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Mindtree is a information technology company with corporate headquarters in New Jersey, USA and Bangalore, India. Founded in 1999, the company employs over 13,000+ experts with annual revenue of USD …

Mindtree is a information technology company with corporate headquarters in New Jersey, USA and Bangalore, India. Founded in 1999, the company employs over 13,000+ experts with annual revenue of USD 436+ million.

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  • 1. ABOUT MINDTREE LTD. Mindtree is a global information technology solutions company with revenues of over USD 430 million. Our 12,000+ experts are driven to engineer meaningful technology solutions to help businesses and societies flourish. Mindtree’s consulting-driven approach makes us a strategic partner to over 40 Fortune 500 enterprises. Our domain expertise, unique culture and technical excellence help businesses thrive and be future-ready. We enable our customers achieve competitive advantage through flexible and next generation global delivery models, agile methodologies and expert frameworks. Mindtree’s ability to devise solutions is equally matched by our ability to execute them. Our differentiation stems from a unique balance of human perspective with deep strategic thinking. OUR MISSION Some believe in the power of numbers. Some believe in the power of technology. We believe in the power of people. And the impact people can have on technology. Our roots grew from this belief that people with diverse points of view could come together to build a different kind of technology company. One that puts people who work with us, first.Today, a wealth of information is opening up a world of possibilities. Realizing those possibilities takes more than numbers. It takes more than technology. It takes people. People who can turn the potential of information into meaningful solutions.Solutions that simplify businesses. Improve governments. Propel societies forward. We are Mindtree. We engineer meaningful technology solutions to help businesses and societies flourish. Our values - collaborative spirit, unrelenting dedication and expert thinking help us see possibilities where others see a full stop. NAME-NAYAN TUKARAM KADAM | RIT COLLEGE OF ENGG. SANGLI 1
  • 2. OUR VALUES Our values reinforce the organizational spirit. Our values reflect what we believe in. Our values guide and drive our behaviour. Our values define our role and enable us to deliver customer success. Our values inspire action and set us apart. Collaborative Spirit Mindtree believes in developing true partnerships. We foster a collegial environment, where individual perspectives and honest dialogue is respected. Unrelenting Dedication Mindtree is driven to meet client needs with determination and grit. We embrace tough challenges and do not rest until the problem is solved, the right way. Expert Thinking Mindtree brings robust skills and forward looking perspectives to solve customer challenges. We use proven knowledge to make recommendations and provide expert guidance to our customers. Mindtree's ability to devise solutions is equally matched by our ability to execute. Our differentiation stems from a unique balance of human perspective with deep strategic thinking. We see possibilities where others see a full stop. Welcome to possible! OUR PRODUCT,SERVISE AND SOLUTIONS 1. CLOUD There is a constant pressure on enterprises to offer simple and flexible solutions that can adapt to a dynamic and networked world. IT systems need a way to increase capacity and add capabilities as needed, without time consuming investments in new infrastructure and training. Cloud computing is the solution that enables enterprises to extend their IT capabilities. This demands significant transformation of their IT organizations Mindtree collaboratively works with its customers to help them transform their IT efficiently and effectively, through cloud computing. Our experts help customers prepare the business plan by detailing the roadmap, design and execution. We do this by analysing and evaluating the application and business maturity level in order to transition to the cloud platform. Our proprietary frameworks ensure that you get the right solutions that best suit your long-term needs. Our cloud-based offerings includes: Cloud consulting and strategy,Solutioning,engineering and migration, Cloud management and operations, Cloud broker Solutioning, Engineering,Solutioning, engineering and migration, Cloud management and operations, Cloud broker. NAME-NAYAN TUKARAM KADAM | RIT COLLEGE OF ENGG. SANGLI 2
  • 3. 2.AGILE An agile based software development approach offers many advantages of an iterative and fast-paced process. However, customers often find themselves at crossroads when it comes to choosing a specific adoption path. Organizational culture and mind-set are critical to the success of distributed agile projects. Enterprises need the right partner who can address all of these and deliver projects efficiently. Mindtree has a decade of experience in executing more than 100 agile projects in both onsite and offshore models. Our best practices and governance models foster communication, coordination and collaboration amongst distributed teams. We collaborate with our customers to understand their past experience in implementing evolutionary methodologies and tools. Our focus on shorter delivery cycles mitigates risk and provides early corrective actions to meet release timelines. Our approach is based on industry standard agile methodologies with a good balance of engineering and project management practices. 3. EAI BPM Market dynamics and business growth require enterprises and their business processes to be agile and efficient. Mindtree's Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, provide customers with better performance and high quality processes at reduced costs. Our consulting-led approach and technology expertise, enable us to deliver end-to-end solutions spanning process discovery, documentation, integration, automation, monitoring and continuous improvement. We have expertise in leading Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), BPM, Business Rules Management System (BRMS) and Complex Event Processing (CEP). NAME-NAYAN TUKARAM KADAM | RIT COLLEGE OF ENGG. SANGLI 3
  • 4. 4. CONSULTING SERVISES Technology breakthroughs and dynamic markets are reshaping business requirements. Enterprises need agile and innovative solutions to meet current and future challenges. Mindtree helps customers drive business growth and reduce operational costs, through meaningful consulting services. We collaborate with our customers to define, design and execute smarter IT strategies and processes. We do this by taking a holistic approach of the business technology environment, along with an objective assessment of customer goals. 5. BLUETOOTH Today, OEMs, ODMs and semiconductor enterprises need compact and cost effective connectivity solutions that deliver high performance and are easy to integrate into devices and platforms. A frontrunner in the short-range wireless space for over a decade, Mindtree provides the latest and most comprehensive Bluetooth® technology solutions and services, covering both silicon and software stack. Our solutions are highly robust and interoperable. Mindtree’s IPs are designed to consume an optimal amount of resources in terms of MIPS, memory and gate count. We offer qualified consulting, Intellectual Property (IP) customization, porting, integration, pre-qualification and interoperability testing services around the IP.Mindtree's IPs is available as three licensable products. NAME-NAYAN TUKARAM KADAM | RIT COLLEGE OF ENGG. SANGLI 4
  • 5. 6. M-WATCH Enterprises are using a plethora of tools to manage the diverse components of their IT infrastructure. While these individual tools are often best-of-breed, they are not integrated. The diverse IT slivers have independent and discrete process workflows which lead to isolated and proprietary data sets. CIOs are unable to take timely and accurate decisions as they do not get a single and end-to-end visibility of enterprise’s infrastructure. M-Watch is an integrated IT infrastructure management and secured service delivery platform. M-Watch provides a consolidated view of your applications and infrastructure by integrating the service desk with monitoring tools. This enables CIOs to optimize IT performance, streamline work flows and eliminate unnecessary expenditures. M-Watch was built by our in-house IT operation practitioners who understand the pulse of the customer and the need to monitor,measure and manage the IT infrastructure. M-Watch intelligently monitors various components in the IT infrastructure stack (like networks, servers, applications etc.) and integrates workflows (service desk, incident, problem management etc.) guided by ITIL process. M-Watch protects your investments with its flexible architecture to integrate with your existing tools. If you do not have an existing tool, then M-Watch offers its own suite of tools to manage your IT Infrastructure. ORGANIZATIONSTRUCTURE NAME-NAYAN TUKARAM KADAM | RIT COLLEGE OF ENGG. SANGLI 5
  • 6. FACTORS INFLUENCING COMPANIE’S BUSINESS Mindtree organizational activities and future plans are constantly affected by the internal and external environmental factors. For success of Mindtree’s in the present world, one need to consider not only the internal environment of the company consisting of its resources and employees, but also needs to consider the external factors. These aspects cannot be stopped but one can adjust accordingly as per the changes in the economic, social or political pressures. The external factors which consist of: • Opponents or competitors •Thechanging economic structure • Impact of the society • Financial arrangement • Legal or political system • The impact of the environment The internal factors which consist of: • The strength of your employees • Motivated, hard-working and talented workers of Mindtree. • Excellent relationship between employees and departments. • Excellent Internal business environment. • Quick service internal management. COMPITIONS AND GROWTH OF MINDTREE Comparison with competitors with sample of balance sheet: NAME-NAYAN TUKARAM KADAM | RIT COLLEGE OF ENGG. SANGLI 6
  • 7. Statistics of growing business of Mindtree: We strive to be innovative and unique in all services we provide both to customers and employees, including our benefits and perks offerings. We realize and celebrate that our employees have diverse needs, and that this diversity requires flexible and individually directed support. If you are going to choose Mindtree as your dream company youmust have some qualities like  Strong object orientated .Net development experience required  Effective project documentation.  Effective Project & People Management Skills  Soft Skills: Good communication, analytical and presentation skills, problem solving skills and learning attitude  Knowledge of strategic, conceptual, consultative selling  Ability to understand and capture business and technical requirements NAME-NAYAN TUKARAM KADAM | RIT COLLEGE OF ENGG. SANGLI 7