Mastering use wordpress with post, media, plugins and themes


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Mastering use of WordPress includes Adding New Posts, adding new media, adding new plugings and adding new themes on WordPress Dashboard

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Mastering use wordpress with post, media, plugins and themes

  1. 1. Working on WordPress Dashboard LUZAN BARAL @luzanb @techsansar
  2. 2. What will we cover?  Adding a new Post  Uploading Media  Adding Menus  Adding Plugins  Changing themes
  3. 3. Adding a New Post  Create the title  Create the body ( this is the text of the post itself)  Format text (bold, italics, underline, block quotes, bulleted lists, numbered lists, create any links you want to share )  Insert media (like a photo or embedded video)  Create or choose a category and tags  Decide if you want to allow comments or not  Schedule your post (if you don't want it to publish right now) or publish it right now!
  4. 4. Adding a New Post…. Swap to Visual/Text Editor Title here More options here Text Here Save, Preview Publish Categories Here Tags Here
  5. 5. Using Visual Editor ‘WYSIWYG’ What You See Is What You Get Inserting Media to your Post More With Kitchen Sink In Text Editor you can add HTML codes, and also JavaScripts
  6. 6. Adding a New Post
  7. 7. Adding Hyperlinks to text Inbound and Outbound links Insert/Edit Links Inbound links Inbound Links • Links that redirects you within the website Outbound Links • Links that redirects you to other websites and refrences
  8. 8. Adding Image to Post • Insert Image By Selecting Files from your Computer • Find your Image on Media Library • Insert Image from URL
  9. 9. Adding Image to Post – Media Library For this you will need to Upload Image to Media Library First
  10. 10. Adding Image to Post (cont..)
  11. 11. Preview and Publish your Post
  12. 12. Uploading Media to library 2 1
  13. 13. Uploading Media to library (cont..)
  14. 14. Uploading Media to library (cont..)
  15. 15. Creating Menus  Dashboard  Appearance  Menus • Give your menu a name • Add items to menu (custom links, categories, pages, tags) • Drag to make Sub-Menus
  16. 16. Creating Menu (cont..) Giving menu a name Don’t forget to save changes before you jump to other pages
  17. 17. Add your custom links Add categories to menu Add tags to menu Add pages to menu So, What’s hot on Menu ?
  18. 18. Adding Items to Menu Add this items Manage Menu Items - Create Sub-Menu
  19. 19. Menu on Website What have you designed so far? Programming  Java  C Language  Pointers Hover your Mouse over Menu Items to view Sub-Menu Items
  20. 20. Adding Plugins
  21. 21. Adding Plugins (cont..)
  22. 22. Adding Plugins (cont..)
  23. 23. Adding Plugins (cont..)
  24. 24. Adding Plugins (cont..)
  25. 25. Adding Themes
  26. 26. Adding Themes (cont...)
  27. 27. Adding Themes (cont...)
  28. 28. Adding Themes (cont...)
  29. 29. Adding Themes (cont...)
  30. 30. Follow me on twitter @luzanb @techsansar