India shopping rewards - Loyalty and New Customer Program


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India Shopping rewards, fondly called ISR, was launched on the 6th August 2012. Initially launched in the financial capital of the country (read Mumbai), it plans to benefit the customers across 20 cities over the next 6 months and covering the whole of India over the next 2 years.

ISR is simply aimed at extending wholesome benefits every time you shop. The one line brief to the team was to create a Customer Reward Program that delivers instant, wholesome rewards for every purchase. With a Reward Coupon earned by you for every purchase, we give you a new reason to shop. So go ahead and indulge yourself in that ultimate shopping experience.

Reward your Shopping, instantly and every time.

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India shopping rewards - Loyalty and New Customer Program

  1. 1. Empower | Enable | Expand An Invitation to Grow Your Brand to Next Level…!!
  2. 2. We enable ‘brands… become ‘Smart Brands’
  3. 3. We believe smartness is not incidental GrowBrands is in the business of making brands grow up to become smart brands and once there, stay smart with consistent effort
  4. 4. Our efforts drive your brand for… • New Acquisitions: Have a continuous stream of new customers coming into the fold • Repeat Business: Keep having customers come back !  • Consumer Experience: Delighting the customers in a way that: o Spreads word of mouth like fire in the jungle o Expands the consumer proposition beyond the product Smart Brands keep winning in these 3 spaces, as regular brands keep losing here
  5. 5. We enable you to enhance your business with: • Increased ROI – Increased Business sustenance o High Footfalls – Higher Conversion o Higher Ticket size per conversion o Significant Reduction in deep discounting schemes • Higher Visibility – Enhanced Branding o Your Brand is seen as trendy & in tune with consumer lifestyle o Your Brand is visible along with A+ Brands Intelligent investments on marketing!!
  6. 6. HavingMillionsof Highspendingpremium customers& Selectbrandsineachcategoryof spends GrowBrands has put together a Unique Collaborative Marketing Program for a Profitable & Sustainable future of Smart Brands
  7. 7. × Not just a another Loyalty program × Not just another Reward program India’s first collaborative marketing platform for Accelerated Customer Acquisition Enhance footfalls Product Demos - Test Rides Sales conversion Increased ROI Business sustenance
  8. 8. How this program will operate Customer is initiated and benefitted to keep spending with ISR Brands Approaches billing. Is enrolled into India Shopping Rewards. KYC is recorded. Welcome to India Shopping Reward. Enjoy Receives a welcome message and a unique membership number on her mobile. MOBILE COUPON Go ahead and redeem this coupon at over 20 partner brands. For details Receives a cash mobile coupon (5% ~ 10% of the value of purchase) This coupon can be redeemed with any of the 25 partner brand Store at R- City mall and other places. Customer walks into a partner brand outlet, makes a purchase.
  9. 9. Example Customer buys Jewellery for Rs.1 lakh Gets a M-coupon worth Rs.5,000/- Jewellery Co. funds this incentive 5% (Rs.5,000/-) with ISR Customer buys Fashion Stuff for Rs.5500/- Redeems M-coupon worth Rs.5,000/- and gets M-coupon worth Rs.550/- ISR credits Rs5,000 to Fashion brand Fashion brand banks the10% incentive Rs.550/- with ISR Customer buys Cinema Ticket/ Food at the Mall for Rs.600/- Redeems M-coupon worth Rs. 550/- and gets M-coupon worth Rs.150/- ISR passes the banked Rs.550/- to Cinema/ Food brand Cinema/Food brand banks 25% incentive (Rs.150/-) with ISR Never Ending Cycle
  10. 10. What is the opportunity for Brands? Give the Prospects personal experience of your products - Higher Store Footfalls: Incentivize Showroom visits - Higher Conversions Give Bonus Incentive on Purchase of Products • Enhances Brand Equity • Enhance the Bottomline by reducing the regular discounts
  11. 11. What is the opportunity for Customers? As a customer you get CASH BACK on the brands of your choice - Double Delight: Low Cash Flow & Cash Back on Full Value - Wholesome & Assured Cash Back : 5% to 10% - No Plastic, No Paper : Mobile Wallet Easy enrollment process - Buy into any partner brand stores - Missed Call on 092122 08899 - Log on and register on
  12. 12. Every Customer coming to your outlet with a M-coupon is a New Customer being Acquired by ISR program and is the loyal customer of some other brand and generating increase of your business. Your COST TO ACQUIRE is Less than any ATL or BTL activity • Towards Management and operating fees for ISR o Back-end software management for M-Coupons and tracking of rewards o Customer service call centre for all queries and support Management Fee applicable only on INCREMENTAL SALES i.e. when we cause a member of INDIA SHOPPING REWARDS to spend at your store. Pay per Performance
  13. 13. Delighted Customers = Higher Consistent Profitability We enable you in achieving following goals:  Enhance ROIs  Have Focused Marketing Activities  Enhanced Brand Equity  Engage Customers to buy  Higher Customer Retention  Acquire Credible Customers Turnover & Profits!!
  14. 14. Some of Brand Partners
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Next Steps: Principal Alignment : 2 days Commercial Agreement : 7 days Execution Plan with Timelines : 15 days •Launch with participating outlets : 30 days
  17. 17. Enabling you to enjoy enhanced Customer Flow + Brand Experience & Loyalty + Enhance Revenue + Increase Profit & Rewrite a few rules of marketing Thank you
  18. 18. Growing Brands… Delighting Humanity