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Consultant profile

  1. 1. Country: Malawi Name of Consultant: Calvin Kamchacha Position: Executive Director Organization: Farmers Forum for Trade and Social Justice (FAFOTRAJ) Experience: Calvin has 7 years of senior management work experience both in Public and private sector. In the past, he has worked with Standard Bank as Regional Consultant, supporting 11 retail branches in Business development through strategic trade marketing and Sales. He has substantial knowledge and experience in Strategic Leadership and Management, Relationship Management, Marketing and general business management coupled with Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Calvin also holds a post graduate qualification in PublicPolicy, Leadership and Governance from African University in Zimbabwe and Export TradeDevelopment from Germany. Country: Mauritius Name of Consultant: Nawsheen Hosenally Position: Independent Consultant/ Facilitator Experience: Nawsheen is a youth activist who is passionate about Agriculture, youth leadership and ICTs. Recently graduated with a BSc (Hons) Agriculture with specialization in Agricultural Extension from the University of Mauritius, this case study for FANRPAN is her first working experience as consultant. She is also one of the facilitators for the PAEPARD project in Mauritius and is in the National Support Team of AIESEC in Mauritius. For the past 3 years, she has been volunteering and working in several youth leadership organizations, includingAIESEC, where she has coordinated development projects (HIV/AIDS, poverty, womanempowerment, child empowerment etc.) and has led many teams from different countries.
  2. 2. Country: South-Africa Name of Consultant: Obert Mathivha Position: Managing Director Organization: Commercial Agricultural Youth Chamber (CAYC) Experience: Mr. Obert Mathivha is a Graduate of law and International Relations from University of Vista and Pretoria respectively. A Youth Development Activist for more than 15 years, passionate entrepreneur focusing on youth development models i.e. Policy, Strategy, Programme Design and Project Management. He has earned Leadership, Business Development and Project Management capabilities right on the field and have more than 8 years of professionalexperience. He successfully led/participated and managed various projects at national,provincial, & local levels. Country: Swaziland Name of Consultant: Mduduzi Dlamini Position: Director/ President Organization: Green Fields Investments/ Swazi Youth in Agri-business Experience: Mduduzi is an Entrepreneur in Swaziland who has been involved in agriculture since the age of 7 years old.
  3. 3. Country: Tanzania Name of Consultant: Evodius Rutta Position: Founder and Director Organization: Tanzania Youth Environmental Network Experience: Recognizing that most environmental problems in Africa stem from lack of education, particularly among young people, Evodius Rutta founded the Tanzania Youth Environmental Network (TAYEN). Its goal: to actively engage children and youth in environmental conservation initiatives. TAYEN establishes Youth Environmental Clubs in primary, secondary, and higher education institutions. The Clubs organizeclean up campaigns and environmental programs, including tree plantings, film screenings, andworkshops on climate change. To sustain TAYEN’s efforts, members have planted and raised20,000 trees, which they sell to schools, government municipalities, and companies looking to‘green’ their premises. Over the long-term, TAYEN seeks to prepare the next generation to beresponsible leaders and decision-makers to ensure an environmentally-sustainable future forTanzania. Country: Zimbabwe Name of Consultant: Tavaka Nyoni Position: Consultant and rancher Organization: Organization of Rural Associations for Progress (ORAP) Experience: