periodic and regular Project 3 evaluation of the client’s healthcare workers. • Benefits: Evaluation & Feedback process enhancement; Increased process efficiency & accuracy; Reduced process time and effort Technology Used: Environment: ATG Dynamo, ATG Portal, ATG Personalization; Server: Java, JSP, Oracle Project 4 Indusa developed an application to perfectly satisfy the client’s requirements of extending its reach. It enabled the website visitors to locate a physician from the partner site or other satellite sites associated with the partner sites. It also provided modules for Queries and Search and general management for the Physician Finder application for the partner site. • Benefits: Extended reach for its customers • Technology Used: Java, JSP, MS SQL Server and WebLogic Application Server Project 5 Indusa integrated an existing portal for the client with Health Vision’s Health Tools portal to enhance clients’ healthcare services through a Java web client that allowed the client to accept registration information from its users and transfer it to Health Vision through Web services. • Benefits: Streamlined process; Increased user satisfaction due to more personalized functionalities • Technology Used: ASP.NET, VB.NET and DB2 database
  5. 5. Project 6 Indusa developed an efficient inventory management and equipment tracking web-based application for the nursing mother’s place for the client. The application allows for secure and simultaneous entry of the relevant details by nursing staff to coordinate efficiently. • Benefits: Improved staff efficiency; Increased client service satisfaction; reduced cost of lost equipments • Technology Used: Struts framework, J2EE, Java, JSP; SQL Server WebLogic, Windows 2000 /Unix Indusa is presently engaged in design & development of a client’s website application that has information of various aspects of its services. It facilitates role-based access for the members of the client, and it enables them to view information, execute search, as well as build Project 7 reports. • Benefits: Improved quality of the client’s services; Improved financial vitality due to reduced staff time and overheads; Enhancement of employee commitment by satisfying staff request; Increased customer satisfaction •Technology Used: IIS 5.1, .Net Framework 2.0, SQL Server 2005 database, Eprise (Enterprise Web Content Management System) Corporate Office: Indusa Technical Corp. India SEI- CMM Level 4 1 TransAm Plaza drive, Suite 350, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181 Tel: 91-79-26854666 ISO 9001:2008 Tel: 630-424-1800/ 630-871-7600 ISO 27001 Fax: 630-424-0505 UK Other Offices: Texas Tel: +44 (0) 20 3371 7850 Indusa Technical Corp. – An Introduction Indusa Technical Corp. is a CMM Level 4 certified Software Solutions and Consulting Company, focused on providing cutting edge technology solutions to clients, worldwide. We focus on maximizing client returns from outsourcing and off-shoring application development, redesign, testing, maintenance and support. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and provide packaged systems implementation services including Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, CRM as well as SharePoint. We have extensive experience in developing and managing large IT applications in real time to enterprises worldwide. Indusa is headquartered in Illinois, US with its offshore development center in India (Ahmedabad) with over 150 professionals.