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Cell block 33 (2)
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Cell block 33 (2)


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  • 1. Cell Block 33Cell Block 33Cast:Prisoners:Carla -Nicole -Yasmine‘Yas’ –Andi –Cash –Whitney –Newbie 1 –Newbie 2 –Inmate 1 –Inmate 2 -Guards:Ms Stella Sullivan -Mr. Mitchell Watson -Mr.Rajan Chandra -Mr. Joe Strang -Mr. Boris McKenzie -Therapist – Mr. Moorland -Extras:Victim – Kate –Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 2. Cell Block 33Cell Block 33Pre Show – Joe patrols up and down the balcony whilst Boris walks up and downthe centre of the stage. A few prisoners hang around in various places on the stagegiving evil looks.Scene 1– MarieWatson and Chandra enter with the 3 newbie’s.Watson :(to the prisoners) Oi Ladies, fresh meat!Watson starts to walk out butChandra is day dreaming.Watson:Chandey… Chandey… Chandey!!Chandra: Oh sorry, I wasn’t listening.Watson:(Points and shout)Pay more attention Chandey!Chandra: It’s Chandra sir.Watson: It’s all the same isn’t it! Come on let’s leave them to itChandra: Bye ladies enjoy your day and may I just say how wonderful you alllook in your outfits and-Watson:-CHANDREY!Chandra: Coming Sir…CHANDRA runs after WATSON and exits.CARLA and her gang start to surround the NEWBIES in a rotating circle. CARLAsteps forward so she’s face to face with the 3 girls and circles them.YASMINE hides behind other NEWBIES and isn’t noticed by CARLA.Carla:Oi you(To newbie 1) what you in for?Newbie 1:(Confidently) MurderCarla:Hmmmmm ... (Looking pleased)what about you?(looks at newbie 2)Newbie 2:(Embarrassed) Drink drivingCarla and her gang start to laugh. When Carla stops laughing her gang stoplaughing too, except one who Carla looks at and she stops.Carla: Listen yeh, this is MY territory, I rule this place no one else!Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 3. Cell Block 33All the newbie’s look scaredCarla: Do you understand me?!No one reply’sCarla:(Gets in one of the newbie’sfaces, angry voice) I said do you understand me?!(All the newbie’s):YES, YES DEFINITELY!Carla: Just a few rules so you don’t get in my way…When I arrive for meals, youmove out the way ,if I ask you for something you give it to me and if i saysomething funny, you BLOODY laugh. And if you don’t do any of these, your deadmeat! GOT IT?All newbie’s shake their heads up and down.Carla:Good, enjoy your stay losers! And watch it!(smirking)Welcome SongCarla and Gang leave followed by the other prisoners. Only the 3 Newbie’s remainon stage.New 1:(sarcastically) well they seem nice.New 2: Shut the hell up would you. God how we gonna survive in this place?New 1: Yea, (Looking at Yasmine)and how come she missed you out?Yasmine:(Scared) just lucky I guess.New 1: What you in here for anyway?Yasmine:(quietly) murderNew 2:(looking her up and down) you don’t seem the type.New 1:(laughing)Welcome to the murderer’s gangYasmine: No, I didn’t…I’m innocent… It wasn’t me, I’m not meant to be in here. Ididn’t murder anyone!New 1:(sarcastically) yea, sure you didn’tYasmine: But I didn’t… I wouldn’t… I couldn’t.New 2: So what happened then?-Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 4. Cell Block 33New 1:-Yea, how can you get nicked for something you didn’t do?Yasmine stand silently, fumbling with her handsNew 2: Oh come on…(getting annoyed)Yasmine: I was just walking home and I heard this scream-so I ran over andfoundthis person lying on the floor…She was still alive you see, so I knelt downand held her and she died in my arms (puts her hand to head, and turns awaymomentarily from the newbies) The next thing I know there’s Police all aroundme and they arrested me. (Crying) They put me in here(points to the floor) and Ididn’t do it… I honestly didn’t do it …and I’m going to be stuck in here for life.Yasmine breaks down into tearsNew 2: Look (goes over to Yasmine, and puts hand on her shoulder to comfort her)maybe someone will find something-New 1:-OR if you did do it you deserve to be in here.Yasmine: But I didn’t. I…I… just tried to help. I don’t deserve to be in here. Whatthe hell am I going to do?New 1:You just have to keep your head down. If that Carla hears about it, she’llprobably kill you. She really does look vicious.New 2: Stop it would you! That isn’t helping.Watson, Joe and Boris walk into the room.Watson: Right you two, (To Newbie’s) go with Joe and Boris. You(looks atYasmine), what’s your name?Yasmine: Yasmine sir.Watson: You come with me. The Governor wants a word.They all exit in opposite directions.Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 5. Cell Block 33Scene 2 – LoganGovernor’s office; Ms Sullivan (the Governor) sitsat her desk looking very bored andwants something exciting to happen. Boris enters the room.Boris: You wanted to see me Governor?Sullivan:Yes I did McKenzie, please take a seat and please, call me Ms.Sullivan.Boris: Oh! Ok you can call me Boris if you like?Sullivan:(Sniggers to herself) I’d rather not thank you. (Gesturing to chair)Pleasetake a seat.Boris:Thank you Ms. Sullivan (Sits down)There is an awkward silence, which makes Boris uncomfortable. Ms Sullivan finallystarts to speak.Sullivan: Ok I’m going to get to the point and tell you why I’ve sent for you.She stands up from her desk and starts to walk around the room.Sullivan:You have been working for us for a while and according to Mr. Watson-As soon as she says Mr. Watson, Boris jumps out of his seat and becomes excited likea puppyBoris: - MR. WATSON!!! What did he say about me? Did he say he was impressedwith my skills? Did he say I gave him sharp answers in best training? Or did hesay how much I remind him of himself in his younger days?Sullivan:(sarcastically)Let me think ummmm… NO (gets serious) He actually saidyou’re a show off and that you are nothing but a useless pathetic swine who doesnothing but follow him around all day.Boris:(shocked) Mr. Watson said that?Boris is shocked, gutted and then bursts into tears. Ms. Sullivan comforts him byputting his head on her chest and holds him.Sullivan: There, there my little soldier; it will be all right, Ms. Sullivan will makeeverything better. (She starts stroking his hair.)Boris:(Boris starts sobbing like a pathetic child) I just wanted him to like me Ms.Sullivan, is that too much to ask?Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 6. Cell Block 33Sullivan: Of course not McKenzie; I tell you what, if you do something for me Iwill say nice things about you to Mr. Watson.Howdoes that sound?Boris:Ok, if it makes him think I’m special!Sullivan: Oh, he does think you’re,(Sarcastically) ‘SPECIAL’.Boris:What do I need to do?Sullivan:(Ms. Sullivan is still stroking his hair) Oh nothing much.All I want you todo is find some dirt on one of the prisoners and then come tell me and then wecan spread it around the prison? Yeah, that would be fun… since there hasn’tbeen anything fun for ages?Boris: but, but …. That’s against the rules! They don’t tell us to do that in ‘besttraining’. What if Mr. Watson finds out, what if……Ms. Sullivan smoothly puts her finger on Boris mouth so he knows she wants him tobe quietSullivan:(Sexy tone of voice) you do want to make me happy don’t you McKenzieBoris:(Boris hesitates) but…. but…. Mr. Watson? What if he-Ms. Sullivan feels Boris’s handSullivan:-Oh my goodness!! You poor dear, you’re shaking like a leaf, let me helpyou relax…Boris:Look Ms. Sullivan now that I know Mr. Watson doesn’t like me for somereason, I am going to do my best to impress him and I can’t mess things up anymore, so I am sorry but the answer is…Boris cannot remember what he was saying as Sullivan starts to give him ashoulder massage.Boris: the answer is…Sullivan:(flirtatiously) you know young man, I always gets what I want!Boris: Oh I bet you do Ms Sullivan!!! (Boris is enjoying the massage)Sullivan: You do want to make me happy and make me tell Mr. Watson what agood boy you are? Right…Boris:Ohhhhhhhhh YES Ms Sullivan!!! (Boris is REALLY enjoying the massage)Sullivan: Than get out of here and find me some dirt on one of the prisoners younaughty boy!Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 7. Cell Block 33Boris:Ohhhhhhhmyyyy god yes, yes, yes! (He pulls out his note book with a penand runs off)Exit BORISWatson and Yasmine enter the office. Ms Sullivan goes back to her desk and sitsdown.Watson: We got a newbie!Sullivan: Oh, I see and what’s her name?Yasmine: My name is Yasmine!Watson:(Shouting at Yasmine.) Only speak if the Governor asks you to speak youstupid piece of-Watson was about to hit her but Sullivan interrupts him so he stops himself, hesmiles at the GovernorSullivan: -It’s okayMr Watson; I’ll let it slide this time.Watson:(nervously) as you wish Ms Sullivan (Watson smiles at Ms Sullivan)Sullivan: Well Yasmine, I don’t know why you’re here andI don’t really care. All Iask of you is to behave and keep your nose clean. Now before Mr Watson, takesyou to your cell, I just wantedto warn you about Clara. She is the worst inmatewe have. Now any questions?Yasmine: What’s the food like?Watson:CRAP!It tastes like crap, and looks like crap because it is CRAP!Sullivan: Ok then that’s all I’ve got to say.Mr. Watsonplease would you show ournew guest to her cell...Watson: My pleasure Ms Sullivan, okay you, get a move on now. I don’t have allday!Watson pushes Yasmine a bit and they both walk out of the scene.Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 8. Cell Block 33Scene 3 -SathmaGirls sit around the therapist’s room waiting for Mr Moorland to arrive.Moorland walks in the room and sits down. He takes a deep breath andbegins to speak.Moorland:Hello ladies, who wants to start us off today? Is there anything anyonewants to share?Andi:I had toast for breakfast, with jam on top, yummy....Moorland:Thank you Andi but thats not quite what I meant. Last session wewere talking about respect.Whitney:Yes I loved that session!Andi:Oh Whitney, can you stop flirting with Mr. Moorland and stop talking aboutrespect. (Sarcastically)We can always see it when we’re in our cells, (ToAudience)especially between Carla and Nicole.Nicole:Oi, if you gotta say something just say it out loud,init!Carla:I’m getting bored, can we just carry on-Moorland:-Yes thank you! So we were talking about respect. How to get it, whatit means and how we feel about it. Has anyone had any thoughts?Nicole:(Aggressive tone) Yeah. We dont have it and it’s never going to happen.Carla:(towards audience) I swear I just said I’m getting bored so why is hecarrying on this respect thing?Moorland:And why is that?Carla:Cause were nothing but criminals now. (Looking at nail tips not actuallyinterested)Whitney:I’m not a criminal!Nicole:Oh just shut up!Moorland: That’s not true; you’ve all got a second chance!Carla:Oh Really? You think anyone is going to give me,(Pointing at herself) me achance when I get out of here? Youre dreaming man!Andi:(looking confused) Now it’s about dreaming? (To audience)Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 9. Cell Block 33Moorland:You have to earn a second chance. Start by learning respect, you knowwhat they say;respect is the key to success.Cash: Yeah well somebody stole the key.Andi:(really confused) Now it’s about a key (Itching her hair)Whitney:Considering your history, are you sure it wasnt you?Cash:Are you accusing me of nicking stuff?Nicole:(Laugh out loud) I swear that’s why youre in here?Cash:Mistaken identity. dahhWhitney:Tell it to the judge.Cash:I did!Nicole:Yea, after you bloody nicked his wallet.Cash:Say that to my face in it!Nicole:Ok. Bring it on!Nicole and Cash start to walk towards each otherMoorland:Ladies, LADIES! Keep it together. Look, I know youre angry butfighting each other is not going to help (separatesgirls)Nicole:(aggressive tone) Oy don’t touch me - just stay away before I smack yourhead off!Moorland:Calm down Nicole. Fighting will get you nowhere; try to do somethingelse other than fighting.Andi:There’s not much else to do though. We havent got Sky, no internet and noBBM.Carla:Why the heck am I even in here?Nicole:Guess what, now I’m bored and (Looking at Carla) fed up with this dump.Carla: You saying it’s a dump coz I’m here?Nicole: Yea! Now shut the hell up!Carla:Are you like telling me to shut up?Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 10. Cell Block 33Nicole:Yeah I am, do you have a problem with that?Carla:I do init!Moorland:Alright ladies cut it out here - and I was saying do something positiveabout it. Look, thats the end of the session today but maybe next week we cantalk about writing a letter to the Governor about conditions? We can try to makea positive change.Whitney:(To Moorland)Aw I don’t want this to end!Andi:Uh huh. Maybe shell buy me that pony I wanted as well.Whitney bursts out laughingCarla:WhateverNicole:You lot just die!Nicole and Carla storm out in opposite different directions.Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 11. Cell Block 33Scene 4 –NavinaYasmine has been dismissed from Ms Sullivan’s office and is now being taken byWatson to her new cell. Yasmine walks slowly through the corridor lookingaround.Watson turns around and looks at Yasmine with an aggressive face.Watson:(Angry tone.) Come on there! Walk a bit faster, don’t dilly dally.Yasmine gets scared on hearing Watson’s angry voice and quickly stops lookingaround; instead she looks down and starts to walk faster to catch up withWatson.Watson angrily holds Yasmine’s arm and pulls her to walk at the samespeed as him. Once they reach the cell, Watson lets go of Yasmine’s arm and kicksopen the cell door.Watson: Right, come in thenWatson goes inside the dark cell and tries to find the light switch.Yasmine enters while the lights are being switched on. She hears a noise.Yasmine: What’s this weird noise?Watson: What noise?Yasmine: Can’t you hear it! It’s like someone’s breathing heavily and it’s comingfrom this direction.Yasmine points and moves towards the direction, from where she could hear thenoise. The noise gradually gets louder.All the lights are fully on now. Yasmine stopswalking towards the direction and gazes at the person who is sleeping and snoringin front of her.Yasmine: Who is she! (Shocked)Watson: Oh, that’s who you’re sharing this cell with.Yasmine: What…but…Watson: Shut it and no moaning. At the moment all the cells are taken, so you’llstay here till we find you another cell… which will take us a while. (Pause) Rightthen! (To Nicole) Come on, wake up you lazy git.Watson walks over and pulls down a blanket over the bared window.Watson: And what have I told you about covering this window up!Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 12. Cell Block 33The snoring stops and Nicole gets up instantly, although, with just half of her eyesopen.Watson: Wake up you slug!After yawning and stretching, Nicole opens her eyes fully and stares at Yasmine,who is standing just a few steps away from her.Nicole: Who is she? And what do you want? (Kisses her teeth and gives evil looksto both Yasmine and Watson.)Watson: Say hello to your new cell mate – Yasmine!Nicole: Ugh, what, that’s not fair, why’s she in here, put her in with Gracie orsomeone!Watson:Now you know why we don’t put anyone in with Gracie! I don’t wantany fuss in here. Okay?Nicole:(Aggressive face) Listen, I aint sharing my room with anyone. Move hersomewhere else.Watson: Shut up. This was decided by Ms Sullivan to put Yasmine with you forthe meantime. So she’s staying right here, and that’s final.Nicole: Argh. But..., If…Watson:Err, no ifs and nobutts. (Watson turns around and starts walking towardsthe door.)Watson:Now settle in and I better see you two for the drill at 11 sharp!Watson leaves the cell. Yasmine walks away from Nicole’s bed and goes to herluggage. There is a moments silence after Watson leaves. Nicole is still sitting onthe bed staring at Yasmine with an annoyed face.Nicole: Why you in ‘ere then ‘ey?Yasmine: I don’t know why I’m in here. It just wasn’t my fault! (Soft voice)Nicole finds Yasmine a bit strange and keeps on staring at her with anevil/annoyed face.Nicole: What? What did you say? (Whispers to herself) What’s she on about? Ugh,whatever… (Giving her evil looks.)Nicole lies back on the bed, facing the ceiling. Yasmine takes one of her readingbooks out and sits down on her bed that is placed opposite to Nicole’s bed. OnEdited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 13. Cell Block 33seeing this, Nicole gets a little surprised and quickly jumps out of her bed andapproaches Yasmine, with her face leaning over her book.Nicole:(Almost screaming) Oh my God! You like reading as well!?Yasmine gets freaked out on hearing and seeing Nicole and jumps a little on thebed and drops her book.Yasmine:(Quivered voice.) Oh... Yeah I do! (She picks up the book from the floor.)Nicole: Oh my God! Spud!No one in this prison reads, they’re all dumb!They both spud each other. Both the girls seem excited, especially Nicole, she likedthe fact that they both like reading. Nicole now changes her attitude towardsYasmine, she finds her a nice person. Nicole sits down on the floor and crosses herlegs in front of Yasmine and looks up at her.Yasmine:I really do like reading; I guess you do too, sorry what was your name?Nicole: Nicole.Yasmine: Ah that’s such a nice name!They both settle down and start to get friendly. Nicole’s face seems even moreexcited.Nicole: Have you got any other books in there?Yasmine: Yea, borrow one if you like?Nicole:(smiles) thanks! (Excited tone) And yeah I love reading too; I lovedreading since I was a kid. Every time I was bored or wasn’t in the mood foranything, I just used to get a book out and start reading and I never used torealise how quickly the time used to fly by. And you know, even when myparents used to fight, I used to rush to my room and just quietly read, ignoringthem. (Her voice quivers a little and softens down.) But now … (pause) … it’s notthe same (looks down, lifts her legs up and puts her arm around them.)Yasmine:(Gasps) Oh my god, are you serious!? I have the same case!! Oh my God,I can’t believe this!Nicole:(Looks back up – facing Yasmine.)(Shocked.) What. No way! You mean …you too? Your parents also...Yasmine: Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. I’ve gone through that rough phaseas well.Nicole:(Sighs)Anyway let’s not talk about this. I haven’t got any more books withme anymore.Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 14. Cell Block 33Yasmine:Well if you ever want to borrow mine you can. Just whenever you feellike reading, ask me if I’m around or just take it from the pile over there.Yasmine gets up from her bed after handing a book to Nicole. Meanwhile, Nicole,who is sitting on the floor, flicks through the book.Nicole: Really?! Cool, thanks!The buzzer for the inspection rings.Nicole: Uh damn it, its 11 already; (Talks to herself),wow time went fast for thefirst time!Yasmine: What was that buzzer for?Nicole: Hey, Yasmine …Yasmine cuts through Nicole’s dialogue.Yasmine: Just call me Yas! (Smiles at Nicole)Nicole:(Smiles back at Yasmine.) Yeah, Yas, come let’s go, that was the buzzer forthe inspection.They walk around the stage and walk down to the court yard.Nicole: You see that guard over there … (Points at Mr Chandra who is standing inhis own little world.)Yasmine: Oh … over there? (Points and scrunches her eyes.)That one? Oh yeah,yeah, what about him? He looks arrogant to me.Nicole: Yeah him! And no, no, no. he’s the nicest one out of all these guards! Thatone there, (Pointing to Watson), he’s a right stuck up git and that one (pointing toBoris), he’s always sucking up to Watson and that one (Pointing to Joe), he’s agood one. Anything you need under the counter like; just ask him. Come on webetter go mix in with the others.Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 15. Cell Block 33Scene 5 –NazishAll the girls stand around the stage, where Watson and Chandra are standing.Whilst, Watson and Chandra are talking amongst themselves, Nicole sneaksYasmine away with her, as she’s not keen on the inspection, and they get away.Watson: Alright Ladies shut your gobs! (All the girls stop talking)I don’t haveenough time to waste on this inspection, so that’s why you’re going to beinspected by Mr Chandra (Chandra waves at the girls and they start laughing,which makes Watson angry) SHUT IT! I have more important things to do as Ihave a very important meeting with Ms Sullivan (He starts smiling)Carla:(shouts out from crowd) I bet it is VERY (exaggerate ‘very’) important.Girls start laughing and so does ChandraWatson:(Looks at Chandra) Think that’s funny, do you?Chandra: I’m so sorry, I didn’t-Watson doesn’t let Chandra finish what he’s saying and storms offChandra:(smiles at the girls) well now that the drama queen’s gone, let’s carryon. So, what were we supposed to do again? (Looks really confused) Oh yes, theinspection thing followed by some PE. Please listen up ladies, would you mindawfully, standing in nice three neat rows, quick as you can now.Carla:(sarcastically) Okay, watch us make the prettiest lines ever Mr Canda!Chandra: Oh my gosh, Carla, do you still not know how to say my name? IT’SCHANDRA! Let’s just try that shall we. On the count of three would you all mindjust shouting ‘Chandra’ as loud as you possibly can, then we can all get it right.Ok? One, two, three!All girls:(Shouting)CHANDRA!Voice off stage: KEEP THE BLOODY NOISE DOWN!Chandra: Well that was absolutely fantastic. Well done everyone. Yes rathergood.Carla: Who chose your name Mr Chandra! (Saying name slowly to prove she saidit right)Chandra: It was my dear father actually; you see he was named Chandra too.Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 16. Cell Block 33Carla: Not very good is it!Chandra:Well at least it’s better than Boris.Girls burst out laughing.Chandra:Now, enough of this nonsense, let’s get this check over and done withbefore Watson comes back, otherwise all of us will be in an awful lot of trouble.Carla:(does a sarcastic laugh) did you not hear where he said he’s going,MsSullivan’s office! (Pause) He wont be coming back for a while.(All the girls startlaughing)Chandra:(daydreams) Ah such a lucky guy he is. (Stops daydreaming) Now comeon, didnt I tell you girls to get in a nice line? Come on then…Girls get into 3 linesChandra: Alright, would you all mind emptying your pockets please.Carla: What’s the point? We don’t have anything;you people don’t even let uskeep cigarettes.Chandra: I’ll tell you what, if this inspection goes smoothly, and I have no moretrouble; I will give you girl’s lollipops. How about that?Girls start to giggleCarla: Oh my god! Your sucha wasteman, but you got yourself a deal.Chandra: Okay good. But please don’t call me names, it hurts my feelings.Carla:Sorry ChandryChandra: Oh, really!Carla: Chandra!Chandra begins the inspection, checks everyone’s pockets.Chandra: Come on girls, now for your favourite part, EXERCISE!All girls moan but start exercising in a dance routine with tuneChandra:(getting emotional) oh my gosh, that wasabsolutely fantastic. Eventhough I promised myself I wouldn’t cry, I just can’t help it (sniffs)(Crosscut)Nicole sits on her bed and Yasmine walks up and down their cell room.Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 17. Cell Block 33Nicole:(looks up at Yasmine) what’s up with you?Yasmine: I don’t get it, why are you so relaxed about sneaking out of theinspection I mean-Nicole: - Oh shut up! Nothing will happen. You know Mr Chandra, he’s a nice guybut he lives in a fantasy world. He doesn’t know about anything that goes on inhere, and even if he does, he’s too dumb to understand. So stop worrying, andseriously stop walking up and down, it’s making my feel giddy. Just sit down.Nicole takes out beers from under her bed.Yasmine: What’s that? (Starts to worry)Nicole: Ah, here we go again. Relax already. (Opens up a beer can) You know,whats his name, Joe - he brings us these. So it’s okay. You’re such a worrier (nodsher head in shame)Yasmine:Whoa, seriously? Joe, actually brings you things like this?Nicole:(sarcastically) No, they just let us run out of here every now and then andlet us buy things like this. You didn’t know?Yasmine:(does a sarcastic laugh) hahaha. You’re so funny. Well, if that’s true, andone of the guards does bring you beer, then just pass one here.Nicole:Oooh, good girl gone bad eh?Laughs and chucks a beer can to Yasmine, and takes a sip of beer herself.Nicole:Ahh, this reminds me so much of the good times. Being out, being free,and doing what you wanted and when you wanted.(Pause)Yasmine:(starts thinking) I hope you don’t mind me asking but how did you getin here?Nicole:(She snaps at Yasmine)Sure, like I’ll just tell you every single thing aboutme shall I?!Yasmine gets up, goes and sits beside Nicole on her bed, after seeing her eyes water,Nicole moves towards her.Yasmine: Come on, you can trust me. I won’t tell anyone- and even if I wantedto,who would I tell? Let’s face it; I’m not really liked around here.Nicole:(sniffs) Hmm, that’s true (pretends to laugh) Well, around 4 years ago, meand Carla (pauses) …you know Carla right?Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 18. Cell Block 33Yasmine: Yeah I do (looks and sounds confused)But you and Carla ….I swear youguys hate each other, dont you?Nicole: Just listen will you? (Getting a little angry)Yasmine: But I dont get it-Nicole: (angry tone) WHATS UP WITH YOU? I SAY ONE THING; YOU ASK AMILLION QUESTIONS AND THEN YOU-Yasmine:Calm down. Okay, trust me I wont say a word at all. Just go on…Nicole calms downEdited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 19. Cell Block 33Scene 6 – MichaelNicole:Me and her were such good friends, we used to do everythingtogether.Suddenly she just completely changed. And it all started on that day,that day…..FlashbackNicole is sitting at home when Carla bursts through the door.Carla: That stupid girl, cheated behind my back…with my boyfriend, he cheatedon me, me and it’s all that idiots fault, that Kate. (Paces up and down quickly)Nicole: What are you going to do then?Long pause, Carla realises something and turns round to Nicole.Carla: Let’s go scare her.Nicole: I told you he was a no good for nothing liar.Carla: I know Nicole; I should have listened to you. Don’t worry, she’ll get it backhard - and I mean hard. Backstabbing me how dare she, ohhh just wait till I getmy hands on her.Nicole: Carla you’re not going to kill her are you?Carla: No I’m going to do worse.Nicole: Please Carla calm down.Carla: I need to get back at her, she ruined my relationship and (said reallysad)broke my heart (Said aggressively) Do you understand!!Nicole: Yeah, I do… but violence isn’t the way. (Mumbles and looks scared)Carla:Alright, we’ll just shake her up then? Help me please? I PROMISE(DefiningMoment) we won’t hurt her.Nicole: How about the cheaterCarla: Don’t care, he’s just a guy, doesn’t matter to me. Let’s go!Both Carla and Nicole leave the houseEdited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 20. Cell Block 33Nicole:(On phone)Julie just texted me, she’s at the park. (Shows Carla her phone)Carla:Right, let’s make the girl payNicole: Carla just leave it, she aint worth it.Carla: Don’t care, you’re my girl, I respect you but when someone messes withme, I ain’t just going to let them walk over me I need to be strong.Nicole:Ok, I’ll help you.Carla:Are you going to do it then!Nicole: Yeah all right, why should you let this drop, what’s the worst that couldhappen.Carla:Exactly, let’s goNicole and Carla arrive at the park and see Kate walking home and chatting on thephone.Carla:Oi you.Kate: Are you talking to me love, can I help you?Carla: You can do more than help; you can pay for what you’ve doneKate: Huh, what?Nicole: You filthy little brat we know about you.Carla: Do you have any last words to say?(Carla clinches her knuckles)Kate: Leave me alone, I didn’t even do any….Carla interrupts on what Kate was going to say and swings a punch at her face.Carla: That’s right shut your mouthKate grabs on to Carla’s legs and tries to pull her to the groundCarla slaps KateKate:That’s it...Kate punches Carla, pulls her hair and kicks her in the chest. Carla falls down to thefloor and Nicole jumps in! Nicole punches her, pulls her to the tree, and kicks her inthe stomach. Kate picks up tree branch attempts to hit Nicole. Carla pulls a knifeout of her pocket and stabs Kate in the stomach.Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 21. Cell Block 33Nicole: AHHHHHHH (SCREAMS)Kate falls to the ground still moving. Nicole is so shocked she just stares at Kateand can’t move.Carla:(looks at Nicole)Let’s go!Nicole: I’m going home.Carla:She got what she deserved.Nicole: You stabbed her. We said scare not stab, you psycho!Carla grabs Nicole by the handCarla: We need to get out of here! Come on!Police Sirensring and a load of armed, police officers approach the girls. Nicolegives up but Carla makes a run for it but is police tackled to the floor.Court RoomCarla is sentenced to seven years and Nicole is sentenced to five years as KatesurvivedJudge voice over: I sentence you Carla to seven years in prison for the stabbingof an innocent girl. I sentence you Nicole to five years in jail for GBH and assistinga stabbing.Both girls are taken to different police vans and see each otherNicole: Look what you have done, I hate you!Carla: shut upNicole: I didn’t kill her, I tried to warn you but you never listened!! You promisedme, you promised me you wouldn’t do it you liar. I hate you, I hate you!(Back out of flash back)Nicole: So that’s what happened. That’s why I’m in here!Yasmine: But why is everybody scared of Carla, she didn’t murder her or killloads of people.Nicole: She lied. She made up all sorts of things that weren’t true.Yasmine: So why not tell the others?Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 22. Cell Block 33Nicole: Coz I made a promise a long time ago that I would never go against her.And unlike her I stick to my promises. I’m going to get some fresh air, hide themwould you. (Pointing to beer can and walks out)(Yasmine sits for a moment trying to take in what Nicole just said)Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 23. Cell Block 33Scene 7 –ParnyanAll the guards are having tea whilst laughing and making jokesJoe:Cup of tea for you and something interesting to go with itChandra: oh really? I’m really excited what is it?Joe:You’ll know once you taste itMckenzie:Naaa I’m not up for anything like that, Mr Watson wouldn’t like itJoe: You guys need to know how to have REAL FUN! Changra here have someChandra: Its Chandra not Changra and thanksJoe: Oh come on you, grow up and drink it like it’s your last day on earthBoris, Joe and Chandra drink the tea with a mixture of something else and it has aneffect on them. The three guards laugh and get out of controlChandra: Boris, Boris guess what?Boris: And what exactly is that?Chandra: Your mums so fat she doesn’t realise when she’s floating on water!Joe: Oh really well that not what happened when I saw her, well she was stuckbetween a two way door, I mean how massive is that!?Boris:hahahahayour quite funny but you wouldn’t like it when karma hits youhard.Chandra: You Know we’re really joking and its nothing personal, don’t worry mymother is a size 20 and still fitJoe: I sort of have other plans after leaving this place, do you guys see yourselveshere after 5 years?Chandra: No mate I see my self with a perfect wife, with 7 perfect children and aperfect job. NOT THIS ONE!Joe: Oh really, but you missed out on the bit your wife being blind and notknowing who she’s marriedChandra: say what you like, I don’t care!Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 24. Cell Block 33Joe: Boris why you so quiet? It’s shocking to see you not talking about Mr Watsonand how wonderful he isBoris: Well I want to have the same status as Mr Watson and doing things verydifferently, but he’s not willing to give me a chance. I do like him but right now Iwish I could spill this tea on he’s baldheadChandra and Joe sees Mr Watson coming and deliberately makes Boris insult MrWastonJoe: That’s really shocking to hear, tell us moreBoris: he is the worst creature God has ever created; I mean he looks likemedusa, with the entire snakes hissing at everyone they see.Chandra: He is a wonderful boss to us, I don’t understand why your saying thisJoe: Mr Watson always has control over everythingBoris: Are you all feeling alright, he treats us with no respect, so the next time Isee him. I will say no to whatever he demands for and stand up for myself, you alljust watch!Watson: Very interesting Boris, I was about to give you a certificate on howsupportive you are of me, since you made it very clear, nope you’re notinterspersed in having it.Mr Watson tears up the certificate in front of Boris and chucks it up in the airWatson: Now you all get in a single line right now! What is this nuisance?Having a cup of tea during your work time. Ha I shall report this and might evengive you all a sake!Boris: But sir..Watson: hiss, snakes hiss right? So I’m hissing for you all to get out of my faceand set a strict example to all prisoners. I take my job very seriously and I wouldhave no moppet being the obstacle in my way. Step aside and make way.The prisoners move at once in great fear in their eyes and get on with their jobsMr Watson talking to himself about the guardsWatson: how dear they speak such unmannered words about me. Me, I mean Irule this whole prison. I need to stop being too soft on them, they need to knowwho they are dealing with. They should know best not to play with fireMr Watson sees the Governor and panics to sort out he’s state – he’s t-shirtEdited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 25. Cell Block 33Stella Sullivan: Watson, hmm what a surprise, I thought I would never see youout of your officeWatson: well… ermm I was just wondering to see… if the… prisoners were okay,yes to see if the prisoner were safe and happy. I guessMs Sullivan: Wow, I’ve never seen such a wonderful man who worries aboutcriminals. What a lovely man you are Mr WatsonWatson: Please call me Mitchell or Micie for shortMs Stella Sullivan touches her curls and plays with it while talking to Mr Watsonand acts very sweetMs Sullivan: how sweet, Micieawwahh. You’re such a sweetheart, cherry-pie.Watson:yesssstellaMs Sullivan: I was thinking cherry-pie would suit you best as your such a delightto be around.Ms Sullivan plays with Mr Watsons tieWatson: oh stop it; you speak of such beautiful wordsMs Sullivan: and you cherry-pie, you make my name sound so sophisticated andhot, yeah call me Stella.Ms Stella Sullivan’s papers fall to the floor and they both kneel to get it, Ms Sullivanand Mr Watson mate close eye contactWatson: Allow me to pick up your papers, my ladyMr Sullivan:Such a gentlemen you areMr Watson on one knee gives the papers to Ms Stella SullivanWatson: is it me or is there a star in your eyes?Stella Sullivan: So what are your plans for today?Watson: Well nothing much, but I was thinking we could go somewhere fordinner.Ms Sullivan: so…Watson: So… can I take you out for dinner?Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 26. Cell Block 33Ms Sullivan: That’s really nice, so your paying for it cherrypie, right?Watson: Anything you wantTheres a romantic songEdited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 27. Cell Block 33Scene 8 -SaraThe bell rings for dinner and all the inmates come marching in a sequence. At oneend of the concert hall 3 dinner ladies are standing waiting to serve the inmateswith Watson on one side and Boris on the other.Watson: COME ON LADIES!Chop, chop now get in line and get your slop!Boris: YEA! You heard him, don’t waste our time!Inmate: How’s about you just shut it, we don’t take orders from a little man likeyou.Watson: Alright then, listen to a big man like me! So as he said, get a move on!Inmates:WhateverThere is a Message on the Tannoy announcement from the Governor for all Guardsto see her in her office immediately.Watson:Come on Boris, Mrs Sullivan needs us.Boris: But we shouldn’t really leave...Watson: NO BUTS BORIS, The lady has spoken; we’ll only be 5 minutes.Boris:You’re right what can happen in those five minutes...The guards leave unnoticed.As all the inmates sit down in lines to eat their food .Yasmine walks to the canteenafter everyone’s sat down then Carla walks in and over to the canteen followed byNicole a few minutes later. Yasmine looks around the dining hall to see where shecan sit, after other inmates showing her that she is not welcome to sit anywhere sheslips and falls into Carla.Carla: What the...Carla takes a deep breath and looks down at herself, while all of the inmates look atthem in the middle of the dining hall in shock whispering to each other and movingaway from them, Yasmine is stuck on the spot, really scared and speaking with astutter.Yasmine:Oh my god I’m, I’m so, so, so sorry!Carla:Yea you will be when I’m finished with you, you lil brat...Yasmine: I didn’t mmm..meaan it!Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 28. Cell Block 33Carla: Well I’ll mean every single bruise and cut I leave on your body!Carla grabs Yasmine by the hair and starts to speak to the other inmates as theygather around.Carla:New girl wants to know what it’s really like in here, don’t you. (Trying tomimic her sweet voice)She wants to be taught a lesson. I’ll show her one she’llnever forget!Nicole walks over and pushes people out the way and shouts outNicole:Oiiii, why don’t you mess with someone your own size, you good fornothing tart!All inmates move right back now even more shocked and completely silent to whathas just happened. Carla lets go and pushes Yasmine, who falls to the floor hurt,and looks up slowly at Nicole who are now facing each other at a distance in themiddle of the hall.Carla:Excuse me!Nicole:You heard me, why are you acting like your something big, you worthless,bag of filth!Carla:Oh so big man decides to speak up now yea, just get out of here before I dosome real harm!Nicole: Oh I get it; the truth hurts, does it!Carla: What are you on about you stinking animal?Carla looks at the other inmates smiling and shaking her head left and rightNicole:Well I don’t know my dearest friend, why don’t you tell me, or how’sabout you tell everyone here how messed up that mind of yours is, how you liedin court about me knowing that you were going to stab Kate!Nicole’s tone in voice changes to a much softer and hurtful toneNicole: How you tricked your best and only friend for a selfish and stupid reasonand yet I didn’t think anything bad, coz you meant everything to me and I woulddo anything I can for you!Carla:You’re actually the Stupid one! You knew how much he meant to me! Howcan some random nobody come along and decide to try it with my man, I thoughtyou would understand.Nicole: I guess what we used to be is nomore. Well you know what, I thank god Idon’t see you in the same way, cozI’m doing so much better without you.Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 29. Cell Block 33Nicole turns around to walk away when Carla mutters a comment about her.Carla: I always was the stronger and better one, even when we were little girls,people will never change.Nicole forgets about everything that just happens and thinks about the last wordsCarla just said and turns around, leaping onto Carla from behind. Here both Carlaand Nicole are fighting and ripping, scratching and punching each other on thefloor.Inmates are now gathered around shouting and cheering at both girls on thefloor.Watson, Boris and Joe now re-enter the hall, realising what is happening andrunning in at the same time calling for back up.Watson: EVERYONE GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!Watson grabs Carla and Boris grabs NicoleWatson: SHUT IT!Girls continue to shout. Chandra enters.Chandra:(Nice and calmly), Girls please, please girls, girls now you really mustbe quiet. (Shouts angrily) QUIET!Everybody stops including the Guards and look at Chandra in disbelief.Chandra:(Back to usual self) that’s much, much better! Now please all go back toyour cells nice and quietly and as quickly as possible please.The prisoners are still too shocked to move!Chandra: Quickly now please!Everybody starts moving again still in disbelief.The three girls are separated and taken away by Joe and Boris.Chandra is still standing in the centre of the stage blowing his nose.Watson: Well done Chandra. That was bloody good work,most unlike you.Chandra: Well I just cannot stand people talking over me I find it frightfullyrude.Once everyone else has exited the stage, the three girls are walking back in thistime handcuffed with Boris standing in front and Joe at the back being led to theirEdited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 30. Cell Block 33cell.One by one they are let into their individual cells.(which are right next to eachother)Boris: Well after your clever moves, you guys are locked up in here tilltomorrow, no Free time you disgraceful Idiots! I think Watson will be verypleased with me today.Joe: What a twit!Both Guards leave the three Women who are sitting thinking and looking down.THE SONGEdited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 31. Cell Block 33Scene 9 –ZahraMs Sullivan’s Office: Ms Sullivan and Mr Watson are having a friendly chat.Watson: Did I ever tell you how amazing you are at your job.Sullivan: Oh Please Mitchy, you’re too kind. Besides, have you got the paperwork I asked you to do?Watson: Oh ermm...Of course. Come with me madam and I’ll show you exactlywhere it is!Watson and Sullivan both leave, not realising they leave the door open behindthem, whilst inmate 1 and inmate 2 are allowed on parole, realise that Sullivan’sdoor is left open.Inmate 1:Oi look, Ms Sullivan’s door is open.Inmate 2: Well is anyone inside?Inmate 1:Errrm... (Looks through the door) Nope!Inmate 2: Go in and see if there’s anything good in there!Inmate 1: We can’t just go in there!Inmate 2: What you in here for?Inmate 1: Breaking and entering!Inmate 2: Well off you go then! I’ll keep watch and see if you can dig somethingup about Carla.Inmate 1 starts looking through files very rapidly, whilst inmate 2 is on look out bythe door.Inmate 1: There are files on all of us!Inmate 2:You found Carla’s yet?Inmate 1 comes across Carla’s file and starts the read.)Inmate 1:Well, well, well! Looks like Carla isn’t little Miss bad girl after all.Inmate 2: What you on about?Inmate 1:Well...Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 32. Cell Block 33Inmate 2: WAIT! I think someone’s coming. Quick, let’s get back to the others.Inmate 1 slams file cabinet shut and both run.The two inmates are back with the others in the recreation room, where everyoneis busy doing their own thing.Inmate 1 and Inmate 2 gather round a few of the girlsand tell them what they’ve just found out. Whispers go round the group.Carla:What’s the gossip over there?Inmate 3:Who cares, probably a load of rubbish anyways!Carla: Yea I guess. (Looking quite suspicious)A few of the girls get up and start whispering to the girls seated around Carla,Carla is feeling very left out and slightly nervous as all the girls are now staring ather.Carla:(Stands Up)WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AROUND HERE!Inmate 1:(Viciously sits Carla down.) You best shut your mouth.Inmate 2:(To Carla)What was it again you’re in here for?Carla:I’ve told you all before already,(Pause) Murder.Everyone starts laughing with a suddenly stop.Inmate 2: (Holding Carla’s neck from the back.) Wrong answer, try again.Carla gets more and more nervous.Carla:Okay, Okay, I only stabbed the damn girl, now get the hell of me.Inmate 1: Uh, not so fast. Now you see; you’ve been a right cow around here.Things areabout to change!Inmate 2:A girl with only one record of stabbing someone has been messingwith the wrong bunch of girls.Inmate 1: Girls! Let’s say we show little miss bad girl, what it really means to bebad.Freeze the scene with Inmate 2 holding the back of Carla’s head whilst inmate 1 isabout to violently punch her, meanwhile everyone else is gathered round cheeringand yelling abuse at Carla.Scene cuts to Yasmine and NicoleEdited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 33. Cell Block 33Yasmine: Nicole, look at this, is this really what you want to happen to your bestfriend?Nicole:She’s not my best friend and never will be; no friend of mine would do thethingsshe did.Yasmine:I know your upset at her and I know you have no intensions ofbecoming friend again. But there’s no harm in trying.Nicole:You would never understand how it felt; to see your own friend lie andset you up. It’s all her fault I’m stuck in here!Yasmine:You’re right! I won’t ever understand, but I do know deep inside youwant to go and help her right now. It’s never too late to change things betweenyou two andholding a grudge against her won’t ever change what’s happened.Nicole sighs and realises the right thing to do. Girls unfreeze, yelling abuse andcheering on inmate 1, who is about to punch Carla.Inmate 2: PUNCH HER! WHAT YOU WAITING FOR!Inmate 3:Carla you’re a liar!All inmates now getting very aggressive.All Inmates: PUNCH HER! PUNCH HER! PUNCH HER!Nicole: (Stands Up)STOP!Everyone stops suddenly and turns around.Inmate 1:SHUT UP!Nicole:WAIT! Just listen to me for two minutes.Inmate 2:Go on then, this better be worth it.Nicole: (Takes a deep breath)How is beating up Carla, going to solve anything.Don’t you realise by acting this way you’re all only becoming what you hated dayby day.Carla was only as petrified as you all were when you first came here. Weall made stupid mistakes and tried covering up how scared we were by puttingon this fake shield that truly doesn’t need to be there. If you lot feel that theonlyway left is to stoop to Carla’s level, then were all only as bad as her. I’m sureshedoesn’t mean a thing of what she’s done, I mean come on; I should knowherbetter than anyone in here. Just take a second to think about who you allwerebefore you came hereThere’s a silence within the group, everyone is left speechless. Watson and Chandraenter.Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 34. Cell Block 33Watson:Okay you lot, fun time over; now get to your cells.Everyone goes without a single word; Nicole and Carla exit last, each looking ateach other in disbelief.Carla is now shown in her cell thinking about what’s justhappened.Reflective song played, showing Carla’s true emotions.Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 35. Cell Block 33Scene 10 – RajanTherapy room, girls sit around waiting for Mr Moorland to arrive. Mr Chandrawalks in instead.Chandra: Good afternoon ladies,how is everybody.All girls: Fine thanks.Chandra: Today I will be taking your therapy session.Carla:Oi Where is the normal Therapist?Chandra: Mr Moorland has had some family trouble so has had the week off.Andi: So, you’re taking our therapy session?Chandra: Well it seems so. Today we will be discussing... Um, what are wesupposed to be discussing?Andi: Relationship Mr Chandra.Chandra:Relationship, have any of you had any past relationships??Yasmine: Yes (quietly)Chandra:umm was it a good relationship?Yasmine:Yeah, it was I guess.Chandra:Aw, how lovely, oh I do like a good love story.Carla: What about you Mr ChandraChandra:Oh no, nothing like that. I’m afraid I haven’t found the right one yet.Cash: I see the way you look at the governor oioi , we all know you like her!Whitney: When you gonna tell her?Chandra: Oh no, I couldn’t possibly. I don’t have any feeling towards Ms Sullivan.Carla: We all know it don’t try denying it.Andi:I think she likes you too Mr ChandraChandra:Do you really?(With excitement)Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 36. Cell Block 33Everyone: YES!Chandra: Yes, yes I do like her.Carla:Go tell her then.Nicole:Yea you should.Andi: Go, go,go!Chandra: But I wouldn’t possibly know what to say to her.Everyone starts speaking at onceChandra: Hold one, one at a time please girls.Whitney:You should say she’s pretty.Cash: Na, say (Over the top) ‘I love you’.Yasmine: Just say what you thinkChandra: Do I have to go now?Everyone: YES!Chandra: Can one of you come with me?Everyone: NO!Andi: Wimp.Chandra: But I don’t know what to say!Andi starts to write on Chandra’s hand.Andi: Just say that and you’ll be fine.Chandra: Wish me luck girls and try not to do anything too naughty whilst I’mgone.Chandra walks quickly and nervously toward the governor’s office. He arrives atthe office and knocks on the door. There’s no answer so he just opens the door andwalks in. He glances at Sullivan and starts to read the words of his hand not lookingup.Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 37. Cell Block 33Chandra: Ms Sullivan I need to tell you something no don’t stop me I love youand I always have and I think you feel the same way actually I know you do and Ilove you and I want to spend long evenings by the fire with you and...Chandra looks and sees Sullivan with Watson who she has just been kissing.Chandra: Oh, I’m terribly sorry I didn’t know you had someone with you.Sullivan: Oh dear, this is a bit sticky isn’t it. You see Chaudry...Chandra: Chandra!Sullivan: Chandra, I’m with Mitch, Watson now. I’m very sorry.Chandra:(Sad) No, I understand. I’m terribly sorry to disturb you.Chandra walks towards the door, he opens it, looks over his shoulder at Sullivan,pulls a handkerchief out of his pocket, wipes his eyes and leaves.Sullivan and Watson freeze for a few moments; look at each other and start to kissagain.Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 38. Cell Block 33Scene 11–GeorgeJoe is sitting in the officers mess room singing along to ‘Singing in the Rain’ on hisportable radio. He mimics the dance from the film and Watson walks in followed byNicole.Watson and Nicole stand in the door way for a few moments until Watson speaks.Watson: What the hell are you doing? (Trying not to laugh)Joe:(Stunned and embarrassed) Oh, sorry sir, I was just, just practicing myroutine for the PE session tomorrow.Watson: But you don’t take the PE class tomorrow!Joe: No, well, I was working on it for Friday.Watson: Yes! (Sarcastically)Anyway,Nicole wants a word with you Joe, I said youweren’t busy.Joe: No, no I’m free.Watson:(To Nicole). Well I’ll leave you in Joe’s capable hands.Nicole: Thanks Watson.Watson turns round and stars at Nicole.Nicole:(Realising what’s she’s done), I mean MR. Watson.Watson: Better!Watson gives Nicole and Joe a disapproving look and leaves.Joe: Well thank God he’s gone.Nicole: Joe I need to speak to you...Joe: Now listen, (Very defensive)I can explain about the beer, see my friendshipped...Nicole: No it’s not about the beer!Joe: Fags?Nicole: No!Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 39. Cell Block 33Joe:Perfume?Nicole: Just listen for crying out loud! Right!Joe gets upand pours himself a glass of water and begins to drinkNicole: I’d like to go on one of the Education courses...As she says education Joe spits out his water in shock! He turns round and stares atNicole.Joe: You what?Nicole: I want to go on one of the Education courses.Joe: Really?Nicole: Yes!Joe: That’s brilliant. Hold on! (Gets note book out of his pocket!) Right, what kindof thing do you have in mind?Nicole: Well I didn’t pass my A levels!Joe:Right, let’s get you doing some A levels then shall we!Nicole: Ok.Joe: Right, would you like to do, A level Maths, English, Drama...Nicole: English! I want to write a book.Joe: Oh really, what kind of book?Nicole: A book about my life!Joe: Right, well, that should be an interesting read! I tell you what; I’ll have aword with the Gov and get you on it ASAP! Ok?Nicole: Cheers Joe, I owe you one.-+**Joe: You do and all! Two in fact!Nicole: What?Joe: You still haven’t paid for those beers!Nicole: Oh, sorry Joe. How much was it?Joe: Fiver!Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 40. Cell Block 33Nicole: Ok, here you go.As Nicole hands him the money, Boris walks in.Boris: What’s this then, ay Joe? Smuggling to the prisoners?(Getting excited)I’vegot you this time; I’ve waited ages for this and now it’s finally here! I’m going totake this to the top. All illegal I bet?Joe: Yep, yep they are!Boris: Brilliant, I’ll probably get a promotion out of this!Joe: Boris?Boris: No Joe don’t try and wheedle out of it because you won’t change my mind.Joe: Where did you get those fags, (Pointing to shirt pocket.) and the bottle ofWhiskey?Boris:(Not realising) off (Realises) you! Oh my GOD!Joe: Yes! So unless you want the Gov or Watson to find out about this, I’d keepyour mouth shut. Ok?Boris:(Annoyed)You, you, you. I’ll get you one day you, you! Ahhhrrrr!Boris storms outNicole: Nice one!Joe: Ta. That’s the way to handle that little,(He looks at Nicole)man. (Pause) Right,get on your way now.Nicole: Cheers Joe! See ya!Nicole walks out and Joe lights a fag.Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 41. Cell Block 33Scene 12– Sara and ZahraAll the inmates are in the recreation room during their free time.Scene begins withCarla’s and a few inmates playing cards within themselves, Carla has just one thegame.Carla: Thrashed you all…AGAINN(saying it in a sarcastic and joking tone)She gets up and starts to boastCarla: Champion third time running against all you losersInmate: WhateverSome inmate’s tutting and kissing their teeth2nd Inmate: There’s always a next time so hush it…Carla: I can hear a bit of jealousy going round( and she starts to chuckle)Nicole at this point is observing what is happening and smiling at how Carla isshowing off , and walks upto the group snatches the deck and sits infront of CarlaNicole: Round 4Carla: bring it onGame carries on, all inmates gather round eager to see the outcome of this game.Nicole winsCarla: WhatNicole: Game overNicole gets up with a smirk on her face while everyone’s turns silent.Carla: That doesn’t change the past, remember how I used thrash youNicole turns around with a soft smileNicole: Yeah how we used to argue about it , then 10 seconds later Laugh aboutit.Carla’s face dropsCarla: Oh yeah(soft tone)… Anywayss you still lost then (changes to mean tone)Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 42. Cell Block 33Simpson comes on and Inmate calls everyone over to watch this special editionepisode.Inmate: Oh you lot Simpsons is onInmate:Oii (second Newbie) you’re on TV.2ND Newbie: Yeah cus I’m really BOLD, FAT AND YELLOW2nd Newbie stops with her hands on her mouth gob smacked at what she’s just.All inmates are cheering hooting and whistling.Inmate:you, you know what you’re right…. You’re 10 times worseAll inmates are now laughing together with the newbie’s.2nd Newbie turns aroundto 3rd newbie2nd Newbie: You’re just as lost as the lil dog in there3rd newbie walks slowly with her head down towards the other newbie so it lookslike she’s upset when she woofs/barks in her face, making the 2nd Newbie jumpAll inmates laugh again. All inmates freeze while everything else black out andthere is a spotlight on Carla ,Carla gets up and describes to the audience how she’sfeeling in her headSpot light on CarlaCarla: I’m starting to realise that being together with everyone even Nicole is notso bad, I actually miss my times with Nicole and I guess I’ve been to big headed toactually admit that I was wrong all along and Nicole wouldn’t be here if it wasn’tfor me, but there is no going back so I guess I should make the most of thesemoments.Spotlight now turns onto NicoleNicole: Why wasn’t it like this from the beginning, even though so much hashappened, I can’t go back and change things and I really do miss my best friend?,I’m gonna make sure before I go it’s never too late…Both characters turn to each other with individual spotlights smiling at each other.Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 43. Cell Block 33Scene 13–ParnyanYasmine: Hey you, I wanna tell you somethingNicole:Yas, there’s something I also need to talk to you aboutYasmine: Are you alright? You look illNicole: look Yasmine, after what I’m about to tell you, I just want you to knowthat I will always be your friend and no matter what I will always remember youas a sister.Yasmine: something is wrong isn’t it, just tell me, please, is it me, are youplanning on…Nicole: Yasmine listen!Carla and Yasmine look at each other for a few seconds and they both look veryupsetNicole: I’m leaving, I’ve done my time and now it’s time for me to go and makesomething out of myselfYasmine: Nicole but… but I’m going to be alone, isolated, depressedNicole: No nono, please Yas you’re a brilliant mate and you’ll be fine. You taughtme a lot of things I will always remember, no matter where or who I’m with.Please trust me, do you trust me?Yasmine: I… I… I do but…Nicole: see your saying it yourself, you don’t’ really need me. You will cope andyou do not deserve to be here. Do you understand what I’m saying to you?Yasmine: wait hold on, what’s wrong with me. I should be happy with what’shappened. I was waiting for this day for a very long time. I’m really sorry. Whatsort of a friend am I.Nicole tries to lie to Yasmine about her leavingNicole: You know what I’m not leaving; I was just playing around with you.Hahahahaha, GOTTYA!Yasmine: You idiot! Look what you just put me throughNicole talking to herself while Yasmine is frozenEdited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 44. Cell Block 33Nicole: I can’t just leave like this, I have to stay and be with her. She’s my one andonly decent friend who is caring, loving and an amazing person to be around. Ihave to do something stupid so that I can stay and be here for her.Nicole talking to YasmineNicole: You know what I’m going to be back in just a minute, don’t go anywhere.Yasmine: oh ok, can I comeNicole: no you stay here and I’ll be back, just like I said soNicole Walks off, as she’s walking away she suddenly drops a letter on the floor.Nicole stops half way and looks at the letter and so does Yasmine, Yas mine runsand picks the letter upNicole:Yas please give me my letter, I need itYasmine: hmmm I would what’s written in this letter, you never get letters.Nicole: Yasmine please give it to me, you don’t want to read it, trust me!Nicole struggles to get the letter of Yasmine, but Yasmine reads itYasmine: It is true, isn’t it?Nicole: No it’s a mistake, pleaseYasmine: Oh my God, what’s wrong with you? You idiot, you was about to riskall that for me? And not get the freedom you deserve?Nicole: You’re worth it, that’s whyYasmine: I might have been very upset before but, now I’m telling you myself goand get out of here.Nicole: no I can’t I’ve already made up my mindYasmine: please, if you stay here I will never forgive myselfNicole: Promise me something YasYasmine: anythingNicole: promise me you will keep out from danger, promise me that you willnever give up, no matter how worst matters get and finally promise me that youwill never forget this love between to sisters. Me and YouEdited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 45. Cell Block 33Yasmine: I promise you, but you will need to go out there and show everyonethe real youA song is being sang – only Yasmine and Nicole are involved in this sad songSong finishes and Nicole turns away then runs to hug YasmineNicole:Yas, you see that shining star there?Yasmine: Yes I doNicole: whenever you want me, and if your confused or sad. You look at the staredeep onto that star because I will always be looking up there thinking of youBoth girls let go and walk the opposite ways, Nicole, turns back and calls herone more timeNicole:Yas there’s something very important which I have missed out and I wantyou to know. Please listen very carefully to what I’m about to say.Yasmine looks up confused and Nicole whispers something in her earNicole: I PROMISE…Nicole whispers and look at her one more timeYasmine: She promised!Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 46. Cell Block 33Scene 14 –Logan& GeorgeNicole has been invited to be on a talk show (Piers Morgan’s life stories) talkingabout her book and what she going to do about Yasmine.A back track plays alongMorgan:Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Pierce Morgan’s lifestories with me, Pierce Morgan.My guest tonight is a woman who’s spent justover 7 years in jail and who has written a book about her time in the jail and herjourney from entering to leaving. It’s already won 5 awards and has already soldover a billion copies. Ladies and Gentlemen i give you Nicole Harper!Nicole walks onto the stage and sits opposite Pierce.Morgan: Thank you for coming Nichole.Nicole: Well, thank you for having me Pierce.Morgan: So why did you want to write this book?Nicole: You see,i made some really big mistakes in my life, so i wanted to showwhat prison is really like and why, by making the wrong decision, you can ruinyour life. I did ruin my life and i couldn’t see any way out. I then met a girl inprison called Yasmine who showed me I could do something with my life andthat I had a second chance.Morgan: So quite an important person in your life then?Nicole: Definitely, without her I would probably still be in prison.Morgan: And ibelieve she’s still in prison isn’t she?Nicole: Yes she is but I’m trying to get her case reopened as i believe she isinnocent. There are certain details that i cannot discuss but these details areenough to get it reopened.Morgan: Well i hope all the best for your case and the new book. Nicole; thankyou for coming!Nicole: Thank you very much Pierce.Lights black out.Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 47. Cell Block 33Scene 15 - GeorgeNicole is standing outside the prison gates. The door opens and Watson appearsfollowed by Yasmine.Yasmine: Well goodbye Mr Watson!Watson: Just keep your nose clean ok!Yasmine: Oh i will, don’t worry.Watson: Yes. On your way now!A girl walks out passed Watson. He grabs her and pushes her back in. He givesNicole a wave before he goes back in.Yasmine turns around and runs towards Nicole. After hugging, they begin to talk.Yasmine: Oh, thank you Nicole. You got them to see i was innocent. Thank you somuch.Nicole: You helped me and I helped you. I’m just so pleased you’re free.Yasmine: Carla says hi too. She’s had her sentence shorten by a year.Nicole: Well, if what I’ve heard is true, she deserves it! Come on; let’s go getsomething to eat ey?Yasmine: Yea, come on!Nicole and Yasmine walk off. The scene cuts to in the prison where Watson andSullivan are holding hands. Joe walks up to Boris.Joe: Boris?Boris: Yes Joe!Joe: I was talking to Watson, earlier and he let slip that he thought you were agreat Guard and your just like him.Boris: Really, did he say that? I’m going to talk to him now! Oh that’s brilliant!Boris runs over to Watson whilst Joe laughs to himself.Boris: Oh thank you sir! I’m so glad you like me and I just wanted to say that...Watson: Oh, naf off Boris! I’m busy.Boris: Right sir!Boris runs off stage. Chandra talks to Carla.Edited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)
  • 48. Cell Block 33Chandra: So what’s it like not having Nicole here.Carla: Not so good! I really miss her.Chandra: It’s ok. If you want me too, I’m sure we can get you doing a few thingsto speed up you time in here!Carla: Thanks Mr Chandra, your a really nice guy you know.Carla hugs ChandraChandra: Oh, how frightfully modern!Carla smiles at Chandra!Carla:Init sirThey both smile.All the prisoners sing the final song!THE ENDEdited By George Streather (Director) and NazishHussain (Assistant Director)