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Yahoo answering

  1. 1. Yahoo Answering Yahoo Answers is a new way to find and share information. You can ask questions on any topic, get answers from real people, and share your insights. How to ask a question? Once you’ve logged in, just:  Click Ask at the top-left corner of any page.  Type in your question. (Similar questions may appear underneath as you type, so if someone already asked the same question, you might not have to.)  Add any details that will help people answer it.  Select the most relevant category for your question.  Decide whether you want us to send an email sent to you whenever someone answers your question. If not, uncheck the box next to: Yes, email me answers as they are posted.  Click Preview. If the question looks ok to you, click Submit. How to answer a question? Each question has a 4-day "open" period during which you can post an answer. To answer a question:  Go to any question in the Open Questions section and click Answer this Question.  Enter your answer in the Your Answer field and include the URLs of any sources you want to reference in the Source(s) field. Vote as Best Answer Best Answer will represent only the “best” of those answers posted during the 8-day period as determined by the Asker or the community vote. A question becomes a Resolved Question when a Best Answer is chosen. After a question becomes Resolved it stays in Yahoo! Answers and is available for searching and browsing*. The Best Answer remains open to receive comments and ratings from the community. Benefits of Yahoo Answering  Target marketing  Generates more traffic to your site  Prevents spamming
  2. 2.  Get hyperlink on URLs after 250 points in your account. Example :;_ylt=AjQlNufVenoZGMn_V0fSEobsy6I X;_ylv=3?qid=20110713213754AAMlgBj Points and Levels To encourage participation and reward great answers, Yahoo! Answers has a system of points and levels. The number of points you get depends on the specific action you take. The points table below summarizes the point values for different actions. While you can't use points to buy or redeem anything, they do allow everyone to recognize how active and helpful you've been. Levels are another way to keep track of how active you (and others) have been. The more points you accumulate, the higher your level. Yahoo! Answers recognizes your level achievements with our special brand of thank you's! And finally, as you attain higher levels, you'll also be able to contribute more to Yahoo! Answers - you can ask, answer, vote and rate more frequently.
  3. 3. When Yahoo answering account Blocked  Enters an incorrect password for multiple times.  Enters spam messages.  Someone reports against user account for doing spamming. How to unblock account  Search other Yahoo! servers and get fresh cookie.  Copy and paste the link below into URL bar.  Login with the new server. References: Benefits of yahoo answering , Points and levels , Yahoo answers , Backlinks from yahoo answering , How to unblock yahoo answering account