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How Social media can help the Education industry

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  • Social media ss

    1. 1. By Neelov Kar
    2. 2. Discussion Topics Transitioning from Conventional Training to Social Learning Possible Social Media Tools for L&D Impact of Social media in L&D
    3. 3. Dashboard Cost per class hour CBL/ Virtual Video 2% ILT 15% Classroom Virtual ILT Hours CBL/ Video Classroom, 83% Industry Comparison Addition of CBL is reducing the Cost per Class Hour CBL/ Video Classroom VILT PSC Industry* * Industry data based on ASTD survey 2008
    4. 4. Impact of Online Training Drastic Reduction in Training Delivery Cost Availability of Training to people located remotely Big Help in Training Logistics and Administration “Who Took My Cheese” – Reaction of the Instructors Better Time Management for Learners
    5. 5. Web 2.0/ Learning 2.0 Wikipedia Blogging Chatting Netmeeting Social networking RSS Feeds Sharepoint Search Engines Second Life
    6. 6. The Power of Social Media
    7. 7. Social media Tools that I havetried… Google/ about/ask/ Yahoo/ Bing/ Wiki Youtube Slideshare Screenr Google Breadcrumb Twitter Facebook Linkedin Ipresentonline Pmgameonline SurveyMonkey
    8. 8. You tube Upload your own video and share/ link Use the existing videos  Time Management  Using Movie clips  Miracle: Team Motivation 
    9. 9. Slideshare
    10. 10. Screenr
    11. 11. New Definitions Funucation = Fun + Education Edutainment = Education + Entertainment
    12. 12. PMGameonline
    13. 13. Google Breadcrumb The Code: XBhdmxvdnIOCxIFU3RvcnkY5JuTAQw How it looks wLXBhdmxvdnIOCxIFU3RvcnkY5JuTAQw Good for Just-in-Time Learning
    14. 14. Learning Modes/Styles
    15. 15. Putting All These Together
    16. 16. Social LearningKnowledge Management Social MediaAn Institute FacebookExpert created (Ph.D.) Created anyoneContent expert selected Content anyonePush delivery Pull deliveryFinite amount of content Infinite amountRelatively Static Accelerating changeStandards/certification No standards ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0 10 Wikipedia Source: Mike Echols, CLO
    17. 17. On an average a person searches for information 5.7 hours per weekRework due to misinformation: 4.5 hours per week“Bottom Line”: Survey participant’s estimated productivityimprovement 42% Source: Mike Echols, CLO
    18. 18. Impact of Social Media in Training  Drastic Reduction in Training Development Cost but increase in Maintenance Cost  Mobile Learning/ JIT Learning  Personalized/ Customized Training  Quantum Size Learning  Training à la carte: Learner decides the curriculum  Paradigm Change in Course Design  New Generation of LMS is required  Big Advantage for New Business (Start Ups)