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Social Media And Journalism Nhst 210110
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Social Media And Journalism Nhst 210110



Presentation held deep in the forest outside Oslo for a group of editors in the media group NHST.

Presentation held deep in the forest outside Oslo for a group of editors in the media group NHST.



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    Social Media And Journalism Nhst 210110 Social Media And Journalism Nhst 210110 Presentation Transcript

    • SocialMedia, Journalism & The News NHST|Kleivstua|21.01.10 Tord Selmer-Nedrelid | Asociate Director The Norwegian Institute of Journalism
    • journalism vs facebook publishing blogging twitter disruptive technologies crowdsourcing www.delicious.com/tnedre/NHST www.slideshare.net/nedrelid
    • It’s not what you don’t know that will destroy you. It’s what you don’t know you don’t know. Nassim Nicholas Taleb: The Black Swan – The Impact of The Highly Improbable
    • Foto: Dan Coulter – CC‐license
    • Foto: Aplumb – CC-lisens
    • Foto: Chop1n – CC-lisens
    • Foto: William Hook – CC-lisens
    • «If the news is that important, it will find me» Foto: Bliirido – CC-lisens
    • «The sources will fill in where we used to need journalists Everyone is now a journalist. You'll see an explosion in your craft, but it will cease to be a profession.» Dave Winer Foto:  Rex Hammock – CC‐license
    • Foto: Dimitris Papazimouris - CC-lisens
    • Conversation is  Ta brukerne på alvor: Sosiale king. Content is  medier og kommentarer??????? just something to talk about.  Cory Doctorow Foto: Joi – CC-lisens
    • Foto: CC-license – Flickr.com Victoria Peckham Don’t expect the user to  want to be a journalist Don’t expect the user to  do your work for you Everyone can report Not everyone can be a journalist But they will happily engage in and share things that are impotant to them
    • «Twitter is a search engine for what people see and think in the moment» Jan Thoresen, Klikk.no
    • ”Dreamt I was in New York and forgot to post it  on Twitter. Like, then what’s the point?”
    • Foto: CC-license – Flickr.com Victoria Peckham Alle  kan publisere hele tiden ‐ og gjør det
    • www.twitter.com/misstearah [T]hey just brought a CART full of boxes w/transplant parts in  them. Not good not good. #fthood Ok we just saw a soldier on a stretcher w/2 armed guards  walking by He didnt look like he was in great condition. Maj Malik A Hassan. He shouldn’t have died. He should be in  the worst suffering of his life. It’s too fair for him to just die.  Bastard! A FUCKING MAJOR? Are you kidding me? A MAJ! For those of  ut hat don’t know, Army MAJ have pretty serious rank. Dick The poor guy that got shot in the balls http://twitpic.com/oejh5
    • “You still have to remember that most people,  most of the time get most of their news and  information from mainstream news sources whether that’s online or not. So what’s going on in the mainstream is vitally important.” Dr Natalie Fenton: New Media, Old News – Journalism and Democracy in a Digital Age
    • Twitter is good for: Researching stories and  finding content Connecting with sources and  testing ideas Spreading stories
    • The New News Cycle Foto: HugoVK – CC-lisens
    • Paul Bradshaw onlinejournalismblog.com
    • The NRK Beta Doctrine: «Always reply when someone comments» (Whether it is on you site or not)
    • Publishing Idea! Hidden research Writing the story Open research Writing and rewriting the story
    • «A wire service for you and your friends»
    • Daily use – Social Networks in Norway Facebook 34 WindowsLiveSpaces 3 Nettby 3 Twitter 2 LinkedIn 0 MySpace 0 Biip 0 Secondlife 0 0 0 Percent 10 20 30 40 Source: TNS Gallup InterBuss 3Q 2009. 1% = 38.900 persons above 15 years +.  58 Use of SNS in Norway among the whole population in Norway
    • Daily reach – largest Norwegian Media Outlets NRK 1 TV 62 TV2 58 NRK P1 Radio 37 VG Nett 36 Facebook *34 TV Norge 28 VG (paper) 27 Dagbladet.no 24 P4 22 NRK 2 TV 22 TV3 21 Finn.no 21 0 10 20 30 Percent 40 50 60 70 Source: TNS Gallup InterBuss 3Q 2009 for SNS among the whole population 15 years +. * TNS Gallup’s Consumer & Media 09/2 (2008/2009) for other media 12 years +.
    • of all clicks in the world last June
    • Crowdsourcing
    • «No one in this world, so far as I know... has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people.» H. L. Mencken - Notes on journalism, Chicago Tribune, [19 September 1926]
    • Photo: Public Energy – CC‐license The Wisdom of Crowds – book by James Surowiecki
    • Foto: Forshydog – CC-lisens
    • The Tsunami ‐ Christmas 2004
    • Thursday Dec 30 • MFA sends list with 8000 names to KRIPOS. • VG Nett’s readers list: 85 navn.
    • • MFA’s list 6% correct • VG Netts readers 79% correct • Kripos’ wetted list 30% correct (after four days of work)
    • «The strongest news organization will not be the one with money to buy helicopters and sattellite uplinks, but the one with close ties to the readers with their cell phones on the ready.  Espen Egil Hansen, editor‐in‐chief VG Nett
    • Telegraph vs Guardian The MP Expence Scandal
    • 170,000 documents reviewed in  the first 80 hours 20.000 people participated 56 % of all site visitors
    • Developer Simon Willison ’s four tips for  enganging participation from readers: •Make it fun – gamelike interface •Attention is short – launch immediately •Use a framework – faster developement •Have enough server capacity
    • Brian Lehrer Show  Are You Being Gouged?
    • Summing up
    • The professional journalist can no longer  justify a role simply processing content from source to consumer Paul Bradshaw, Brimingham City University & onlinejournalismblog.com Foto: Frank Barth‐Nilsen – CC‐license
    • Everyone can report Not everyone can be a journalist
    • Krumsviks online news study 80 % of news execs see online edition as a way of securing the paper edition «Online is an advert for paper» Foto: arnybo – CC-lisens
    • “There was a big concentration in ‘cut and  paste’, administrative, desk‐bound journalism  largely because these journalists have to fill a  vast amount of space, have no time to do it in.  So what they do, is they either take PR copy or  they take copy from other newsprint or other  news broadcasts.” Dr Natalie Fenton: New Media, Old News – Journalism and Democracy in a Digital Age
    • Journalism is the production of news stories, bringing public attention to  issues that interest the public. Journalism gets its mandate from its audience. It is  required to act in the public interest. Dr David Nordfors Innovation Journalism Program Stanford University http://www.innovationjournalism.org/
    • Only journalism can save journalism Analysis, the big picture, exposing the hidden, civic responsibility, balancing the power of the powerful, tell stories properly
    • «News is a conversation with the people formerly known as the audience» Professor  Jay Rosen Foto: eye2eye – cc‐lisens Tord Selmer‐Nedrelid | tord@ij.no | delicious.com/tnedre/NHST www.nedrelid.com/contact for  more ways to get in touch
    • Check out www.ij.no for our wide selection of courses and seminars on journalism