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for International distributors & TV Channels...

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AIM Presentation

  1. 1. AIMAvenues International Media
  2. 2. AIM FOUNDERS N eel k ant i P at ek ar Bei ng a “N at i onal Sch ol ar ” of 1971, sh e cr eat ed a ni ch e f or h er sel f i n t h e cr eat i v e f i el d of A ct i ng, W r i t i ng, Di r ect i on, Def i ni ng & dev el opi ng a Cr eat i v e Concept , P l anni ng M edi a., W i t h an ex h au st i v e ex per i ence i n al l f acu l t i es & genr es of f i l m m ak i ng si nce 1984, sh e now condu ct s Di gi t al Fi l m M ak i ng w or k sh ops f or sl ow l ear ner s, gi r l s f r om r em ot e ar eas & ch i l dr en i n gener al i n col l abor at i on w i t h UN I CEF. A s an act r ess, sh e h as w on St at e & N at i onal A w ar ds as Best act r ess i n 1973,74,75,84 & 89. A s a di r ect or f or st age pl ays, sh e w on t h e Best Di r ect or aw ar d i n 1984 & 1988 at N at i onal l ev el . & as a di r ect or & a pr odu cer of t h e ser i al sh e w on t h e pr est i gi ou s R A P A N at i onal A w ar d i n 1989.A r ch ana N ev r ek ar M r s. A r ch ana N ev r ek ar (Ch ai r m an of Sansk r u t i K al a Dar pan) i s a r enow ned A ct r ess & P r odu cer of M ar at h i Fi l m I ndu st r y. Du r i ng t h e 12 year s of act i ng car eer sh e h as popu l ar M ar at h i f i l m s l i k e M anu s, Su na Y et i Gh ar i , L adh ai , Ch al u N av r a Bh ol i Bayak o, K u t u m b t o h er cr edi t . A s f or ser i al sh e h ad been a k now n f ace on H i ndi & M ar at h i Ch annel s. On st age sh e pl ayed som e st r ong ch ar act er r ol es i n t h e m ost adm i r ed M ar at h i P l ays. R ecent l y sh e pr odu ced a M ar at h i Fi l m "K ar u ya Udyach i Baat " based on t h e su bj ect of gl obal w ar m i ng w h i ch w as w el l r ecei v ed by t h e au di ence, & t h e i ndu st r y al i k e. Sh e i s al so a ch ai r m an of Cai zen Cr eat i on desi gni ng h ou se, A r ch ana N ev r ek ar
  3. 3. ABOUT AIM Com pany P r of i l e A I M - A v enu es of I nt er nat i onal M edi a(Via International Film Markets Of Reputed Film Festivals) We at AIM, Avenues of International Media, have created a platform to represent films of all genre in the international market.We enroll the feature films , documentaries, short films , & films for mobile content.Through this platform, we approach the TV channels & also distributors of all kinds of creative content for New Media,globally interested in International film content (subtitled in English)Brief:Apart from a very minimal % of commercial cinema, very few of the path breaking cinema gets to see the light of the day.It does not mean that every film that has released is good & every film that has not released is not worth watching….Money & effort that goes into making films is unbeatable, still without the recovery aspects people make films… all over the world…WE ARE HERE.Since it is just not possible for an indie film maker to attend film markets worldwide to sell his film,as it is too expensive for a single producer, & moreover distributors are interested in bulk purchase rather than single films.International Film Markets Over the last decade, number of film festivals organized all over the world has increased immensely, so also the number of TV channels of regional-national-international categories in all countries, which need a feed 24/7.So distributors from all over the world, representatives of TV channels,agents needing mobile content & many others connected in various ways of distribution attend the film markets.PLANWe have collective representation of our best creative talent.We have vigor & intention to place before you the content that suits your requirements.You just have to express which content your viewers would love to watch coming from India.Other ActivitiesWe produce feature films, documentaries, short films & PSA s.We also organize film festivals, & film competitions & award functions.
  7. 7. MOVIESA ayna K a Byana Get Up St and Up
  8. 8. Movies SynopsisIF TOMORROW COMES TODAY WHO ARE YOU….?Every human being on this beautiful earth is Reincarnation is still debatable. but as a story, it gains theaware about the effects of ‘If tomorrow highest interest. City life in the 21st century has keptcomes’ is a sincere effort to sensitize every Rushiaway from religion. His father somehow, was also ahuman being about the simple measures that reason for it because he hates his father and he sees to itcould reduce the menace of global warming & that he doesnt do what his father does and make himprolong life on the earth. Events such as a happy. Sometimes Rushis behavior towards his fatherminute change in the temperature or an off seems very odd and abnormal.seasonal rains is being related to Global Link to story promo:Warming . film etches the message in a very subtlemanner.Link to story promo: IT’S ALL ABSURD A boy falls in love with a blind girl, who wants to marry a blind boy…. So he poses to be blind… & a trail of incidents follow …. Funny situations…The story takes a sudden U turn…. A twist in the tail…. A lovable love story…. Link to story promo:
  9. 9. Movies SynopsisLET THERE BE HARMONY "Odd man out" Indian social structure is a caste based set up. In thisSonali- a bright young middle class girl -living caste based society, without referring to anywith her mother & brother, is in love with Rajeev - caste, coexist a third gender with identity of its own.working in the same office. Although her family is Some call them Kinnar, some ;third gender’, stillunaware of the affair, entire office & Sonalis close some address them as Hijada. “Odd ‘man’ out” is afriend-Deepika know about it. Deepika - a bar girl, realistic portrayal of the third at her uncles place, is the nearest & dearest Babloo during adolescence, realizing his reality, faces a friend to Sonali. After a few days , Sonali gets lot of hardships at home. At this stage Rupa, an eunuch,information that as Rajeev has become a HIV becomes his friend.patient & therefore hiding ... absconding ! Sonali is “Odd ‘man’ out”, is our sincere attempt to think seriouslynow totally shattered! ! & yet she wants to meet about eunuchs.Rajeev. Link to story promo:Link to story promo: “ It’s not Unreal”Aarohi is an inspiring story of a girl who fights with an accidental disease Hemiplegic and emerges a winner in aReality Show based on music with strong support from her mother and father. Mandar, an IT proffessional(43),Sneha (40), and Bhargavi (14) are a happy family Sneha is a well educated & dedicates her time to her husbandand their daughter Bhargavi.Winning the finale of the musical reality show,. Bhargavi becomes the most sortedcelebrity kid of the year. Everybody from the Media, Event Management Companies, friends and family want toassociate with her. Mandar, Who’s already very ambitious is excited by her achievement & personally startstaking interest in her publicity, endorsements, schedules; but allows Bhargavi to enjoy her stardom…… Link to story promo:
  10. 10. Movies Synopsis Just Un Just Life Is BeautifulThe film is just of 3 min. duration & says volumes… It’s a success story of a cerebral palsy girl, who against all oddswhich could not have been said in the contents of have completed her Master’s degree in ‘Sanskrit’. It’s about herbulky books… An innocent way to avoid AIDS…. An simpleton parents … her will power… & their mutualeye opener…Link to story promo: confidence… Link to story promo:
  11. 11. Movies Synopsis Delinquent Dancers Get Up Stand UpThey walk the tightrope between right and wrong. Surrounding the nuclear power projects, the world over.They are hungry for recognition, fame and respect. Though this film is set particularly in the back drop of theThey are immensely gifted but absolutely raw. Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project and the people’sTheir special gift is street smarts and the art of survival. struggle against it, it raises almost all of the questionsThey are impatient and all charged up to grab their share of what is regarding the safety of nuclear plants, development and itstheirs if they win the race of a lifetime. imposition on a people, alternate sources of energy andThese 9 boys with a misspent childhood, in a juvenile home run by a their contribution to the total energy needs, the lack oftyrant warden will dance for passion, for hope and for their dreams to scientific know-how in disposing nuclear waste, thecome true. dependence on foreign resources in the running of a nuclearExorcising their past demons, the 9 boys who society has written off, power plant anywhere in the Third World countries, the upsreach out for the stars. and downs of the People’s Movement Against NuclearWill their rebellion pay off? Energy (PMANE), in Kudankulam etc, etc.Will they become masters of their destinies? v=TONDILRfEo8&