9 minutes can change anything! LinkedIn


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Want to find new and unique career and business opportunities? Want to be as much as visible and searchable on LinkedIn and search engines as possible? Willing to promote your personal and professional brand? Passion to have connections that you could not find with traditional ways?

This is a MUST VIEW presentation for you!

This is a journey on LinkedIn walking you through LinkedIn latest facts, figures and benefits, optimising your profile, generating content and growing your connection with some easy and quick tips and secrets.

9 minutes a day can change anything!
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9 minutes can change anything! LinkedIn

  1. 1. 9 Minutes Can Change Anything! Navid Saadati Marketing Technologist 13/12/2012
  2. 2. Agenda- Whos using LinkedIn? Latest global and Australian stats and figures- Why LinkedIn? The job seeking and personal branding benefits forindividuals- How to optimise your LinkedIn profile- How to grow your LinkedIn connections’- How to generate regular content on your LinkedIn profile- Video | 9 Minutes can change anything
  3. 3. LinkedIn - A Quick Journey View the interactive presentation
  4. 4. Why LinkedIn – Key Benefits1. Presence on biggest professional social 8. Make yourself be perceived as network with 181 million members an expert2. Increase your personal and 9. Word of mouth publicity professional brand 10. Getting recommendations3. Identifying and connecting to the right people 11. Finding the right groups4. Receiving introductions and referrals 12. Picking up job opportunities5. Discovering information and trends 13. Make your interview go smoother6. Maintaining relationships 14. Ask for advice7. Visibility on search engines and 15. Show your updated resume to the social media space world 16. Six degrees of separation
  5. 5. Demystifying Social Media Identity Relationships Activities Status, Friends, Family & Social Utility Social Gaming & Colleagues PhotoSharing Public Fans & Real Time Communications Followers Micro-blogging Professional Colleagues & Professional Identity, Network Business Contacts Connections & Insights 5
  6. 6. How to optimise your LinkedIn profile
  7. 7. LinkedIn Optimisation Checklist Add a professional photo Write a great headline Include your official job title Write a professional summary Optimise your work experience with right keywords Complete your profile (Education, publications, certifications and etc.) Add your skills Complete contact details Add website(s) & Twitter links toyour profile Personalise your Public URL Ask for recommendation Get endorsed
  8. 8. Add a professional photo Checklist:  Professional  Personable  Positive  Current  Close up (Shoulder-up)  No kids, pets, busy backgrounds  Flattering lighting
  9. 9. Optimise your Headline and Job Summary Checklist :  Accurate Grammatically correct (titles should be begin with a capital)  Be mindful of acronyms that are specific to CSC, so aim for clarity  Use ‘CSC’ not ‘Computer Sciences Corporation’ (new global guidelines).
  10. 10. Optimise your Work Experience Checklist:  Accurate  First-person  Active not passive language  Use the “Inverted Pyramid” approach (newsiest/important item first, second- newsiest/important second and so on)  Search Engine Optimisation worthy keywords  Highlight outcomes and achievements  Use sub-headings to break down big chunks of texts and direct the reader
  11. 11. Add your skills Checklist:  Accurate  First-person  Active not passive language  Use the “Inverted Pyramid” approach (newsiest/important item first, second-newsiest/important second and so on)  Search Engine Optimisation worthy keywords  Highlight outcomes and achievements  Use sub-headings to break down big chunks of texts and direct the reader  The limit is 50 skills
  12. 12. Complete your profile
  13. 13. Add website(s), Social media or Blog links to your profile
  14. 14. Complete contact details
  15. 15. Personalise your public URL
  16. 16. Ask for recommendation
  17. 17. Endorse other skills
  18. 18. Take your resume to the next visual level Easily signup to these two websites with your LinkedIn profile and revamp your resume Build richer resume with one click: Zerply.com Visualize your resume in one click: vizualize.me
  19. 19. Grow your Connections Staff Accountant Head of Finance – Northern Europe VP Sales Rep Junior Engineer Associate Mechanical Engineer IT Security Manager Associate
  20. 20. Grow your Connections Invite Co-Workers from past and present companies Invite classmates from present and past schools and universities Invite business and personal Contacts –Importing your outlook address book or webmail address book Invite group members from groups that you belong to Invite other people in your network to connect after finding themon an advanced search Invite LIONs that you find through advanced searches Join groups for Open Networkers Post content to groups / open groups / sub groups Use Facebook Send the personalised invitation to connect
  21. 21. How to generate regular content on your LinkedIn profile
  22. 22. How to generate regular content on your LinkedIn profile - Share content of your connections - Like shared content – It appears on your activity status - Copy and paste content from the different online and social sources - Work with news aggregators on your mobile phone - Sign up to Google alerts with the right keywords and share relevant content - Join Twitter and use its potential - Follow 80% - 20% rule (Share more third-party insights and what your connections want to see)
  23. 23. 2 hours/week content generation formula 2. Register | Set your LinkedIn account (or Twitter or Facebook) | Schedule post timing Get your sharing email1. Download news aggregators mobile apps 3. Share news and articles via buffer email 2 hours/week
  24. 24. 9 Minutes Can Change Anything View the video
  25. 25. Happy LinkedIn and all the best Navid Saadati