The Museum of Applied Art and Design


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The Museum of Applied Art and Design

  1. 1. The Museum of Applied Art and Design By Inna A. 12 B, 2009
  2. 2. Plan The Building Design Jewellery and Metal Art Ceramics and Porcelain Glass Art Furniture Leather Art Textile Art Location FREE ADMISSION DAYS
  3. 3. The Building The Museum of Applied Art and Design (ETDM) is located in a former granary. It’s a three-storeyed building. In the 1970s it was restored by the architect Aala Buldas and adapted for an applied art museum.
  4. 4. Collection of Design This is the youngest collection in the museum. It comprises slightly over 100 items by more than 20 authors and producers. The collection consists mainly of product samples and prototypes and was launched with the purpose of collecting material connected with Estonian design, product design, and item heritage.
  5. 5. Collection of Jewellery and Metal Art The jewellery collection includes over 2200 jewellery pieces by more than 130 authors. The oldest exponents are the 19-century national jewellery. The collection provides a good overview of the recent jewellery including the works of the younger generation. From the 1960s onwards, jewellery has been one of the most fascinating areas in Estonian applied arts.
  6. 6. Collection of Ceramics and Porcelain The ceramics and porcelain collection of the Museum comprises more than 3000 single items and sets by approximately 130 authors or producers. In the heart of the ceramics collection lays the work of Estonian professional ceramic artists from the 1950s until present. The eldest works in the collection date back to the 19th century.
  7. 7. Collection of Glass Art The glass art collection in the museum comprises nearly 900 decorative glass objects by 40 artists. There are represented decorative forms, glassware, drinking sets, decorative monumental objects both from non-coloured as well as coloured glass.
  8. 8. Collection of Furniture The furniture and woodcraft collection with its nearly 100 pieces by approximately 30 authors is the smallest collection in the museum. The furniture collection includes samples ranging from the early 20th-century furniture design to the experiments displayed at “Space and Form” exhibitions.
  9. 9. Collection of Leather Art The Museum’s collection of leather art includes approximately 1700 works by more than 90 professional artists and workshops. Estonian leatherwork is very versatile: the artists have created book bindings, albums, chests, covers for decorated citation of honour, decorative forms, leather tapestry and elements of interior design.
  10. 10. Collection of Textile Art The collection of textile is one of the most extensive collections at Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design: there are nearly 800 articles representing the work of more than 80 artists. In 1944, the fire at the temporary building of Estonian Art Museum in Narva road destroyed the entire textile collection; for this reason the examples of pre-war textile art are very few in number.
  11. 11. Location Old Town, 17 Lai Street
  12. 12. FREE ADMISSION DAYS The last Friday of a Month May 18 – The international Museum Day July 18 – The Birthday of Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design February 21- The International Guides Day June 1 – Children up to 18
  13. 13. Sourse