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This Presentation was shown by Chandan Sharma in LIUG Bangalore.

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Spring presentation By Chandan Sharma

  1. 1. Effective use of Spring in Liferay Chandan Sharma
  2. 2.  Why use Framework (Spring)  Use of Spring Framework in Liferay  How can we use Spring in Liferay  Pros and Cons  Q n A Effective use of Spring in Liferay
  3. 3.  Framework take care of infrastructure and let you focus on your unique functionality.  Spring is one of the popular framework.  Flexible and Lightweight  Spring MVC is Request Oriented web framework  Spring provides many sub frameworks to make development easier Like IOC, AOP, Spring Portlet MVC framework etc. Effective use of Spring in Liferay
  4. 4.  Include support for numerous common view technologies : ◦ JSP, JSTL, XSLT, Velocity, FreeMarker, Tiles, PDF, Excel, JasperReport  Easy to implement new view Technologies  Interceptors for wrapping other concerns around controller execution (AOP)  Exception Resolvers to catch exception coming out of controllers and mapping to appropriate views Effective use of Spring in Liferay
  5. 5.  Liferay Uses Spring in many modules ◦ Spring.configs in portal.properties  Service builder generates code and configuration of Spring for using the service layer ◦ Injecting Dependency in service layer ◦ Hibernate ◦ Infrastructure ◦ Workflow ◦ Mail ◦ Memchached and more…. Effective use of Spring in Liferay
  6. 6.  Using Spring Portlet MVC  We can create our own service layer or override the Liferay Existing Spring configuration ◦ When we use multiple database from the same portal ◦ When we are writing the Junit Test cases for Service Layer ◦ Use in hook and Ext based on configuration change And More… Effective use of Spring in Liferay
  7. 7.  Any Spring Programmer can use easily no more learning required  Spring IOC take care of object Lifecycle  Get the power of annotation and sub module  Spring MVC portlet Framwork provide configuration based portlet we can map more than one controller to one portlet  Multiple view technologies can be used easily  Use Intercepters using AOP at any layer using xml configuration Effective use of Spring in Liferay
  8. 8.  Learning of new Framwork  In Liferay you cannot inject any depencies from the Spring MVC context into beans held in the ServiceBuilder context. Becaues of context are different  If you are using Liferay Service Builder then you have to use XXXLocalServiceUtil()  Some of the Portlet mode is not implemented in Spring MVC portlet like Help and About. Effective use of Spring in Liferay
  9. 9.  Portlet in Action  Spring in Action  http://static.springsource.org/spring/docs/3 .0.x/reference/portlet.html  Useful Blogs Effective use of Spring in Liferay
  10. 10. Effective use of Spring in Liferay Chandan Sharma chandansharmamca@gmail.com http://chandansharmamca.wordpress.com