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Featuring information on Warfighting month, this issue also contains great links to know and a feature from NPASE West Sailors sharing their experience with going live.

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Navy Imagery Insider July-Sept 2012

  1. 1. NAVY INSIDER U S N AV Y   IN F FO E O R M AT FICIMAGERY OF IO NFor members of the PA/VI community July - September 2012 NI L NISI VERUM #Warfighting Month Insert Your Warfighting Imagery HERE703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD Full story on page 8
  2. 2. DIRECTOR’S CORNER “If we view the job as telling the Navy’s story we are only doing half the work we are supposed to be doing. It’s a nice tag line, but frankly folks it is not enoughFacebook Insights 101: to tell your story, you have to explain it.” (RDML John Kirby, All Hands call, August 13, 2012).Graphs, colors, numbers… In October we are asking the Navy team to take a mo- ment and think about where they fit into the first of CNO’sOH MY! by LT Shawn Eklund tenets, Warfighting. A Team PA will provide the details on this initiative. Confused by your Insights? Have a hard time understanding what the During #Warfighting month, I ask that you start the cre- numbers really mean? Wish the graph colors were Navy blue and gold? Don’t fret, ative planning to produce content that helps to “explain” Shipmate! This will help weed through the data to FIND the METRICS THAT MAT- what your community and or organization contribute to TER…and then USE THEM TO INCREASE GROWTH! Nothing we can do about the the Navy’s Warfighting principle. Through photos, video, graph colors, but know that we’re with you. multimedia, and graphic art, it is time to challenge our- First, let’s talk about how to get to Insights. Insights is Facebook’s fancy way selves to look for new ways to create content that commu- of saying “analytics” and is above your timeline photo, mid page. Click on “See All” nicates our mission to as wide an audience as possible. to navigate to a page dedicated to Insights and prepare to be dazzled. Consider these recently produced examples: Dazzled yet? Probably not, but we will get you there. We’ll go over the basic, big rocks, but you will need to do some further digging to create a content strategy • The forward CIWS mount aboard USS Bataan youtu. that makes sense for your fans and brings you new ones! be/g9yQnpGbw5E, by Jonathan Snyder Within Insights, the first thing you see is “Total Likes,” “Friends of Fans,” • SAR Swimmer aboard USS Enterprise“People Talking About This” and “Weekly Total Reach.” Facebook tracks these and HbJmqW9vnhc, by MC2 Brooks B. Patton, Jr. the percentage they have increased or decreased for a set number of days (usually • SECDEFs Culinary Specialist, 5-7). So, by viewing this you can quickly learn how the content you’re posting by MC1 Brett Cote NOW compares to content you posted in the immediate past. The main graph deals with the number of posts you make each day (purple), All three are great pieces produced by Navy communica- the number of “people talking about this” (green), and your reach (blue). These tors who took the initiative to create content in compel- are the MAIN factors used to evaluate overall effectiveness of your posts. You can ling and interesting ways. quickly look at this graph and see, in reference to past posts, how well your con- The Navy is continuously changing; consequently, Navy PA tent is being received. Ideally, you’d like to see the green and blue climb. Spikes needs a continuous diet of visual content to tell its story in- (up or down) indicate shifts in your fans appetite, or your posts. ternally and externally. Video and multimedia productions Which brings me to the next BIG THING with Insights – each post is broken serve a diverse audience on traditional web sites, social down (below the graph), enabling you to see what type of content appeals to media, and broadcast outlets. Print stories provide a news your fans the most - and that’s where the strategy part comes into play. Building source with important context on events. Still imagery a successful fan page is more than just posting content; it’s understanding your captures and shares the thousands of individual moments fan’s appetite and designing a meal that satisfies their palette. Once you know the that happen every day in the Navy. All of this content helps type of content that works best you can begin a content schedule. Keep in mind form the fabric that ultimately communicates our mission the most successful posts reach and make it to your fans newsfeed (which you to a globally connected audience. That is your Warfighting can read more about on - part 2, in a series of contribution to the combatant commander. posts on the blog). To totally understand your fans, you need to do some digging and consistently An old mentor of mine always asked “What have you monitor Insights. There are tabs at the top that further breakdown your fans demo- done for the Navy today.” I ask you to produce content graphics and content trends. Also, select the little blue question marks next to that is relevant to the Navy’s mission. What our Sailors, each team to find out more. civilians, and family members do, matters! The content Additionally, check out this blog for more information and don’t forget about you produce with limited resources should matter too. Facebook’s Help resources. DIRECTOR Christopher Madden LAYOUT/ART Navy Office of Information DEPUTY DIRECTOR Paul Taylor Director Tim Mazurek Pentagon RM4B514 Contributors CDR Elissa Smith Washington, D.C. 20350-1200 EDITORIAL MC2 Foster Bamford Office: 703-614-9154 DSN: 224 Editor Kristina Miller MC2 Trevor Welsh Staff Writers Oscar Sosa Download Insider at: LT Shawn Eklund LCDR Charles Abell 2 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD
  3. 3. GOTB-ROLL? by LCDR Charles Abell, Operations Officer, US Navy Media Content Services CODEC: The U.S. Navy uses many different brands and versions of video editing software. It is not possible to give a step by step guide/ SOP for exporting video for each one. Instead we provide a general guide of common settings. You will need to know your editing plat- form to apply these export settings: WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 9 ADVANCED - .WMV VIDEO: “Quality” encoding with 1 Pass VBR with Quality set to 85 or 90. AUDIO: Higher quality audio set to VBR at 90 QUICKTIME H.264 - .MOV VIDEO: Compression H.264 - Quality: HIGH - Key Frame Rate: 24 - Frame Reordering: Yes - Encoding Mode: Multi- pass - Dimensions: 853x480 for SD or 1920x1080 for HD AUDIO: Format: AAC - Sample Rate 48 kHz – Stereo - BitExporting to Rate 288 kbps AVI is a legacy file format and should be phased out as technology allows.the Finish Line… Whenever possible, shoot HD. Down-convert for file transmission (but do not squeeze) for slow internet connections. If your bandwidth is fast enough, transmit HD files. HDV down-converted to DVCAM video produces better quality than shooting in DVCAM as a native format.why your last step matters This also future-proofs the video you shoot today for use in the future. MEDIA: Make sure you are using the correct media for your camera.R ecently, an MCC who is deployed on an aircraft carrier asked, “What kind of videos are you looking for, and howshould we format for export?” This concerns me because I had Your supply PO may try to save you money, but could cost you video quality if you don’t purchase the right media. Check with the manu- facturer to make sure it’s the right type. Many camera manufacturershoped he’d be asking those questions before arriving on sta- require specific read/write speeds to handle the data being writtention half-way around the world. by the cameras.Video content for daily consumption doesn’t have to be complicated. Post event/deployment tapes should be sent to Navy Media ContentConversely, posting your videos to your command YouTube page Services (CHINFO OI-2) with a DD 2537 run sheet attached. Thisdoesn’t fully complete telling the Navy story! While posting your ensures a high quality tape version goes to the historical record ofvideo to YouTube seems relatively easy, it doesn’t meet many stan- the U.S. Navy at DIMOC (DVIC) and the National Archives. www.dards needed to further purpose the content you worked so hard to - contactcapture and create. for shipping address. Tapes should NOT beVideo exporting has to be approached by sustaining the same shipped direct to CHINFO as Pentagon force protection proceduresbasic principles you use to post still images: they should be virtually can melt plastic tape housings and CD/DVD jewel cases, renderinguntouched, should include all of the information needed downstream the media tell the story in text, and be in a format which is widely used, CONTENT INFORMATION: While producing your content, it isrecognizable, and best represents the original capture as much as important to remember one very important point; someone will bebandwidth allows. processing your content that has no idea what they are looking at.FORMAT: While there is much discussion that video needs to That’s why the labeling is so able to be delivered to the lowest common denominator, that A good slate includes deep captions, like a still photo. This means:doesn’t mean that it needs to be captured in the lowest quality VIRIN, dateline, answer 5W’s and photographer’s name and contactpossible. 16:9 aspect ratio is the current norm. It can be easily information. Bars and Tone are not necessary and will save file size forcomposed to support Standard Definition (SD) yet is readily avail- transmitting. And finally, if this is RELEASED you must have by to High Definition (HD) consumers. I say send it using a CODEC QUESTIONS: Of course you have them, that’s why you can alwayslike H.264, 1920x1080. However, there are options. Some common ask us:resolutions include: | | (703) 614-9154 For 16:9 video; 853 x 480 SD, 960x720 HD, 1024 x 576 HD, Finally, transmitting your imagery to Navy Media Content Services is 1280 x 720 HD, 1920 x 1080 HD another article, but you have multiple methods because one solution For 16:9 video. Pay special attention to exporting wide format does not fit all. Be it DVIDS, DIMOC, FFT, FTP, HTTP interface, e-mail, video for transmission. Video shot in 16:9 and then squeezed etc. we have plenty of methods for you to transmit your imagery to into a 4:3 aspect ratio looks distorted. All videographers NMCS in a timely manner. All you have to do is contact us via one of should export in the video’s native aspect ratio. the methods listed above. Instruction The PA/VI instruction megafile, a zipped collection of the current PA/VI instructions, best practices and other resources, is available at The file size is nearly 50 MB. Download Nugget begins immediately and then you can burn to CD. It can also be downloaded to a tablet computer or handheld device and read using a .pdf reader, but its search functionality will be lost. 703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 3
  4. 4. OUTTAKES by Oscar Sosa How do I get a photo attached to a story I’m submitting in CMS? That is a very common question we get, so I want to provide a short how-to. The easiest way to ensure photos attach to your 2. Select the “Submit Photos: Enter/Edit VIRINs” stories on is to enter the image VIRINs link. It has a red header and is on the left of into the Content Management System (CMS) the submission window. when you submit your story. 3. This will open a smaller window over the 1. After editing and formatting your story in the story formatting window with five places for story submission window in the CMS, select VIRINs. You can set the CMS to automatically the “Add Story” link at the bottom left of the link up to five images to each story. You can page. A new window will appear with your send more images for the gallery, but only formatted story and several new options in a the VIRINs in the “Submit Photos” boxes will pane on the left of the story. link with the story. When you have entered the VIRINs you want associated with the story, select the “Save VIRINs” button at the bottom of the “Add/Edit VIRINs” window. 4. Click the “Save Changes” button on the bottom left of the page and the image files will be associated with the story when the images are posted. Problems to avoid: • Make sure you are using a proper VIRIN. A VIRIN consists of 15 data elements in four fields, separated by three hyphens, for a total of 18 characters organized in the alphanumeric format: YYMMDD-N- XX000-000. • Do not use the old-style VIRIN format. If you do not have a new VIRIN, with a Vision ID instead of last four of your SSN, please go to Defense and create one: • The CMS will not accept the old format and we will change the image name to a generic VIRIN in order to upload. The CMS also requires the last field in the VIRIN to contain three numbers. If we have to change either of these, that image will not be automatically linked with the story and you will not be able to find the image on with a VIRIN search.4 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD
  5. 5. To compress an image: When you save an image in Photoshop a small box appears asking you at what quality you want to save the file. The default is “12.” That will give you a pretty beefy file, usually around six to eight megabytes for a full- frame, high resolution image. If, however, you choose a quality of “10” or “8” you can reduce the file size by up to 80 percent with no perceivable quality loss. In other words, a six megabyte file is now two megabytes or less. That simple step can save you a lot of transmission time. … and that’s it. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or problems. I want to help you tell the Navy story, but I need to know if there’s a problem hindering you in submitting material.• Please make sure you are using three character file extensions and that they’re lowercase. The latest versions of Photoshop give the option to save the files as “.jpg” or “.jpeg” and you can set this up in the preferences as your default. The CMS will only accept file extensions ending in “.jpg” - yes, it sounds crazy and can be a pain, but that’s the way it works. We have to correct all “.jpeg” extensions to “.jpg” one at a time and convert uppercase extensions to lowercase.• It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that you provide contact information for the releasing authority. If you can embed the captions, please also embed the contact information. That way it will stay with the image.• We do not want images cropped at all! We want the original camera file. The 5x7 at 300 dpi is synonymous with film and slides. Please send us full-frame images at 300 ppi. If you are having bandwidth issues you can compress the file to a 10, but do not compress lower than 8.703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 5
  6. 6. INSIDERPerspective By MC2 Foster Bamford and MC2 Trevor Welsh U Live? USS Makin Island had just completed its maiden voyage and upon its return we had a rare opportunity to try some emerging technology and provide the Navy with real-time coverage on the scene. There have been a couple of live streams in the past, but the camera was usually in a fixed location and just captured the ship pulling in. This time we had the chance to flex our field broadcast journalist muscles and provide the audience with a live, on-air personality and interviews with family members and crew who were waiting on the pier. After receiving the LiveU kit in the mail, You can then use the camera normally; our first objective was to smoke-check it’s not necessary to press the record but- the gear and make sure everything was ton. As soon as you are connected and operational. With help from some folks can see a feed on the LiveU screen, you at CHINFO we quickly learned how to are on the air, and will be until either you operate the equipment; it was surpris- turn the camera off or disconnect from ingly simple. Broadcasting with it is as the live feed with the pack. We tested it easy as plugging a firewire cable from the in-house a day or two before the broad- backpack to an HDV Camcorder, turning cast and made sure the audio and video on both the backpack and camera and were transmitting properly and that we logging on with the on board computer. were comfortable doing the set up. When6 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD
  7. 7. we tested it, we tested live, which meant monitoring the online chat that supple- cess. Even without mass advertising, wesomeone out there in Internetland got a mented the livestream. This allowed them peaked with 885 viewers and during thechance to see Bamford at a Dutch-angle the ability to give on-the-go feedback and duration of the nearly two-hour streamrepeatedly asking someone on the phone mention what the viewers were chatting 2,592 unique viewers logged on to watch.if they could see him. about so that Welsh could shape questions The benefits of using this technology and interviews around what they wereNext came the planning phase. Everyone outweigh the costs so greatly that the interested in. It also allowed CHINFOlks toreading this has more than likely partici- cost is barely worth mentioning. Due to keep Bamford aware of his camera move-pated in a homecoming, and for anyone a solid plan and the user-friendly software, ments and to adjust to how the livestreamwho has covered one, you understand the we had no problem whatsoever getting was reacting to them. We learned thatchallenges that go into successfully docu- it started. very slow and steady is the only way tomenting them (first kiss, baby-kissing, fami- move with this technology, even with a Ground-breaking. This is the only way tolies and friends waiting on the pier, etc.). full signal. The frame rate gets choppy on describe this technology’s contribution Our challenge was unique in that occasion and any quick movements leave to bring Navy news into the present and it had not been done before. the audience feeling uneasy. The thirty- push it through to the future. It perfectly We didn’t have the luxury of second delay means that for about half supplements the Navy’s recent heavy collecting two hours of b-roll of a minute Bamford gave a few hundred involvement, and success, in the social for a two-minute AHU; we had people vertigo. Sorry about that. media universe and gives us the ability to know exactly what we wanted to provide more in depth coverage of a to shoot before we arrived and we had We have never experienced a broadcast broad range of events. While we were set-no second chances. So we sat down and done this way. Having the ability to com- ting up the pack on the pier, two civiliantalked about it, we got input from CHINFO municate directly with the viewer brought media guys from the local NBC affiliateabout what type of coverage they wanted us closer to our audience and allowed us came over and spoke longingly of theand we came up with a plan that, in retro- to bring them exactly what they wanted future days when they too will have aspect, worked surprisingly well. to see, making the broadcast a total suc- backback solution.Early in the planning phase we decidedthat a third person on scene was abso-lutely necessary. With Bamford carryinga live camera and backpack, and Welshin front of the camera for around 90percent of the broadcast, we needed arunner. MC3 John Grandin filled that rolequite well. His job was to run around, whileWelsh was talking, and find and prepareinterview subjects so they knew they werelive and had an idea of what questionshe would ask. This saved us from dead-airand awkward moments during interviews.It was absolutely the most important thingwe did to make the entire operation runsmoothly. Honestly a second runner mighthave even been a good idea.Another thing that really helped with theprocess was an iPhone and some earbuds.Throughout the entire broadcast Bamfordwas on the phone with folks at CHINFO Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class R.J. Stratchko operates the LiveU system while Masswho were watching the broadcast and Communication Specialist 2nd Class Petty Officer Andre Rhoden reports as the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) arrives at Naval Station Norfolk. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Joshua T. Rodriguez/Released) 703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 7
  8. 8. #Warfighting Month by CDR Elissa Smith WE ARE A WARFIGHTING FORCE. Do you believe that? The Warfighting First tenet seems to be one of the hardest for our Sailors to relate to but as communicators we have that challenge to undertake, using all of the tools we have at our disposal including visual products. Therefore, we have embarked on a major communication initiative. This October the Navy will promote the month of the Navy’s birth as an opportunity for a Navywide focus on Warfighting. During the month we’re looking for imagery, video and articles that tell the story of how your command or individuals at your command support or contribute to the Navy’s larger warfighting mission. Why now? Celebrating our 237th birthday during October provides an excellent opportunity to focus the fleet on what we do and allows us to look to our past, present, and future for inspiration. We will look to connect each unit’s individual mission to the Navy’s how their units fit into larger mission of warfighting; underscore the fact that warfighting the overall Navy and is our primary mission with our active duty and reserve component supports the primary Sailors and Navy civilians; develop a better understanding across mission of the Navy, the fleet of Navy personnel, missions and capabilities beyond the warfighting.) individual units and commands; and reemphasize the importance (Remember, think about of our history and heritage and how they influenced the Navy. the visual products.) (Remember, think about the visual products.) A list of suggested ideas will be provided at www. In order to help do this, we are encouraging commands to hold to give commands ideas for at least four events using the subject of warfighting to support the the various events. objectives with at least one event from the following categories: a. Internal Education (can include any type of education including Each week we’ll have a different focus: POD notes, Review of lessons learned, historical lecture, etc.) Week 1 (Oct. 1-8, 2012) – Sailing Directions and Navigation Plan, b. Warfighting Training (Any event improving the capacity/ provides the opportunity to look at how each unit supports the capability of warfighters) Navy’s tenets: Warfighting First, Operate Forward and Be Ready. c. Social (Command participation at Birthday Ball, Dinning In/ Out, Command BBQ, etc.) Week 2 (Oct. 9-16, 2012) – Heritage, the week of the Navy’s birthday d. Commanding Officer’s Time (Provides commanding officers provides the opportunity to focus on our warfighting past the opportunity to specifically tailor events that focus on8 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD
  9. 9. Week 3 (Oct. 17-24, 2012) – Navy Strategy and Warfighting, #Warfighting families. We’ll use these images to tell the story of ourprovides the opportunity for a discussion among all units on Navy #Warfighting heritage by showing the service within some of theStrategy and how their unit contributes to Warfighting families (for example: grandfather served, mother served with a sonWeek 4 (Oct. 25-31, 2012) – CO’s Time who is currently a Sailor). Starting in October and as a longer term project, we’d like to find three or four of these families that haveThis approach was found to be successful in communicating a Navy generations of service in order to tell their story on the NavyLivepriority when it was applied to promote Sexual Assault Awareness blog during the year. If you are aware of such a family, please contactduring the month of April. CHINFO OI-2 at 703-614-9315. Photo by MC2 James R. Evans/Illustration by MC1 Arif PataniSO, ABOUT THOSE VISUAL PRODUCTS… To help you get motivated, here is the link to the videoIn an effort to “amp up” our team of professionals, CHINFO will tease, that team DMA-Navy put together: you to provide images and videos to support our “How are you watch?v=IX79O6lqtdc.supporting the warfighter?” campaign. The people captured in the Also, here are video profiles (also by DMA-Navy) of three differentimages or videos should use three words that reflect how they are Sailors who talk about being warfighters:supporting the warfighter or the Navy’s warfighting effort. This isvery similar to what Good Morning America does with their “Your Words” ( segment., CHINFO will crowd source on the U.S. Navy page for images that capture the legacy of Navy service of 703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 9
  10. 10. [AP Style GuideSocial Media Guidelines ][ Schedule of Events Interactive Design Conference ]App – acceptable on second www.howinteractiveconference.comreference. Sept. 27-29 Washington, D.C.e-reader – can also use “e-bookreader” Photoplus International Conference & Expogeolocation – connecting your virtuallocation with your physical location. – the act of addinggeographical metadata to pieces of October 24-27 New York Desperatelymedia or social media updates. Thiscan include specifics like latitude andlongitude or general city and state. Intro to CSS Seminar Seeking... pages/intro-css-landing.php CHINFO Merit Award Submissions handle - public username on a Chicago- Nov. 8 social media network. May also use So, the instruction isn’t out yet,“username.” but this year you will see a major San Francisco-Dec. 6 FREE revamping of the whole program.iPad – use if specifically referring to Leading the charge is MCCM Jonthe Apple product, otherwise use Photoshop Training from Adobe McMillan, the new CHINFO SEA, andgeneric “tablet computer” Live, global, interactive event you will see many improvements his team has made to the categoriesRSS – abbreviation for Really Simple running 24 hours available, plus the submissionSyndication. RSS is acceptable on November 14-15 process itself.first reference. Check with your chief now and starttrending – Often used as a verb. looking at the products you’ve hadDo not use without context and Government Video Expo 2012 a hand in (or look at what you areexplanation. (i.e. The topic of “Sailor” lacking, grab your gear and startwas trending on Twitter yesterday.) shooting/writing/producing.) November 27 - 29, 2012Wikipedia - should not be used as a Keep an eye out for the forthcomingprimary source of information. Washington, DC instruction and don’t forget to enter… LINKS to KNOW Creative Pro Cool site with Design and photography Videomaker software reviews, tutorials, news and Online version of the magazine that has resources how-tos and tips on everything video, plus webinars and workshops Tuts+ Premium GeniusDV Website with hundreds of tutorials Handy resource for free video editing National Press Photographers (for monthly fee) on design, web tutorials (Final Cut Pro, Avid, After Association (NPPA) development, Audio techniques, Effects) or fee-based classroom training Best in Photojournalism 2012 photography, etc. Photo by MC3 Paul Kelly All references to commercially available sites and services are provided for informational purposes only, without Department of the Navy endorsement. 10 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD
  11. 11. [In the Loupe]Navy Public Affairs Guide to Working With CHINFO I need to: How to: Create or update my entry Use the form at in the PA Directory Request a PA Net Account If you are a 165X, MC, working as a government civilian PAO, or assigned to a PA organization you will be given an account when you create/update your PA directory entry. If you are retired from the Navy’s PA community, a collateral duty PAO, a contractor or belong to another military service, cost constraints prevent us from providing you with an account. Reset PA Net password Follow directions at Request CHINFO IT Support Send an email to Be added to the distribution list Use the “Subscription Links” at bottom of the for CHINFO Clips, Rhumb Lines, page at “Day in the Navy,” Navy News Service, Media Podcasts, SECNAV Speeches or CNO Speeches Reach the CHINFO Newsdesk (OI-3) By phone during duty hours: 703-697-5342 By phone after duty hours: 703-850-1047 By email: Reach the CHINFO Front By phone during duty hours: 703-697-7391 Office and Duty Officer By phone after duty hours: Contact the CHINFO Duty Officer at 703-850-1047 Reach the Senior Enlisted Advisor Call 703-692-4704 Reach the Reserve Operational Call 703-614-4288 Support Officer Register with the Navy Follow directions at Social Media Directory Get a VISION ID Follow directions at Navy Media Content Services (NMCS) Follow directions at OI-2 (Video transmission and upload Make a photo content support request instructions, training tips, requesting an account on Navy Imagery Server) Make a video content support request Engage with NMCS OI-2 prior to Contact OI-2 at 703-614-9154 deployment (set up imagery trans- Transmit still images as jpeg attachments to mission tests, coordinate social Replaces media, obtain updated imagery re- quirements, media requests, or to request a Killer Tracks acct. etc.) All links have been tested on both NMCI and non-NMCI environments, if any link will not work, try cutting and pasting into your browser.703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 11
  12. 12. I need to: [In the Loupe] How to: Provide breaking news content and Contact OI-2 at 703-614-9154 and or email navymedia@ local social media content to the NMCS during Washington DC business hours (0600- 1700). After hours and on weekends, contact the CHINFO Duty Officer with breaking news content Get a CMS account Check to see if your public affairs office already has an account. If it doesn’t, then contact the Navy News Staff at marie.tillery@ or 301-222-6392 to set up an account. Submit your rank/rate, name, contact information and lead public affairs officer, and the Navy News Staff will set up an account for you Upload a story to CMS account Follow directions at Upload imagery to CMS account Follow directions at Submit a story to Navy News Service After getting the story approved through your command’s chop chain, upload it to your command’s CMS account Write and submit a PA Plan, Contact your counterpart on the News Desk at public affairs guidance (PAG), 703-697-5342 or briefing cards, Rhumb Lines or input for “Any Day in the Navy” Get a Navy PA Calendar Account Contact OI-6 at 703-692-4730 Submit or update an entry to the Navy PA Calendar or Outreach America’s Navy Scorecard Submit entries to the DV Embark Database Submit topics for future Symposia Contact OI-81 at 703-692-4754 Share Requirement questions, Contact OI-81 at 703-692-4754 comments, ideas Obtain approval to contract Contact OI-811 at 703-692-4716 a VI production Obtain a Production Identification Contact OI-811 at 703-692-4716 Number for a VI Production Find the PA Regs, PA Tactics Manual or other DoD or DoN PA policy Policy questions, comments, ideas Contact OI-82 at 703-695-1887 Get a DINFOS Quota Active Duty MCs: Contact MC Detailer at 901-874-3752 or 901-874-3689 Active Duty PAOs/LDOs: Contact PAO Detailer at 901-874-4023 Reserve Personnel: Contact Operational Support Officer at 703-614-4288 Civilians: Contact OI-831 at 703-693-1363 Get more information on Contact OI-83 at 703-695-1888 professional development Get more information on how to Go to submit a public affairs award Afloat Media System support Go to Shipboard Information, Training and Send an email to Entertainment (SITE) System Support All links have been tested on both NMCI and non-NMCI environments, if any link will not work, try cutting and pasting into your browser.12 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD