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YPARD General presentation


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Presentation by Dr. Gbade' Odularu (FARA)

Presentation by Dr. Gbade' Odularu (FARA)

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  • 1. A movement by youth, for youth, foragricultural development.A global platform of young professionalsunder 40 years of age active inAgricultural Research for Development(ARD)
  • 2. Rationale Insufficient participation of YPs in dialogues Limited access to opp.• Absence of PT to voice YP’s ideas, opinions and concerns• Declining interest in agric.Obj.:1. Facilitate I&K exc among Yps: disciplines, professions, age andregions2. Broaden opp for YPs to contribute to strategic ARD policydebates3. To promote agriculture among young people4. To facilitate access to resources and capacity buildingopportunities
  • 3. Distribution: 5215 members from 146countries -Our Stakeholders: universities, researchinstitutions, donororganizations, NGOs/CSOs, govtagencies, farmers organizations, privatesector, etc
  • 4. Coordination officesGlobal Coordination Unitatatatat
  • 5. Coordination officesatKenya, Benin, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Mali, Zambia, SouthAfrica, Nigeria, Madagascar*, Mauritius*, Burundi*, Malawi, Mali, IvoryCoast, Uganda, Senegal, Namibia*, Cameroon*, Morocco, Guinea, andEthiopia15 CRs and still counting….Country membership expanding…..
  • 6. Benefits of YPARD membership? Information on fundingopportunities, jobs, fellowships, news in ARD and more! YPARD newsletter to keep up-to-date on activities ofinterest to YPs in ARD Online interaction with YPs around the globe Opportunities to apply to represent YP interests at meetingsand workshops Getting involved in the peer2peer mentoring programme Becoming a representative and building your professionalexperience Actively contributing to a more dynamic ARD!
  • 7. Some YPARD-Africa activities:1. Facilitate exchange of information and knowledgeamong young professionals across disciplines,professions, age and regions. Online platform at enables youngprofessionals to share information, engage in onlinediscussions and blog about your experiences2. Broaden opportunities for young professionals tocontribute to strategic ARD policy debates. Have enabled YPs to attend and contribute to severalevents including: AfricaAdapt, YALDA events, 5th and 6thAASW & FARA GA, etc
  • 8. Activities, cont’d3. Promote agriculture among young people. Engage in studies to examine the declining interest ofYPs in ARD, eg.4. Facilitate access to resource and capacity buildingopportunities This includes organising capacity building opportunitiesin collaboration with partners: workshops on grantwriting , on agro-entrepreneurship and training for Yps;Facebook-YPARD, & other trad. & modern media tools Information services to members: Facebook-YPARD,emails, funding opportunities and information relevantto YPs in ARD
  • 9. What else? We‘re looking for... More members! Expanding YP members in different stakeholdergroups Increasing institutional linkages More young professionals driving the process –ideas coming from a local level More dynamic online discussions More young faces and voices at key ARD debates Innovative and youth led ARD!
  • 10. Thank YouMerciSign up now ! @ www.ypard.netand