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How it works Presentation by Coolfund

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  1. 1. COOLFUND.IO Never Loose Money Again
  2. 2. HOW IT WORKS • You join for free but upgrade within 3hrs to Stage1 with just 0.002btc • You then refer only 3 people, these 3 People will occupy your first level. If you refer more people they will spill over to your next Level.
  3. 3. LEVEL 1*The 3 People in your first level pay you 0.002btc to upgrade to Stage1 just like you did Level 1: 0.002x3= 0.006btc YOU then pay 0.004 to upgrade to Stage2. 0.006-0.004= 0.002btc Profit
  4. 4. LEVEL 2**The 9 People in your 2nd level will pay you 0.004btc to upgrade to Stage2 just like you did Level 2: 0.004x9= 0.036btc YOU then pay 0.02btc to upgrade to Stage3. 0.036-0.02= 0.016btc Profit
  5. 5. LEVEL 3***The 27 People in your 3rd level will pay you 0.02btc to upgrade to Stage3 just like you did Level 3: 0.02x27= 0.54 YOU then pay 0.15btc to upgrade to Stage4. 0.54-0.15= 0.35btc Profit
  6. 6. LEVEL 4****The 81 People in your 4th level pays you 0.15btc to upgrade to Stage4 just like you did Level 4: 0.15x81= 12.15 You Earn 12.15BTC at this Stage and a TOTAL OF 12.518BTC You may start all over again if you like.
  7. 7. NEVER MISS A PAYMENT • Notice: In order not to miss any payments make sure you upgrade to the next Stage as soon as you receive enough funds to do so. • Free Members: no expiration • Stage 1 = 30 days expiration • Stage 2 = 45 days expiration • Stage 3 = 60 days expiration • Stage 4 = 75 days expiration. After Expiration you may pay 0.15btc again to remain in Stage 4 and then receive 0.15btc from your downlines who also choose to remain in Stage4 or you may start over again.