What are Smelly Jelly Crystals


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Smelly jelly crystal projects. How to make smelly jellies. How to make smelly jelly crystals. How to make fragrances gel room fresheners.

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What are Smelly Jelly Crystals

  1. 1. My customers love them!
  2. 2. •Smelly Jelly crystals are super absorbent gels that have a longevity of years. Our polymers are completely non-toxic and made to last. • Smelly Jelly crystals are used in a wide variety of many different crafts and products. • Smelly Jelly crystals have the capability of being colored and scented. • Smelly Jelly crystals are also created to be rehydrated multiple times, never decreasing their effectiveness.
  3. 3. •They are specially formulated polymer gel like crystals that are made to expand as liquid is added. •They are capable of holding 400 times their weight in liquid. •The smelly jellies do contract as water evaporates, however, due to the structure of the surface area available, water evaporation time is drastically reduced, allowing the scent throw to last.
  4. 4. Not so long ago, in 1988, Dan Wofford, Jr. formulated and dispersed information detailing how to make Smelly Jellies. Within a few years, the Smelly Jelly procedure was given to the masses. This action resulted with people starting home businesses making Smelly Jelly products. These were sold in the masses at flea markets, trade shows, and fairs. The sensation of Smelly Jellies quickly caught on and several US and Japanese companies began producing Smelly Jellies for purchase via the internet and in a multitude of hobby & craft stores.
  5. 5. (A great flameless scenting option- perfect for cars, offices, and dorms.) Here is the recipe for an 8 ounce jar of scented smelly jellies. 1. Take 1 level teaspoon smelly jelly crystals and add into jar. 2. Add 7 oz. warm distilled water to the jar. 3. Add a few drops of liquid soap dye (color of your choice) to the mixture. 4. Add approximately 1 tablespoon of fragrance oil (scent of your choice) to the jar. 5. Mix. 6. Allow the mixture to swell for about 15 minutes. Total absorption of liquid may take up to 2 hours. Note: You can also add 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol, which will act as a preservative, to prevent mold.
  6. 6. (A homemade treat to help keep our little friends comfortable in the heat) 1. Measure out the size of the mat you would like for your dog. 2. Cut out two pieces of fabric (natural cotton works best), one for the top and one for the bottom. 3. Sew together three sides of the material. You will want to double stitch this for strength. 4. Turn the piece inside out. 5. Using a sewing machine, sew parallel tubes around 1 ½ inches wide (made out of the material) starting from the finished edge to the open edge. 6. Turn the piece right side out. 7. Place 1 teaspoon of Smelly Jellies per foot (length) of each tube. 8. Close the fourth edge of material by folding the pieces together. Make sure the ends of the tubes are closed off when sewing. 9. Soak finished mat in water for around 2 hours. This will allow for full absorption of the Smelly Jellies and optimum coolness for your pet! Note: If your mat is going to be large, we suggest stitching across the tubes in the center of the mat. This will make two tubes out of each one, but don't forget to put the Smelly Jellies in the first half of the tubes before sewing down the middle. Follow with putting Smelly Jellies in the second half as well before closing.
  7. 7. (These collars are a great way to stay cool and rid headaches) 1. Using a bandana, fold over the wide edge about an inch or two. 2. Sew the hem down to create a material tube. 3. Place a teaspoon of Smelly Jellies into the tube. You will want to make sure that the jellies are sitting on the bottom of the tube. You do not want the jellies to prevent your stitches. 4. Stitch across the top of tube about 3 inches from the unfinished end. This will enclose the Jellies in the center of the tube. 5. Sew the fourth edge of the tube closed. 6. Soak up to 2 hours for full absorption. Note: We find that using a velcro fastener at the end of the collar makes for easy use. Storage: Keep hung in a well ventilated area. This will help prevent mildew. You may also place your collar in a zip-lock bag and store in the refrigerator. This will keep the cool-tie hydrated for months. Washing: Hand wash ONLY in mild soap, rinse thoroughly and hang in a well-ventilated area to dry.
  8. 8. (Whether it’s water conservation, or just forgetting to water the plants, adding Smelly Jellies to your soil answers your prayers.) Potted Plants - Plant Beds- Landscape & Turf mix thoroughly mix ½ in planting hole, and ½ in backfill. through dirt. Pot Size Smelly Jelly Bed Size Depth Smelly Jelly Want to reduce the 1 Gallon 1/3 oz. 1 sq. ft. 1 inch 1 ½ TSP stress of transplanting plants and grasses? 2 Gals ½ oz. 1 sq. ft. 3 inches 2 TBSP Smelly Jellies are very 3 Gals ¾ oz. 1 sq. ft. 6 inches 3 TBSP effective for that. Smelly 5 Gals 1 oz. 100 sq. ft 1 inch 1 lb. Jellies also reduce the frequency of watering 7 Gals 1 ½ oz. 100 sq. ft 3 inches 3 lbs. and fertilizing which are 10 Gals 2 oz. 100 sq. ft 6 inches 6 lbs. necessary for growth of sod and landscape 15 Gals 3 oz. plants. 20 Gals 4 oz.
  9. 9. (Don’t worry, Smelly Jellies have an essentially neutral pH, and will break down into nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water; with no residual toxicity.) Established Lawns Boxed Trees- Grassing and Sodding mix ½ in planting hole, and ½ in In order to keep your lawn at backfill. Tree Size Smelly Jelly Want to help your lawn it’s full glorious greenness, before it even grows? We Smelly Jellies can be added to 24 inches 6 0z. your yard. They cannot suggest using Smelly simply be placed onto the 30 inches 9oz. Jellies! Before sodding, surface of the grass. Smelly 36 inches 12oz. broadcast dry with drop jellies must be tilled into the seeder. Work the Smelly soil. Where, once absorbed 48 inches 16oz. Jellies into the soil 2- with rain, they can release up 6 inches at a rate of 4-5 to 95% of that water. A lbs. per 1,000 square feet. pound of Smelly Jelly crystals, can absorb 40 gallons of rainwater.
  10. 10. (Smelly Jellies functions keep going, and going, and going…) • Use as décor- You can use beautifully colored Smelly Jellies to make breathtaking centerpieces. You can also use scented and colored Smelly Jellies for fake floral arrangements. For added awe, try adding mica to jazz the Smelly Jellies up. Bling Bling Baby! • Have school projects on the horizon, Smelly Jellies are amazing for adding that wow factor, especially for science classes. • Have stinky trash? Sprinkle some scented Smelly Jellies in the bottom of your garbage bags. • Give scented potpourri a new kick by adding scented Smelly Jellies to either make the potpourri scent stronger, or use a different scent to create your own original complex fragrance! • Smelly Jellies can also be scented and used in tart burners or simmering pots for air fresheners. What an excellent idea for gifts!
  11. 11. Natures Garden offers these wonderful multi-purpose crystals. They are available for sale in: 1 pound bag Smelly Jelly Crystals (capable of producing up to 90 8 ounces jars) 5 pound bag Smelly Jelly Crystals ( capable of producing up to 450 8 ounce jars) Smelly Jelly Kit (contains: 1 pound of smelly jelly crystals, 6 smelly jelly jars, 4 samples of fragrance, and 2 liquid soap dyes, plus complete instructions.)
  12. 12. Smelly Jelly Jars Hexagon Jars Gorgeous 12 oz. globe-shaped jars Try our beautiful, affordable, glass, 6.5 with daisy perforated lids and plastic oz. hexagon jars! These hexagon jars fitments to prevent spillage. Sold in come with gold metallic lids. There are cases of 12. 12 jars per case. Height is 3.5 inches; diameter is 2.5 inches. Please Note: The hexagon jars do NOT have a perforated lid.
  13. 13. (Even though we are sure you know this, it still has to be said.) • Smelly Jellies are NOT EDIBLE! It can be harmful if swallowed, please seek medical attention immediately. • Do not put Smelly Jellies down the drain or flush down the toilet. Seeing how Smelly Jellies expand with water, this in not a smart idea. When Smelly Jellies are done, or during clean-up, throw away in the garbage. They are biodegradable. If Smelly Jellies are accidently put down the sink, pour table salt directly into the drain. Salt will unclog the sink. • Do not place Smelly Jellies on unprotected surfaces. • Keep out of the reach of children and away from pets.