NativeX ebook - F2P Game Monetization
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NativeX ebook - F2P Game Monetization

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NativeX, formerly W3i, is a leader in innovative monetization and user acquisition solutions for mobile and desktop apps. For publishers and developers who want to monetize with advertising that......

NativeX, formerly W3i, is a leader in innovative monetization and user acquisition solutions for mobile and desktop apps. For publishers and developers who want to monetize with advertising that really works, NativeX is the marketing technology platform that is reinventing in-­app advertising to create more effective and engaging ad experiences that enable developers to build successful businesses around their apps. Native advertising becomes part of the user experience and it out ­performs standard display advertising by 150 percent, often doubling or tripling revenue for publisher partners.

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  • 1. reimagining the business of apps©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC
  • 2. Show Me The MoneyHow to Double your Game’s Revenue
  • 3. F2P is Here to StayF2P allows the developer tomonetize the lifetime of the user– rather than the one-time premium purchase.©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC
  • 4. F2P gives game developers greater reachInstalls are 10x greater for F2P gamesF2P appeals to the non-traditional gamerF2P removes motivation for piracyUsers want to try before they buyUsers are conditioned not to pay for mobile gamesHook them first, and then monetize©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC
  • 5. The Art of the HookNail the TutorialRetention is ParamountOptimize In-App Purchases©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC
  • 6. Provide a welcome screen.Use visual clues and minimal text.Introduce a character to “host” the tutorial.However, don’t call it a tutorial, it shouldinterface naturally. Use mini-tutorialsthroughout the game. Reward the user forcompleting the tutorial & set alerts toencourage users to finish it.Demonstrate how to use premium currency.Reward users with currency to get themstarted.Spellcraft gives users freespells to get started.Explain with imagery andminimal text.©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC
  • 7. Retention is ParamountEvery game should have a way to earnexperience points and increase levels.Adjust dynamic awards, time, and contentpost-launch.Display a constant view of level and progress.Players should always be working towardhigher levels, enticed with progressiondynamics, opening up engagementopportunities.Use an energy component to increasemonetization.NGMOCO’s Coin Push Frenzy offersPro- Prizes and leveling up that havecontributed to its runaway success.Recently, a user playing Coin PushFrenzy told us she played Coin PushFrenzy for hours and hours to unlockall of the prizes and levels.©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC
  • 8. Make the first purchase easier.It’s difficult to get a user to pay in the F2Pmodel but once they make their firstpurchase, the odds of them becoming arepeat buyer increase dramatically.The first purchase option should haveincredible value.Make the user an offer they can’t refuse.For $1.99, in Jetpack Joyride you get along-term investment of doubling coinscollected — a major value for the user.©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC
  • 9. Make the buying experience easy.Use scrolling menus to help you reducethe clutter.Heroes of Order & Chaos keeps itsimple, featuring a scrolling menu.Confusion Leads to Lower Conversions©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC
  • 10. Immediately after battles in BattleBears Royale, interstitial ads appear.Players are taken to the virtual store.Lead players to the virtual store.Take a queue from Disneyworld. After the“ride,” drop the user off at the “gift shop.”If your game has rounds, battles or levels,leave the user at your virtual store to spendsome of that hard-earned virtual currency.Then, make it easy for users to exit the storeand get back into the action.Remember, there’s a fine line betweenupselling and pestering.©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC
  • 11. Have virtual goods that appealto all users.Offer virtual goods in all price ranges thatappeal to different users at different stagesof the game.One segment might prefer vanity oraesthetically altering items while anotherprefers items that give them a competitiveadvantage.The more you know about the users, themore you can optimize revenueopportunities.Pocket Legends by Spacetime Studiosdoes a fantastic job of offering virtualgoods for multiple segments.©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC
  • 12. In Happy Street, a silhouette allows foreasy decision-making.Use metrics to optimize your game.For example: Don’t Overwhelm the PlayerDisplay a small amount of virtual goods(around 6) and give hints that more contentcan be unlocked.Giving the user fewer virtual goods to choosefrom removes complexity and converts moreusers.Test and tweak to optimize results.©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC
  • 13. Profit from the Other 90%
  • 14. Integrate with Gameplay to Give Users More OptionsAll in one compact SDKVideoDiscovery WallNative Interstitial©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC
  • 15. Why it worksMore offers, competing in real-time, resulting in thehighest-yielding eCPMs.©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC
  • 16. Our High-Touch ApproachThe NativeX Games Task Force optimizes game usability.Experienced media buyers acquire users, profitably.Designers provide custom native ad experiences.The advanced technology of the offer exchangemaximizes monetization.©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC
  • 17. Some of our Partners©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC
  • 18. contact@nativeX.com1.800.934.2777Reimagining the business of apps©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC