1. hailu cta presentation youth workshop nov 2012 v2


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1. hailu cta presentation youth workshop nov 2012 v2

  1. 1. Introduction toCTA’sActivities Hailu MichaelPresentation made at theYouth Stakeholder Workshop14- 16 November, 2012Wageningen, the Netherlands
  2. 2. About CTA CTA’s MissionThe Technical Centre for Agricultural and To advance food and nutritionalRural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) is a joint security, increase prosperity andinternational institution of the African, encourage sound natural resourceCaribbean and Pacific Group of States and management by providing access tothe European Union. CTA operates under information and knowledge,the framework of the Cotonou Agreement facilitating policy dialogue andand is funded by the EU. strengthening the capacity of agricultural and rural development institutions and communities in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.I. Overview of CTA’s SP 2011-2015
  3. 3. CTA’s Strategic Goals• Goal 1 – Support agricultural policy processes and strategies in ACP regions• Goal 2 – Enhance priority agricultural value chains• Goal 3 – Strengthen information, communication and knowledge management (ICKM) capacities of ARD institutions and networks in ACPI. Overview of CTA’s SP 2011-2015
  4. 4. Policy Objectives• Facilitate multi-stakeholder engagement in regional and international ARD policy processes• Raise awareness and improve access to information & knowledge on ARD policy issues• Strengthen the capacity/skills of ACP policy analysts and networks in communication and advocacyI. Overview of CTA’s SP 2011-2015
  5. 5. Value Chain Objectives• Facilitate multi-stakeholder interaction and innovation platforms comprising value chain and non-market (supporting) actors, policy- makers and policy implementers• Strengthen the capacity of value chain and non-market (supporting) actors• Support ICT-based approaches for sharing information and knowledge along the value chain I. Overview of CTA’s SP 2011-2015
  6. 6. Knowledge Management Objectives• Strengthen capacities of ACP institutions to generate and use ARD information and make it widely accessible• Strengthen capacities of ARD institutions and networks in communication and knowledge sharing• Strengthen ACP capacity to adapt and use information, communication and knowledge management tools, methods and strategies for ARD I. Overview of CTA’s SP 2011-2015
  7. 7. Priority ThemesGender and Youth•Focus on awareness building andpolicy advocacy•Ensure fair representation in allCTA’s activities•Partnership with organisationsworking with the issues
  8. 8. PartnershipsPartnerships are at theheart of our workWe partner with a wide range ofpublic and private sectororganisations including ministries,universities, regional &international organisations,NGOs, farmers’ associations
  9. 9. ImpactOrientedStrategyI. Overview of CTA’s SP 2011-2015
  10. 10. CTA products and servicesA major source ofinformation on ACPagricultureWe are one of the largestagricultural and ruraldevelopment publishers for theACP region with a catalogue ofsome 600 titles in English, French,Portuguese and Swahili.Publications.cta.intIII. Key CTA’s products and services
  11. 11. Online Information and Knowledge Resourceshttp://agritrade.cta.int – Agricultural www.share4dev.info/telecentres -trade issues in the context of ACP-EU Latest information on the Africanrelations. telecentre movementhttp://knowledge.cta.int – Dossiers and http://ictupdate.cta.int – Onlinepolicy dialogue on science, technology magazine with news and features on ICTand innovation. for development.http://brusselsbriefings.net – www.spore.cta.int – Online magazineInformation and resources on the bi- for agricultural and rural development.monthly Brussels DevelopmentBriefings.III. Key CTA’s products and services
  12. 12. ......................................................................................................................................Thank youCTAs new strategic plan 2011-2015