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Cover letter

  1. 1. NAZRE ALAM SIDDIQUIDear Sir/Ma’amWill you please review my qualifications for my application in your firm? My education, workattitude, and personal skills qualify me for this job.My education for administration consists of primarily two years of business administration studyat Aligarh Muslim University. The Master of Business Administration degree I will receive inAugust has given me a broad foundation of business knowledge. As a major in marketing, Istudied all the important papers in marketing management (advertising, sales management,consumer behavior, brand management and marketing research). I have also minored in HumanResources Management studying papers such as Organizational Development and StrategicHRM besides having a solid foundational knowledge in the area of HR. I have the knowledgebase that will enable me to be productive now. And I can build upon this base through practicalexperience.As I am seeking my first full- time job, I must use means other than work experience to provemy work attitude. I have been consistently performing well in my studies and my grades havesubsequently improved over the past three semesters. Also, I have done extremely well in myinternship and dissertation projects. My internship project offered me the chance to understandmarketing communication from the viewpoint of rural consumers. I interned at an advertisingagency where I worked in cross-functional areas of creative and client-servicing. Also Icoordinated with my supervisor to create a Below-the-line (BTL) advertising plan for one of theagency’s client. This proves my hands on experience and learning of Integrated MarketingCommunication.As for my dissertation I carried a study on knowledge sharing culture existing in Indian IT sectorsurveying five IT firms in India. The study is a part of Knowledge Management initiatives takenby various firms. I used statistical software (SPSS) to analyze the data collected from therespondents. I worked diligently and honestly on the assignment which reflect my hardworking
  2. 2. attitude and sound analytical skills. My experience in these projects undertaken has shaped mycharacter to fit in the corporate environment. Apart from this I played an instrumental role in opening a club for business andmarketing( KLIMB) at our institution along with four other batch mates where we organizedevents and programmes to bring our management learning into practice. My efforts wererecognized by the teachers as well as alumni of our college. I assure you that I would bring thesework habits with me to your organization.My sociology background at the undergraduate level has helped me sharpen my people skills andunderstanding of human behavior in social settings. I believe that it will greatly help me indealing professionally with my colleagues and seniors and build in me a teamwork spirit andeffective interpersonal skills which are very crucial for achieving both my career as well as theorganizational goals.These highlights and the additional evidence presented in the enclosed resume present my casefor a career in management. May I have an interview to continue my presentation? You canreach me at +91-9540252604 or JavedEnc.