Brochure SME best business plan competition 2013


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Brochure SME best business plan competition 2013

  1. 1. The SMEBEST BUSINESS PLAN2013COMPETITIONSMEBEST BUSINESS PLANCOMPETITION 2013Declaration of participant:I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I do not alreadyown a business or am a company director. I alsoundertake to abide to the rules and regulationsgoverning this competition and I understand that anynon-compliance from my part may entail in mydisqualification.Important datesDeadline to submit entry formsto participate: 14th June 2013Deadline to submit business plan:15th August 2013Small and Medium EnterprisesDevelopment AuthorityRoyal Road CoromandelTel: 233 2600, Fax: 233 5545Email: smedabfu@intnet.muWeb: www.smeda.muPrizesSME BEST BUSINESS PLANCOMPETITION 2013ENTRY FORMWinner Rs 100,0001st Runner Up Rs 60,0002nd Runner Up Rs 40,000Signature of participant DateSurname:Forename:Address:Age:ID No:Contact details:Tel:Mobile:Email:(Under the aegis of Ministry of Business,Enterprise & Cooperatives)
  2. 2. Objectives:The SME BEST BUSINESS PLANCOMPETITION 2013 is being organisedin line with the government’s policy ofpromoting an entrepreneurial culture andnation. It aims at creating entrepreneurialinterest for eventual business start-ups andat rewarding innovative and viable bestbusiness plans.Procedures:a) The participant is required to enrol in theprescribed form by the 14th June 2013so as to express his/her intention tocompete for the Award. Each participant cancompete for only one business plan.b) The format of the business plan can bedownload from the web For additional guidance,the participant is requested to contactSMEDA Head Office, Coromandel.c) The business plan should be submitted in3 printed copies and a soft copy (CD) at theSMEDA, Coromandel by the 15th August2013.d) The Jury Panel will carry out an assessmentexercise and shortlist participants to make apresentatione) The winners will be known during an awardceremony.Assessment:An independent jury panel will assess thebusiness plans, shortlist best ones andconvene participants to make a presentation.Main areas of assessment:• Presentation• Innovation & business acumen• Marketing & research• Management• Viability of the business• Impact on the society(economy, environment, value addition…)Structure of business plan:The business plan shall relate to a projectwith an annual turnover not exceeding 50million rupees and should not contain morethan 20 A4 pages including appendices. Itshould be structured as follows:• An executive summary• A description of the business• Operations Management• Organisation of the Sales and Marketing• Strategic Planning & Management• Leadership, Social Responsibility andEnvironment Protection• Financial Management (cash flow statement,profit and loss account, balance sheet)• AppendicesPrizes:The Awards consist of trophies, cash prizesand certificates.Winner Rs 100,0001st Runner Up Rs 60,0002nd Runner Up Rs 40,000SMEBEST BUSINESS PLANCOMPETITION 2013