Scope of biotechnology in future

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  • 1.  Biotechnology is a field of applied biology thatinvolves the use of living organisms andbioprocesses in engineering, technology,medicine and other fields requiring bioproducts. Modern use similar term includesgenetic engineering as well as cell- and tissueculture technologies.
  • 4.  Bio robotics is a term that loosely covers thefields of cybernetics, bionics and even geneticengineering as a collective study. The term is also used in a reverse definition:making biological organisms as manipulationand functional as robots, or making biologicalorganisms as components of robots. The creation of life from non-living matter forexample, would be bio robotics. The field is inits infancy and is sometimes known assynthetic biology or bio nanotechnology
  • 5.  A biological brain, grown from culturedneurons which were originally separated, hasbeen developed as the neurological entitysubsequently embodied within a robot bodyby Kevin Warwick and his team at Universityof California. The brain receives input fromsensors on the robot body and the resultantoutput from the brain provides the robotsonly motor signals. The biological brain is theonly brain of the robot.
  • 6.  The term bio robot was applied to theliquidators in change of cleaning the mostcontaminated areas. Now synthetic organisms of living tissue &cells yet created artificially. Instead ofmicrochips we are using ganglions/artificialneurons for the brain of robots. Now we cancreate such robots which perform a particulartask with their own intelligence . Bioroid is the term used for biological robots.
  • 7.  Bio robotics can be referred for as theoreticaldiscipline of comprehensive geneticengineering in which organisms are createdand design by artificial means. The creation of the life from non living matteris a bio robotics. The field is in its infancy & is sometime knownas synthetic biology or bio nanotechnology.
  • 8.  Bio robots are those robots which are createdwith the involvement of living tissue, organ etc.Bio robots can over come the situation ofHandling problems, situation according totheir skills & understanding which is notpossible in the case of artificial robots.
  • 9. Transplanting Human Brain to Robots
  • 10. •Andro human Bio Robot•Nano Bio Robot•Human Expression mimicking Bio Robot•Water bio Robots•Medical Bio Robot•Steel•Non Corrosive Iron•Concrete•Cultured Neurons•Microprocessor Chips•Integrated Chips•Transistor•Animals Mussels•Bonnet nuts•Platinum Joints
  • 11. IN INDIA•As we know that robotics is one of the fast emergingscience but bio robotics is more advanced field then robotics. In India there are many institute which give the degree ofrobotics but they have not involved bio robotics up to know.but we can hope that this advance field come soon to ournation so that we get chance to understand this marvelousfield. the institute providing courses in bio robotics are asfollows.•Indian Institute of technology Kanpur•National Institute of Technology, Hyderabad•Jadavpur University, Kolkata•Birla Institute of Technology (Bits), Pilani
  • 12. IN ABROAD•The Institute which offers degree in Bio -Robotics are asfollows:-Carnegie Mellon University, PittsburghMassachusetts Institute of Technology, SingaporeKut Institute of Technology Stanford bio robotics labs•The Courses the provide are:-artificial intelligenceComputer Added manufacturingComputer GeometryRobot Motion planningDigital Electronic & processorRobot Manipulators
  • 13.  Because Bio robots can think due to presence oftheir own brain which is not possible in thecase of general robots. Bio robots can tackle the situation better thanhumans because their brain is more faster thanus. Now research is going on to make such biorobots which can able to produce their ownprogeny .
  • 14.  One of the biggest advantages of automatingprocedures is the accuracy of results. Thechances of a robot going wrong are veryminimal and as a process, the whole thing mayfail or get executed to perfection . Bio robotics is being used across severalindustries like automobiles, medicine,household appliances and several more Bio robots are being used actively in medical andwelfare industry because of the shortage of manpowerin this industry.
  • 15.  Today in industry bio robots are used whileperforming surgeries under the supervision ofa qualified surgeon. The advantages of biorobotics are that there is a lot of accuracy inhandling of events and the things go as perplan without delays. Amount of perfection is almost impossible toachieve with human practice . Usually the surgery performed by roboticinstruments takes lesser time than a surgeryperformed using hand instruments.
  • 16.  Nano medibots may repair vital tissue damaged byinjury or disease, or destroy cancerous tissue that hasgone away, without invasive surgery. In addition to delivering pharmaceuticals, nanotechmedical robots ("nanomedibots") may be able to:monitor body function; repair damaged tissue at themolecular level; deconstruct pathologic or abnormalmaterial or cells such as cancer or plaque; and enhancehuman health and functioning. Robots can perform surgery without a humansurgeon Advantages of robotic surgery are precision,miniaturization, smaller incisions, decreasedblood loss, less pain, and quicker healing time
  • 17.  The main advantage of this technique is that theincisions are very small and, consequently,patient recovery is quick. There are researches going on in these topics tobuild a robot which can manage a field, waterplants and manage its own requirements aswell. The farm which can be controlled by robotsbasically contain robots with water pumps intheir hands, then the pots are connectedthrough communication networks to the robotsand computers and sensors. The communication networks are oneimportant part of the robotic farming.
  • 18.  The robots job is not completed once the plantstarts growing but the robots needs to checkfor fruits and pluck the ripened ones. The main advantage of such a farming systemis that the farming is completely need based.Only when the plants need something therobot is going to provide them. So there is notwaste of water or nutrients in this case andalso no need to worry about the excess watercontent in the plants.
  • 19.  Well bio robotics is a field which helps humansin many ways but it has some draw backs also.They are as follows1. If their is any problem in the functioning ofrobots than they may cause disasters .2. It create laziness among people .3. If they have their thinking then they may alsodominate the world and defeat humans .