Save the Gurkha's Campaign


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Save the Gurkha's Campaign

  2. 2. This political campaign’s petition aim is to defend the Gurkha regiment from the defence cuts because the current cuts in the defence budget are hitting the Gurkhas ‘disproportionally hard’. This political campaign which is called ‘Save the Gurkha’s’ waslaunched in the beginning of the year 2012 to stop the defence cuts to the armed forces and to raise awareness and encourage British citizens to act against of what’s happening.
  3. 3. ‘Save the Gurkha’s’ have aimed their campaign at the British citizens as Gurkhas are part of the British regiment, the British army. Only British public are allowed to enrol to act against the British government’s cut to reduce spending.‘‘The only voice that speaksfor them is the voice of alarge number of Britishpeople who understandand value their service’’
  4. 4. ‘Save the Gurkha’s’ have recently set up awebsite, in January 2012, to get people to sign their petition in order to show and stop the government from cutting down on the Ghurkha regiment and that it is wrong. They believe having British supporters will have an impact on the British government.The image on the left, is what they have on their website, on the homepage. This allows the audience to sign up to the petition and protest against the potential closure of the Brigade of Gurkha’s in Folkestone for the sake of saving defence costs.
  5. 5. Their website is one of the campaign techniques, this campaign haveused to promote and persuade. Alongside having their own website, they have also set up a Facebook and a Twitter page to keep the audience up-to-date about their campaign, as everyone would beable to access these sites. Apart from setting up on the internet, theyhave also promoted their campaign through interviews, which have been published on the radio and as news interviews. There have also been quite a few articles printed in the newspapers about the campaign. All these have been done to get their message heard and read broadly across the country by the public.
  6. 6. Videos on YouTube.Online newspaper articles
  7. 7. Online website: Only two tabs.Second tab is a link to the page which ispurely about ‘Who are the Gurkhas?’A lot of writing on the homepage itself,which instantly tells the reader whoand what the campaign is about.Simple details have been asked to signup the petition with clear informationgiven at the top.At the bottom of the website, two linksto social websites have been given –Twitter and Facebook, where they owna page.Number count shows the number ofonline visitors till date, whichencourages the reader to join.Colours used throughout the websiteare regimental colours, links back tothe topic and the uniform colour.The websites layout is very simple and wouldn’t attract the younger generation, which it is not aiming anyway.However it is successful in getting its message across and is easy to use.
  8. 8. Facebook Twitter Page:!/savethegurkhas Regiment/151666891528274This is the campaigns Facebook group. The page isnot always up-to-date though, very littleinformation is published on this page once a weekor so. I think they should increase the use onFacebook by putting in more information about This is the campaigns Twitter page, which isthe campaign and more updates. This page has a updated more often than their Facebook to the campaigns website. This social website also has a link to the campaigns website.
  9. 9. The campaign will measure its success by keeping track of their online visitors and supporters, by the counting the number ofpeople that sign up their petition online and also by any changes that the government might or will take.