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  2. 2. FIEL OF ACTIONThe field of action depends on the training realized (mechanical engineering, IT engineering and aeronautical administration): Airfield, logistic field and safety field and defenses of air bases.
  3. 3. PROFILEPROFESSIONAL PROFILE AERONAUTICAL scientific discipline and necessary ADMINISTRATION: criterion to attend professionally the Commander.• Formed (a) professionally in the military, technical, scientific and human discipline • It is one (a) Instructor (a) qualified (a) to to fulfill the Institutional Mission, to serve form and / or to qualify in the personnel to the company and to project his own under his control, beginning and values, development. doctrines, knowledge and technologies.• It is one (a) Commander with aptitude to • It is one (a) Specialist in the areas that the lead the human talent in time of conflict or Institution determines, to take to the of peace. highest levels of pre efficiency in his professional exercise.• It is one (a) Administrator (a) qualified in the concepts and technologies of the • It is one (a) University Professional with planeación, organization, direction and capacity investigative and social control, for the efficient utilization of the responsibility, qualified to analyze, to resources organizacionales, under his develop and to implement plans and responsibility. programs inherent in his professional discipline.• It is one (a) Adviser (a) with initiative,
  4. 4. PROFESSIONAL MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Beside sera gets the support out of a • The vehicles of transport and jam himself in the military career for movement of special loads. the processes of operation and • The workshops of machines tools. aeronautical maintenance and it will be in conditions to attack the tasks • The constructions of metallic works of coordination that are needed in for civil works like hangars. the different air units related with: • The tests in test benches for the• The operation and system calibration of aircraft engines and maintenance of generation of the maintenance of the aerodynamic electricity. structures.• The systems of refrigeration and air conditioning.
  5. 5. PROFESSIONAL IT ENGINEERINGProfessionals with strengths in:• Development of Software.• Systems of managerial, military information and aeronautics.• Networks and Telecommunications.• Transmission of information, voice and images.• Protocols of Security, Cryptography.• Systems of Geographical information.• Treatment of images and cartographic interpretation.• Managing and programming of equipment specialized in SIG.• Development and managing application SIG.• Management of Technology.• Administration and Maintenance of IT Resources.
  6. 6. AFTER OF STUDY They will have the possibility of getting out of a jam itself in his corresponding field (aeronautical administrator, mechanical engineer and IT engineer) in someone of thirteen units of air of the air Colombian force. SALARY: All: Between $1.900.000 and $2.300.000
  7. 7. FIELD OF ACTIONTeachers in preschool.Advisor of the educational process for the initial education.Teaching - Research continually transformed teaching practice in response to the needs of the educationalcommunity. Manufacturer of innovative pedagogical approaches consistent with the guidelines and curriculumstructures typical of the preschool Promoter of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary context where play under their teaching. Administrative professional education. Professional formal, informal and formal.
  8. 8. SKILLSKnow (knowledge): Refers to understand Be (attitudes): Refers to the personality information about the reality in which the development of children in terms of student is immersed: natural and social interaction with the other learned values, concepts, facts, facts that allow them to habits and attitudes that lead to belong to develop skills to understand, describe, a group, these are obtained by learning explain, relate, and to predict, is through experience. expressed through language.Do (procedure): Refers to procedures, that is, a series of actions that occur in a particular order, is to learn steps, sequences, which make it possible to know the actions, develop gradually, through practice.
  9. 9. PROFILE develop investigative pedagogicalProfessional Profile approaches and ability to track and process evaluation of higher learning, Educators must have: perseverance, leading to strengthen the child and thecommitment and conviction, skills, childs cognitive, communicative,knowledge and skills that favor emotional and physical.humanizing relations and optimize theteaching and learning, to foster a SALARYtransformation of reality through Salary varies with respect to:teamwork. Specialization: Aspirations to achieve much more than it Where he characterized by having a high sense ofethics and sensitivity to the needs of theenvironment, ability to plan andoperationalize socio projects, ability todesign curriculum for kindergarten and
  10. 10. AFTER OF STUDYPreschool education graduates can continue specializing in other fields, or may choose to start as teachers, work, administrators, counselors, etc.. This study provides a large field of action
  11. 11. DEGREE IN PRESCHOOL EDUCATIONThe program emphasizes knowledge and work in integrated and inclusive early childhood from 0 to seven years from the dimensions of child development. In the specific field of training emphasizes the pedagogical-didactic reflected inthe processes of intervention and the culmination of research processes that condense in the educational project.
  12. 12. FIEL OF ACTIONOur professional in Tourism and Hotel Administration, is able to perform work functions as:- Director of his own company.- Consultant in the formulation and evaluation of feasibility projects for the hospitality industryand / or tourist.- Chief Financial Officer in Hotel Companies and / or Tourist.- Chief Operating Officer in Hotel Companies and / or Tourist.- Sales Department Manager in Hotel Companies and / or Tourist.- Director of Marketing Companies in the sector.- Manager of Hotel or Travel Agency.
  13. 13. SKILLSThey must have:Knowledge: Possess knowledge of overall height and the current global context. Theoretical, methodological and technical that allow perform efficiently and effectively in the planning, organization and business management, tourism organizations and institutions through the implementation of the administrative process.Skills and abilities: Ability to generate tourism strategic projects. Plan, organize, direct and control the operation of tourism enterprises.Attitudes: Pursue his professional activities in accordance with ethical principles, committed to the social problems of their environment and in finding alternative solutions to the natural and cultural resources through tourism.
  14. 14. PROFILE PROFESSIONAL PROFILE:it needs to be a person knowledgeable in the field of administration of the organizations ingeneral and in particular those related to the tourism sector, with comprehensive scientific basis and humanistic. SALARY Salary varies depending on where the person performing the work.
  15. 15. AFTER OF STUDYThe Bachelor of Hotel Management and Tourism Businesses can work in a great extention of fields, such as travel agent, working in Companies Congress and Convention Organizers, Organizing Companies Congress and Convention and propylene can create their tourist business.r afterstudying can do many more things.
  16. 16. FIEL OF ACTIONThe field of action is very wide, so much as theactivities of the human occupation. Theaccounting, according to the type of company with • Accounting cost: It registers the economicthat it is applied, can be: official, of services, operations that determine the cost of the half-commercial and of manufactures (or costs). finished and finished products, in the industrial companies.• Official accounting: it provides the mechanisms to register the economic activities of the state companies and is ruled by the procedure that for the effect there sends his governing organism, The General Accountancy of the Nation.• Accounting service: It registers the economic activities developed by the companies dedicated to the provision of services. The known ones as bank, hotel accounting of insurances, belong to the group of services.• Commercial accounting: It registers and controls the activities that turn about the dealing goods in the business ventures.
  17. 17. SKILLS· Vision gral of the aims and strategies of an organization.· To apply his knowledge in critical form in the analysis andinterpretation of financial statements.· To drive and to take part in gpos. multidisciplinary to basecapture of decisions.· To advise in countable, fiscal matter and financier. · To handle documentation hacendaria and procedures todesign chord to fiscal in force dispositions. · To produce systems of calculation and communication forthe process of the financial information. · To base capture of decisions based on the analysis of thefinancial information.
  18. 18. PROFILEThe professional profile of the public book-keeper understands the knowledge, skills and attitudesthat in general integrate the formation that the students will have to have on having concluded thestudies of master, of agreement with the intentions and aims that have been defined in a studyplan. SOCIAL ATTITUDES: 1. From service to the others. PERSONAL ACTIVITIES: 2. Of commitment and 1. It criticizes towards the life and responsibility. 3. In favor of towards the profession. social well-being and of the 2. Security in if same (he) environment. (auto estimates) 3. Of permanent overcoming. 4. Of initiatory and enterprising. 5. Of professional and personal ethics. 6. Of opening to the field.
  19. 19. SALARYThe minimum wage of a public book-keeper depends onthe company where it works, it is possible to gain from anational minimum up to $8.000.00 approximately, this is monthly ... If the salary is spoken about a temporary work, serious from approximation to $4.500.000
  21. 21. FIEL OF ACTIONCare:The welfare function is the one related to Administrative:supporting the patient in maintaining The purpose of the administrative work isyour health and helps increase that is to make the required work is carried outresponsible for health and recovery with the least expenditure of time, energysupport you in pathological processes and money but always consistent with quality of work previously agreed.Teaching:The role of nursing faculty is a body ofknowledge that is proper and specifiesand creates the need to transmit it.
  22. 22. SKILLS- Cognitive or intellectual skills such as problem analysis, problem solving, critical thinking and making judgments concerning the clients needs - Interpersonal skills, including therapeutic communication, active listening,sharing knowledge and information, developing trust and creating bonds of goodcommunication with the client, and the ethics of obtaining necessary and relevant information which the client will then be used in the formulation of health problems and their analysis. - Technical skills, including knowledge and skills needed to manipulate and maneuver security property and the proper equipment needed by the client to perform medical procedures ordiagnoses, such as assessment of vital signs and medication administration.
  23. 23. PROFILEThe profile nurse must be:-Employer of the method of science, by applying systematic processes in thedifferent fields of application of care.-Using their own language, through the management of a Common code of concepts andterms.-Documented in the care process.-Manage and administer nursing services.-Research.-Teach, lead and guide the formation of the different groups that will provide nursingservices.-Represent the professional group, participating in the development of rulesaffecting professionals.
  24. 24. SALARYNational Armed: $1.700.000Hospital: $1.200.000Clinic: $1.000.000Prices are not exact
  25. 25. AFTER OF STUDY- Recovery centers - Childrens homes - Geriatric homes