Sudan jms research as part of social resposibilty


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  • By the end of my 15 min presentation you will be able to realize that FMHS plays its role towards society through research which is incorporated in its curriculum, done by students and staff and published in its Journal. Which will be the core of my presentation.
  • Students usually do RHV, participate in PHC activities and CHE in their vacations. Moreover, students have a unike body within their medical association called RU. They did excellent researches that enabled them to participate in International as well as national conferences and published their work. Shis will be shown by one of our eminent graduated students Dr. Moumen.
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  • African Journals OnLine (AJOL) is an online service to provide access to African-published research, and increase worldwide knowledge of indigenous scholarship. AJOL is a Non Profit Organisation based in South Africa.IMEMR journals directoryIndex Medicus for Eastern Mediterranean Region Journals Directory is a bibliographic repository for all information about health and biomedical sciences journals that published in the Region and indexed in IMEMR.
  • The Sudan JMS received contributions from 11 neighboring countries in Africa and Middle East.
  • It published scientific researches in 23 different fields. Including major branches of medicine, sub specialties and extends to pharmacology and dentistry.
  • The average number of authors is 2-3, with a range of 1-11 authors per article.
  • Fmembers of OIU appeared as first authors in 23%
  • But participated in more than one third of published research articles
  • First authors of scientific researches published in this Journal belong to different higher education institutes in Sudan as well as MH and private medical sectors.
  • So, Activation ..and assisted by the MEDC which conducted several workshops considering RM, ethics, scientific writing and publication, encouraged … as well as faculty staff who participated in 35% and extends to undergrad..who appeared as first authors in
  • And this research publication ...
  • Sudan jms research as part of social resposibilty

    1. 1. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHAS PART OF SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF FMHS Dr. Nazik Elmalaika O. S. Husain, MD Assist. Prof., Pathology Department Director of the Medical Education Development Center FMHS, OIU
    2. 2. ConclusionFMHS plays its responsibility towards societythrough scientific research:1. Curriculum2. Students research3. Staff: - Publications - Conferences4. SUDAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES(Sudan JMS)
    3. 3. Scientific Research as part of socialresponsibility of FMHS1. Curriculum - Research methods & Biostatistics: 3 credit hours, Semester 6- Application of research
    4. 4. Scientific Research as part of socialresponsibility of FMHS2. Student research: Rural Health Visits Primary Health Care activities Community health education Efforts are going on to make these trips more productive, with structured objectives and achievement indices for the rate of disease control, prevention, and health education. - Research unit
    5. 5. Scientific Research as part of socialresponsibility of FMHS3. Faculty Staff:A. has several publications: International Regional Local
    6. 6. Scientific Research as part of social responsibility of FMHS• 3. Faculty Staff: B. Conferences C. Participation in implementation of "The United Nations 9 millennial Goals” Prof. Taha Umbeli: National maternal mortalityregistrar, FMH- Maternal death review for maternal mortality reduction in Sudan 2010. Sudan Med J2012; 48(1): 13-23.- Maternal death from obstetric hemorrhage in Khartoum – Sudan, 2007- 2008.Achieving MDG 5. JABMS. Vol 11, No 4, 2010.23-27
    7. 7. Responsibility towardsmedically- oriented society 2005 Sudan JMS 2006
    8. 8. SUDAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES(Sudan JMS)• A project of the Continuous Professional Development Programme at Faculty of Medicine, Omdurman Islamic University• A peer reviewed journal• Continuous regular publications every 3 months
    9. 9. Sudan JMS • Editor-in-Chief:- Prof. Mohamed O El HassanGadour, MRCP, FRCP • Editors: - Prof. Mohammad AM Ibnouf, FRCSEd - Prof. Mohamed Saeed Al khalifa, MRCP, FRCP
    10. 10. Sudan JMS Assistant Editor and computer designer- Dr. Amir Yassin, MBBS Arabic Editor:- Dr. Abdelsalam M Nail, MD
    11. 11. Sudan JMS• ISSN (1885-5051) • Web site: www.sudjms.netIndexed in: •• resources/imemr-journals-directory/
    12. 12. SUDAN JMS: A 6 YEARSOUTPUT Objective: Audit
    13. 13. Materials and Methods This study included all articles published in the Sudan JMS since its start in September 2006 up to September 2012. PDF formats of the articles were downloaded from the web site of the journal and data were entered in the SPSS -18 and Microsoft Excel.
    14. 14. Results• 7 Volumes• 25 issues• 341 published articles.
    15. 15. Types of articles (6)Percent Original Review Case Editorial Special Letter to report the editor Type of article
    16. 16. Country of origin of the first author(11)Percent Country of origin
    17. 17. E E T C P R N Surgery Medicine Obs & Gyn Pediatrics Microbiology Biochemistry Physiology Pathology Pharmacology Dermatology Psychatry DentistryField of article Fields of articles (23) ENT Ophthalmology Oncology Orthopedics …Forensic …Medical …Community Cytology Cytogenetics Radiology
    18. 18. Number of authorsPercent Number of authors
    19. 19. First author from OIU Affiliaton not known From OIU Not from OIU
    20. 20. Any author from OIU Affiliation not known From OIU No one from OIU
    21. 21. t r c e e n P Khartoum University Upper nile University Red sea University Omdurman Islamic University National Center for Research National Ribat University Kassala University Gezira University University of Medical Sciences and Technology…University of Kordofan and Western Kordofan King Saudi Arabia United Arab Emerates International University of Africa Ministry of Health Iraq Alneelain University Juba University Alzeim Al Azhari University Al Imam Almahdi University Nigeria Yemen First author affiliation First author affiliation Jordan Military Hospital Sierra Leone University of Technical and Medical SciensesNational Colege for Medical & Technical Studies Private Ahfad University Academy of Medical Scienses & Technology University of Shandi Oman Khartoum College of Medical Scienses University of Bhar Elgazal Sudan Academy of Science Afilliation not known
    22. 22. Activation of research empowered by Sudan JMSEncouraged medical research among the increasing staff of the wide spread colleges of medicine in Sudan.Faculty staff participated in 35% of the published articles.6: undergraduate students (1st author)
    23. 23. Impact of research publicationin Sudan JMS• Increased the awareness of academic promotion by scientific research.• Increased participation in conferences and knowledge interchange
    24. 24. ConclusionSudan JMS:• Participated in upgrading medically-oriented society.
    25. 25. The leading road for the development Develop mentProjects Worked On Scientific research Sudan JMS Time Spent
    26. 26. Thanks