Project planning-Karabirrdt. Social Entrepreneurship (6/6)


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Comes the time to jump from prototype to action, keeping the team's collaborative spirit. Many projects die here, so this stage is known as the Death Valley. To cross this valley we will use the Karabirrdt (spider web) developed in the Dragon Dreaming methodology; here, tasks are identified visually and work commitments are undertaken by each project team member. We will also use a core principle of Dragon Dreaming: love in action!

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Project planning-Karabirrdt. Social Entrepreneurship (6/6)

  1. 1. Project PlanningMay 2013SocialEntrepreneurship| www.neelabs.netOrganized by Aipc-PandoraFacilitated by Neelabs1
  2. 2. Goals2What SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timing) do we needto complete first to make the dream come true?Include goals for canvas validation and the production and launch of a MVP.Setting Goals Collaboratively (*)(*)InspiredinDragonDreamingProjectDesignToolsEach team member decides 6 stepsto be completed to make the projecta reality. Then lists them in rows in apanel.The post its are reordered in a waythat each column have enoughsimilarities .Each person of the team gets theresponsibility of naming the goal ofone of the columns.The goals are voted consideringwhich one is the one that requires beachieved first.Goal 6Social entrepreneurhsip | | Licencia CC: BY:3.0
  3. 3. Tasks to achieve the goals: Karabirrdt3Connect-observeIdeate-prototiype-planValidate--ImplementCelebrate-learnIndividual/project team CommunityEndStartSocial entrepreneurhsip | | Licencia CC: BY:3.0
  4. 4. Karabirrdt tips4• Each team member writes down in post its the tasks he considersnecessary to achieve the goal.• Each person, with the support of all the team, decides where each taskshould be placed in the karabirrdt.• Once placed all the tasks, observe the karabirrdt. Is it balanced? Each ofthe stages requires to have some tasks assigned, both in an individualbasis as in a community basis.• Once all post its are in place, we substitute the post its by circles, we givea name to each task, and a number. We link with lines tasks related.• Celebrate: fill the circle if the task is already completed.• Distribute tasks: add to each task the name of the project members thatwill participate in its completion; consider three roles: enthusiast (greencolour), trainee (red) or mentor ( black).• Give a budget and hours/days for completion to each task.Social entrepreneurhsip | | Licencia CC: BY:3.0
  5. 5. 5ExampleWhat would be the Karabirrdt for a specific goal of thisworkshop as it is “Document the workshop in a inspiringway and accesible world wide”?Social entrepreneurhsip | | Licencia CC: BY:3.0
  6. 6. Elena Ací | @elenaacinRafael | @rafael_cobo