Does Cash Gifting Work?
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Does Cash Gifting Work?







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Does Cash Gifting Work? Document Transcript

  • 1. ==== ====This cash gifting program truly helps people, check it out now!!! ====One of the most effective and exciting opportunities today is a properly structured Cash Giftingprogram. Cash gifting is a private activity offered only through exclusive invitations and doesntinvolve Network Marketing, MLM or any other type of business or commercial activity. It is not abusiness or an investment. There is no company name or location and there are no directors,officers, or shareholders. It is simply a private community of individuals giving to one another whilesupporting each other in a team concept.It is absolutely legal and ethical to give another person a gift as an expression of kindness.Individuals are allowed to share their wealth with families, friends and any others they so choose.When someone accepts the invitation and becomes a member they move through a naturalprogression from the giving to the receiving stage of the activity. The idea is that by helping othersyou are in turn rewarded following Gods law of Reciprocity. "Give and it shall be given unto you."The concept of private gifting is based upon the assumption or fact that both American andCanadian citizens have the Constitutional right to gift property, cash, and other assets. In theUnited States, gifting rules are defined in the IRS tax code, Title 26, Sections 2501 - 2502 and2511. The law states that one or more individuals can give a gift to another individual up to$12,000 each calendar year without any tax liability to either the giver or receiver because it isassumed the tax on the gift has already been paid. There appears to be no law againstlegitimately receiving large sums of money as gifs from private individuals. That being said it is upto the individual to decide whether or not to declare cash gifts as income. One should check withthe specific gifting laws of the country where they reside, but to be on the safe side it is alwayswise declare the gifts you receive in your annual tax returns. You are well advised to get a layerand accounts counsel.Cash Gifting is not to be confused with Pyramid Schemes which are associated with a company ora business. Cash Gifting is a private sharing club. There are no sales quotas, positions to sell andno ever-widening base to the structure. A Pyramid never allows anyone coming in on the bottomto ever reach the top. Only those at the top get the profits and people can and have lost theirmoney.Cash Gifting is not to be confused with Network Marketing. Although Network Marketing is a legaland viable source of income, who know of anyone that has started at the bottom of a companyand reach the top position in Network Marketing? It just doesnt happen. Cash Gifting is neither aNetwork Marketing company nor a Pyramid Scheme.Members work as a team for the mutual benefit all. Unlike MLM, there is no hierarchy. Allparticipants are equal. No one individual has an advantage over another. The programs arestructured to where there are no "fat cats" at the top benefiting from others efforts. Best of all there
  • 2. are no products to stock or sell. Cash gifting programs eliminate all of the nonsense that istypically found in traditional home based business opportunities. The selling aspect is completelyremoved. Since most people are not born salesmen removing the need to sell an unwantedproduct comes as a huge relief.With extraordinary individual effort someone starting today could very easily generate more cashthan someone thats been in the program for months or years. Something never comes fromnothing and success is dependent on sacrifice and effort. A properly structured Cash Giftingprogram directs members to resources which can help seek out like-minded individuals wanting tomake changes in their lives. These recourses dont come without a cost but it is usually minimalwhen compared to the potential return. Savvy individuals can find many creative and effectivemethods of their own. There is no need to pester friends and family members but once onebecomes successful it is natural to share with people they care about the most.People find they can work this activity around their existing schedule. Its a matter of settingpriorities and fitting this into their new and current lifestyles. In truth modern Cash Giftingprograms are so sophisticated and automated that the bulk of the work is already taken care of.Prospects questions are answered by professional representatives. Email auto-responders are inplace to instruct prospects of procedures. Packages are routed and traced in a secure and cheatproof fashion.Cash Gifting Systems are global programs with many members all around the world. As long asthere is an address where payments can be sent and access to an overnight courier service (suchas FedEx, UPS, or DHL) members can participate from anywhere in the world. No matter wherethey live members can receive regular cash gifts delivered directly to their door by overnightcourier. Different currencies are never a problem because one can request cash gifts to be sent inany currency, or as money order if preferred.The 1-Up System employed by most Cash Gifting systems is certainly one of the most excitingelements of the program. In order to qualify themselves each new member referred is required topass up their first gifts to their sponsor at the same level they joined. This ongoing perpetual cashstream is in addition to the cash gifts received from direct referrals and could easily add up toseveral thousand of dollars each and every month with no extra effort required.Making a living typically involves working a dead-end job for three quarters of ones life only to findthat come retirement fixed incomes are generally half of what they were up to that point. Thisassumes theres a retirement plan in force and savings are put away. Most people dont even havethis limited security. Personal savings are at an all time low. The truth is that most retirementinvestments are losing ground and Social Security is near bankrupt. With rising costs and aneconomy in distress many fear what should be the Golden Years of their lives. This is one reasonwhy several people have turn to Cash Gifting. There are endless stories of early retirements,mortgages being saved, college educations being funded, medical and dental procedures beingperformed and the list goes on. There is no doubt that Cash Gifting has enriched many lives withthe greatest benefit being security and peace of mind. Best of all the cash continues to buildbeyond retirement.Countless people have experienced the difference that cash gifting can make. It restores trust inhumanity knowing that there are like-minded people that not only need help, but are willing to help
  • 3. others as well. By exploring Cash Gifting one can discover and take part in something trulyextraordinary.Article Source: ====This cash gifting program truly helps people, check it out now!!! ====