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The Student Newspaper for November 2011!

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November11 pdf

  1. 1. Contents Horoscopes What will happen to you..? Aires 20th March- 20th April This month you will win the Cancer 20th June- 20th July lottery and if you don’t have a This month you will findHoroscopes 2 lover you are going to begin to a good job and start love. If someone in your family making money. You’ll be is ill, they’ll be fine and you’ll slim and attractive toInterviewed by Alice 5 get a promotion in your others and so you might company. find love. And then your You’re planning to travel family will be happy. YouA trip to featherdale 6 abroad so you might become a will be given a chance reader of the world and then and you might travel to you’re going to change your Europe.Call to arms 7 job and become a super hero so you’ll fly in the sky and universe, then you’ll be theDay student of the month 8 king of the universe.What’s on in Sydney 9 Gemini 20th May- 20th June Taurus 20th April- 20th If you want many money you May will lose your job. If you eat You’ll argue with yourBoomerang 11 many food you won’t be slim boy/girlfriend because and then if you exercise hard you don’t have time to you will die (I’m so sorry enjoy and share withSport survey 13 about that) your lover. Also you will You will find your honey but lose your money and you he or she is very ugly… might spend too muchMusic Survey 14 If you go to the U.S.A you money shopping but that will get lost and you can’t won’t be good stuff. You never find your way home should control yourself again. Don’t go to the U.S.A shopping. this month! 2
  2. 2. Sagittarius 20th Pisces20th February- November- 20th 20 th March Aquarius 20th January- 20th DecemberLeo 20th July- 20th This month is the worst February This month you’ll beAugust in your life because if This month you might lose lucky in everything asThis month you will you drive a car you your job because your boss well as health, money,have a wonderful future might lose one part of is an angry rude person work, family, travel, love.because your life came your body. So you must and you won’t get a new You will win the lotteryto change, you might get not do that. You’ll work job for months. You might and find a new job. It willa promotion in your job hard and get a lot of have a headache everyday make you get a lot ofand this company will money but you’ll make because you have bad luck money. You will have topay for a big trip around some problem in your and stress. take a trip overseas andthe world because you’ll company then you’ll get Family: You will argue then you will meet aneed to find contacts fired. about your job so you will handsome guy/beautifularound the world. So you’re planning to get a little money, you girl. He/she is very rich,Love: You might find a travel abroad with your might suffer because of the your family will havelovely, elegant, family but you’ll lose money and you won’t go good health and you canhandsome or beautiful your passport and your travelling because you spend a lot of moneyperson on this trip. This family. So you’ll be alone might get injured on your because you will have aperson will make your in the world, like a trip. rich husband/wife solife more comfortable desert with no oasis and he/she can take care ofand you will be healthy camel just scorpions. everything. This monthwith them. Virgo 20th August- 20th Capricorn 20th your body will be in goodLibra 20th September- September December- 20th January health and then you will20th October This month you will travel This month you will buy a factory.This month you will find and you will meet a lot of have a lot of problems. Scorpio 20th October-a great job and make new people. This travel will You will be alone, you 20th Novemberlots of money. You’ll change your life. Your boss will lose your money and This month be carefulfind a new place to stay will give you a promotion maybe your the guy/girl and youand you’ll be very at your job and give you husband/wife will leave might break up. Youhappy. This month you more money. This month you alone. If you want a also might be ill. Youwill meet a lot of people your boy/girlfriend will new job you can’t find it. will lose a lot of moneyand maybe one special give you a big surprise, but This month will be very when yourperson. if you don’t have love difficult for you, if you shareholders swindle aThis month you will eat you’ll find love. Health will decide to buy a car it factory. A colleaguea lot of vegetables and be fine but you will be will break very soon and will get you fired.they will improve your 3 careful. maybe you will die… Stay 4health. at home
  3. 3. A trip to…. Interviewed Featherdale Wildlife Park by Alice Id like to talk about Featherdale wild life park. It is a kind of zoo where we can see, touch and feed animals. There are a lot of kinds of animals, such as koalas, kangaroos, Viktor wombats and tasmanian devils. One of the most interesting things is feeding Where do you come kangaroos, wallabies from? and birds. We can buy feed for $ 1 and The Czech Republic if you have it, a lot of animals willHow long have you been here? 3 years approach you. On the other hand, you should be careful about the weather, ifWhat’s your job? Activity coordinator but before it is not good,animals might hide inthis job I worked in L.E.D lighting their houses. The prices are $20 forHow do you like your job? It’s funny and good students and $25 for adults, to arrive there from town hall station it is neededIf you gave it a score out of 10 what would it be? to7……. 7 and a half take a train and a bus.What do you love to do? Cook and play all kinds Ryo.of sportsWhat kind of food can you cook? Everything!What do you hate doing? Paperwork!If you could be an animal what would you like tobe? A bird because it can fly, maybe an eagle 5 6
  4. 4. Have you ever made a magazine? Daytime No? Student of the month Hi my name is Hansaem Park and I’m from Korea. I study in Pre- intermediate How long will you study at Navitas?. Until august of next year. Dont know exactly. Why did you choose Sydney to study? I know. Navitas is a famous English professional school and its meet easy to many diffrent country friends. What do you do in your free time? Walking around the city with my friends or watch a English movies. But Im not good at YOU listening. And almost everyday I do a review.WE WANT How is your life in Australia ? Its very good. Everyday I speak in English with my friends or teachers. Its very difficult. But so far it is interesting and funny.SEE YOU IN ROOM 17 EVERY Talk a bit about your background. I was in the lab at aTUESDAY AND THURSDAY AT university of Architecture. The lab is very busy and hard everyday, but it is fun. What you expect for the future? I hope to be an engineering 10.40 archirect. I think Ill work in south Korea or Australia in the future. 7 8
  5. 5. What’s on in Sydney… Beautiful events next to you The Glebe Free salsa party Street in Darling Fair HarbourThe Glebe Street Fair is one of every SundaySydney’s oldest street fairs and thisyear the fair will be held on Sunday 20 The Salsa Party continues in DarlingNovember 2011 with over 200 stalls Harbour with the hottest Latin DJs inand an estimated 100, 000 visitors. rotation every Sunday with the best Salsa, Merengues and Bachatas. The fair attracts over 100 000 visitors and this year will have the theme The Beat which will be incorporated into Enjoy an exciting and explosive combination of hot music, friendship all of our marketing, entertainment and activities on the and the magnificent views of Darling Harbour. day including south American dancing in the streets, ON Sunday 30th October we will start once again our one hour percussion workshops for children, drumming circles in complimentary Salsa class (from 8 to 9pm) with Cuban star “El M” the park and many street performers using drums. When: Each Sunday between Sunday 09 October and Sunday 18 December from 20.30 to 01.30 When: On Sunday 20 November from 10.00 to 19.00 Where: Docks Hotel , Harbourside Shopping Centre Darling Harbour Where: Glebe Point Road, Glebe Point Road Glebe 2037 2000 Cost: Free Website: 9 10
  6. 6. Taronga ZOO 19th November Manly Snorkelling TourThe Zoo has a variety of exhibitions where you 23rd Novembercan see a large array of animals from aroundthe world. Discover a rich tapestry of native The best way to see ManlyAustralian wildlife including Kangaroos, Koalas, Meet your local snorkel guide at the worldand wombats. Come and join group of students famous Shelly Beach only minutes from oneto maximize your experience. of Sydney’s most famous beaches – Manly. $31.50 Your guide will give you a great idea of what native marine life to keep your eye out for as Party @ World Bar well as talk to you about native wildlife, Australian environment, heritage and culture 29th November of Sydney. Then cool off by snorkelling in the Silent Disco is fun to watch and even more fun calm, clear waters. See Australia’s diverseto participate. The fun becomes hilarious when marine wildlife in their natural environment the two-channel show is hosted. Imagine a in the sea grass meadows and rocky reefs of large group of people singing and dancing protected Cabbage Tree Bay at Aquatic divided in two, each of which follows its own Reserve. rhythm and own lyrics. Experienced DJ’s play the crowd in a novel way. ONLY $25 Discos have never been so much fun FREE 11 12
  7. 7. What is the most Which CD will you popular sport in never get tired of your country? listening to?Saudi Arabia: Soccer Australia: It depends on the season in summer it’s cricket and in winter it’s football (soccer , rugby and AFL Turkey: soccer and basketball and wrestling England: Soccer is the most popular thenJapan: Baseball is the most popular cricket and fishingand sumo has many fans, also manypeople play golf. Poland: Soccer China: Table tennis and Volleyball and badminton Vietnam: Football Korea: soccer especially and volleyball and during the world cup and bike riding baseball and basketball too. Germany: Soccer and Colombia: Soccer- formula 1 are the most the Liberators cup is popular. very popular Taiwan: Basketball Brazil: Soccer obviously and Baseball and also beach volleyball 13 14