Emerging impact and progress on CAADP implementation


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  • Inclusive participation of all relevant sector players – from within and outside the state and down to the grassroots level – in the development, implementation and monitoring of agricultural policy is one of CAADP’s foundation principles.CAADP has stimulated the private sector to establish a CAADP Private Sector Liaison Office, as well as a Consultative Group for a Competitive Ghana. The Liaison Office is under the general coordination of the Private Enterprise Foundation in Ghana, representing all key private sector stakeholders across agricultural value chains: input/seeds, agricultural equipment, farmers/farmer groups, financial sector, transport, aggregators, processors, retailers, end market users (restaurants, end consumers, etc).
  • Human resource development and institutional building to strengthen national policy and plans
  • Emerging impact and progress on CAADP implementation

    1. 1. The Emerging Impact of CAADP Some issues for Discussion Boaz Blackie Keizire Africa Union Commission Addis Ababa Ethiopia 11.09.2012 Seite 1
    2. 2. CAADP implementation statusBoaz Blackie Keizire, AUC-CAADP 11.09.2012 Page 2 Seite
    3. 3. Emerging impact of CAADP • CAADP - better peer-reviewed & informed, more purposeful & more incentive oriented policies & strategies • CAADP has raised the profile of the agricultural sector in national domestic politics • additional resources allocated to targeted programs that have the highest potential to generate returns . • Establishment of mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation, peer review, dialogue and accountability • Institutional and policy reforms emerging – and getting stronger • M&E and Mutual Accountability – the work of ReSAKSSBoaz Blackie Keizire , AUC-CAADP 11.09.2012 9/11/2012 Page 3 Seite
    4. 4. Progress – strengthening regional dimension• African institutions are focused under a common framework• ECOWAS regional compact and investment plan produced• IGAD finalizing a regional Compact and Plan – strengthening resilience and risk management• COMESA , SADC and EAC……• Strengthening regional integration and trade – through a Joint Action GroupBoaz Blackie Keizire, AUCCAADP 11.09.2012 Page 4 Seite
    5. 5. CAADP at Global fora  G20 – Pittsburg, Paris, Brazil etc CAADP is the reference for Africa’s agriculture – country driven and owned  G8 events - L’Aquila (2009), Washington (2012)  UNGA – (2010 Special Session), 2012 – Leadership Council  World Food DayBoaz Blackie Keizire, AUCCAADP 11.09.2012 Page 5 Seite
    6. 6. Inclusive policy processInclusive policy process isnoticeable at the continental and CAADPnational levels Partnership platform at Formal CAADP Continental contribution to level Africa policy dev Platform at through Private sector Liaison Continental Office in Ghana level Inclusive policy process Central African Ethiopia’s Republic: CAADP Nat. SC inclusion of CSO made of various rep in agr sector government working group Kenya: ministries and Government producer convened organisations thematic working groups incl private sector Boaz Blackie Keizire , AUC-CAADP 11.09.2012 9/11/2012 Page 6 Seite
    7. 7. Harnessing African expertise Human Resource Development and institution building is critical to strengthen national policies and plans All African experts KIS system Pool ofdeveloped are leading that is expert policy country established Technical countryframework in 2010, Reviews baseddocumentsBoaz Blackie Keizire AUC-CAADP 11.09.2012 9/11/2012 Page 7 Seite
    8. 8. Aid coordination CAADP has given the aid effectiveness agenda an added impetus in the agriculture sector & developed instruments for more structured and integrated interaction Donor coordination Donor harmonisation Donor alignment 11 countries have obtained a total grant of over USD 430 million from GAFSP to implement CAADP-aligned programs.Boaz Blackie Keizire – AUC - CAADP 11.09.2012 9/11/2012 Page 8 Seite
    9. 9. Key emerging instruments to strengthen implementation• Grow Africa – Credible public and private partnerships• Knowledge Information and Skills (KIS) support system• Making Finance Work for Africa (MFW4A)• Bringing in Agricultural Tertiary & Vocational Education & Training – the Universities etc on capacity 11.09.2012 Seite 9
    10. 10. Areas that require stronger focus  Political level Champions are still limited on the continent – both at HOS, Ministers and Parliamentarians  Some countries still find it difficult to fully buy-in  Bringing in the actors that can fast track actions – Youth and Women  NSA engagement still less than optimal in many countriesBoaz Blackie Keizire, AUCCAADP 11.09.2012 Page 10 Seite
    11. 11. Looking Forward – Priorities for 2012 and beyond Focusing the efforts at country level implementation  Policy and institutional reforms – country delivery system  Developing and strengthening country implementation capacity  Bring in more private sector support and other financing  Support to commodity value chains – and commodity platforms  Bring in more country compacts – focusing on the remaining 24 Strengthening regional dimensions for CAADP implementation  Priority actions at regional level – compacts and plans Ensure M&E frameworks, institute Mutual Accountability and reporting  Public Expenditure reviews  Accountability platforms Boaz Blackie Keizire, AUCCAADP 11.09.2012 Page 11 Seite
    12. 12. Thank YouBoaz Blackie Keizire, AUCCAADP 11.09.2012 Page 12 Seite