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We are a boutique investment advisory solutions firm providing custom made investment solutions for your financial needs and wealth management solutions.

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WealthAndMe Investment Solutions

  1. 1. Personal Finance Investment Solutions Take Charge of your Family’s Future. Achieve Financial Independence. WealthAndMe Investment Solutions Growing Your Wealth through Collective Wisdom
  2. 2. Are you investing for the future of your family?All of us invest in various financial products.  Are they invested keeping in view your various financial needs, your risk profile and are these financial products tax efficient?  Are your investments diversified across asset classes in proportion to your financial and wealth creation needs?  Are the investments in professionally managed, researched and rated investment products?WealthandMe Investment Advisory Solutions  Our investment solutions are designed to address the above questions and guide you achieve financial independence, wherein your assets generate income greater than your expenses.  As a personal finance advisory firm, we advise on investing in Equities, Equity and Fixed Income Mutual Funds, Insurance, Gold ETFs & Alternative investments.Grow your wealth through collective wisdom
  3. 3. Benefit from using our services  We follow a portfolio approach to investing. Solutions we advise are with the primary focus of generating income from well researched financial products, help you save taxes and are flexible for portfolio rebalancing.  We recommend products based on detailed analysis of the research reports available from major Mutual Fund houses, India Infoline, top brokerage firms like HDFC Securities/ICICI Securities and Rating Agencies. We recommend products which are simple, focussed and not hybrid.  Our investment recommendations in equity/fixed income products are based on your financial/wealth creation needs and your risk profile.  We have an active investment blog and a Facebook fan page to facilitate in you enhancing your knowledge on investing and for gaining from collective investor community wisdom.Below are a set of investment solutions which would help address financial/wealthcreation needs each of us have. Do contact us to know more. We would be happyto understand your needs and guide you with the right investment products .Grow your wealth through collective wisdom
  4. 4. ‘Smart Save’ – Tax EfficientInvesting money required in the short term? Find Savings Solutionssmarter ways to save taxAll of us have short term financial needs, be it funding for thelatest smart phone, next-gen television, buying jewellery etc.We normally park these funds in bank savings or deposits.Through our ‘Smart Save’ Solutions, we recommend financialproducts which are tax efficient with no penalty for earlywithdrawal of full or part amount. Know more… Are your savings being spent on increase in prices? Guard against Inflation Inflation in prices of products we buy on a regular basis would severely dent our potential to save for our other needs. Through our ‘Inflation Guard’ solutions, we recommend fixed income products to invest on a recurring basis with facility to withdraw when needed. This helps you Guard to systematically plan your new investments or expenses and thereby benefit from the timing of the investment or theSolutions to Secure Future Savings expense. Know more…Investing to fund your children’s higher education,your next car or your first home in the next fewyears? Explore secure waysIt helps to invest in products that have higher probabilityreturns with minimum risk for achieving those needs that areclose to our heart. With our ‘Achieve for Sure’ Solutions, werecommend financial products that suit your risk profile andmake money available when you need it most. Know more… ‘Achieve For Sure’ – Wealth Protection Solutions Grow your wealth through Collective Wisdom
  5. 5. Investing to create wealth to build your next ‘Happy Family’ – Solutions tobig house or fund your children’s marriage? Create WealthDiscover wise ways to lead a happy lifeWith our ‘Happy Family’ Wealth Creation solutions, werecommend financial products with higher capitalappreciation potential. Products we recommend are acrossasset classes taking into account your risk profile andspecific financial needs. It helps to invest in the bestprofessionally managed financial products to grow yourwealth and live prosperously. Know more… Investing for your retirement needs? Check on the returns Investment solutions for building a retirement corpus are to be in investment products that are relatively safe and provide higher annual returns. This is because, higher annual returns help build grow a bigger corpus when the power of compounding is applied. Our ‘Retire Happy’ Retirement Planning solutions help you invest in relatively safe financial products with higher yield potential. It helps to retire happy. Know more…‘Retire Happy’ – Solutions to earn higher safe returnsStarted great on your career. Build yourinvestmentsThe early years of your career are very crucial to build astrong financial foundation. Our ‘StrongFoundation’investment solutions identify those investment productsthat best suit your earning potential and invest in the ‘’’Strong Foundation’ – Solutions tobest professionally managed products. Know more… get it right earlyGrow your wealth through collective wisdom
  6. 6. Our TeamOur Team constitutes members who are Certified Personal FinancialAdvisors, AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributors and with a wealth ofexperience in the Financial Services Industry.Our PartnershipWealthAndMe Investment SolutionsWebsite: www.wealthandme.comContact Number: + 91 89713 22704Email: natraj@wealthandme.inLike us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WealthAndMeVisit our Blog: http://wealthandme.blogspot.in/?view=flipcard Grow your wealth through Collective Wisdom