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Isys 363 Group Project
Phase 1

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Isys363 groupprojectslides

  1. 1. SFSU ISYS 363 Fall 2013 Section #1 Nationals
  2. 2. File Sharing: Pros: 1) Accessible on all devices -Mobile devices (phones/tablets), Mac/PC desktops -Tech support hotline/forum 2) Back-Up Protected -In case of computer crash/device malfunction data is always backed up 4) Secure -Password protected -Access granted to admin and and others as an invite only basis 5) Unlimited storage capacity - Basic account offers 2GBs of free storage and allows account holders to increase their amount of storage without a fee by recommending other users to drop box. -Users can increase storage capacities by purchasing more GBs 6) Update Notifications -Notifies users/account holders when updates have been made by other parties to the drop box.
  3. 3. Dropbox Cons: 1) Does not offer live chat or other means of direct communication. 2) Dropbox staff can access your files, leaving you vulnerable to leaking to public or cyber terrorists. 3) Cost of more space.
  4. 4. Web Base Data Storage: Pros: 1) Live interactive document- multiple users can view and make edits simultaneously. 2) Data Availability- secure data storage. 3) Web Base- no need to download additional programs/software. 4) Free- no extra cost of software.
  5. 5. Cons: 1) Limited features- cannot organize documents into folders. 2) Notifications only come through gmail account 3) Limited versatility -mobile apps through third party providers
  6. 6. Service Video: What is Skype? ● A free voice-over-IP [VOIP] service and instant messaging client currently developed by Microsoft Skype Division This is a very good product for individuals, as well as businesses, because of it’s wide range of services. Although it has its pluses, it isn’t perfect, but overall Skype is an exceptional tool.
  7. 7. Pros & Cons Pros ● free setup and cancellation ● unlimited minutes ● international calling Cons ● can’t block calls ● no physical telephone ● no 411 directory service
  8. 8. Chat Service: Facebook Pros: 1. Real-time communication - Instant accessibility to those online 2. Conversations are one-to-one - can be made private. 3. Works effectively for group collaboration/discussions. - Immediate collaboration between members of a group and allows for file sharing. 4. No need to be logged into Facebook to chat with other users. - Chat box appears on your desktop when you receive a message.
  9. 9. Chat Service: Facebook Cons: 1. Chat service comes with a side toolbar which is always present. - Toolbar takes up desktop space. 2. Privacy Issues - Facebook users know when you’re on or offline. - Chats appear on your desktop automatically and visible to those near or on your device. 3. Connectivity Issues - Facebook chat may not connect properly to your system and cause chat message delays.
  10. 10. E-Mail: G-Mail Pros: 1) Very thorough malware and virus checking 2) 25 MB per email capacity 3) Spam handling is excellent Cons: 1) Google advertising 2) Email canvas is smaller 3) Some features are hidden
  11. 11. References DropBox References: ● ● Google Docs References: ● ● Chat Service: Facebook References: ● ● Email: Gmail ● htm ● compose-5-pros-and-cons/240152001