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Internet Marketing Trends for 2013
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Internet Marketing Trends for 2013


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  • Analysis and onsite cleanup – month 1Link removal – month 2UBL – month 4Month 5 onwards – monthly analytics review, Search impressions in GWT, keywords, rankings, trafficIdentify problemsPenguinReview analytics to confirm it’s penguinGWTFooter links, internal links, kewyord density, inbound linkingAll onsite workThin contentUnnatural linkingLink profile analysis, link profile, competitive,
  • To win in the SEO space you need great contentGoogle is ever evolving All content should work togetherI know we used to be able
  • To win in the SEO space you need great contentGoogle is ever evolving All content should work togetherI know we used to be able
  • To win in the SEO space you need great contentGoogle is ever evolving All content should work togetherI know we used to be able
  • To win in the SEO space you need great contentGoogle is ever evolving All content should work togetherI know we used to be able
  • To win in the SEO space you need great contentGoogle is ever evolving All content should work togetherI know we used to be able
  • To win in the SEO space you need great contentGoogle is ever evolving All content should work togetherI know we used to be able
  • Transcript

    • 1. Looking Ahead: Internet Marketing Trends for 2013Bernard MayPresidentAdam de JongMarketing Manager
    • 2. AgendaSEO trendsSocial and content marketing trendsPaid advertising trendsMo/Lo trendsConversion trendsReputation trendsYour action plan for the new year
    • 3. SEO Trends
    • 4. Search is more ComplexSearch algorithms will get more sophisticatedUser experience will increasingly affect rankingsPersonalization will become more prevalent
    • 5. SEO is more TechnicalTechnical proficiency will become more criticalSite architectureSite performancePage speedRich snippets
    • 6. SEO Is More ExpensiveSEO is More Expensive Cost of SEO will continue to increase Rankings matter, but traffic and conversion is more important Target long tail keywords that convert
    • 7. SEO is Internet MarketingImproving SEO will benefit not just searchengine rankings but will help with organicpromotion all over the webSEO requires content creation and promotionBlog posts, coupons, classifieds, videos andmore
    • 8. Link GenerationLink diversification will become the normLink trading and 3-way links appear as thoughthey may come back into vogueThe cost of sophisticated links will increaseObvious linking will be ignored/penalized
    • 9. SEO TakeawaysKeep up with more complex search algorithmsby getting more technical Pay attention to site structure, canonicals, duplicate contentPersonalize content for targeted audienceShare quality content offsite—startdistributing coupons, classifieds, videos, etc.Diversify your linking strategy
    • 10. Content & Social Media Trends
    • 11. Content Value Exchange Content partnerships will become more common (exchange of value for backlinks) Having quality content will remain essential Standard for content quality will increase as content improves Google Algorithm will become smarter More niche experts
    • 12. Integrating MultimediaContent integration is keyAs mobile grows, video willbecome more importantVideo and images dominatemore of the UniversalSearch ResultsVisualization gainspopularity due to growth ofPinterest, Infographics, andInstagram
    • 13. Social Signals Impact SEOSocial will become a somewhat strongerindicator of rankingsSocial will become more imbedded in allaspects of everything we do on the webGoogle+ will integrate with more of the GoogleworldSponsored content is soon to be the next bigpaid marketing strategy
    • 14. Forget the Vanity MetricsCompanies will start to rethink their SocialMedia campaigns and focus on investing incampaigns that generate ROIEngagement rather than likes, pins and re-tweets will become the measure of success
    • 15. Content and Social Media TakeawaysProvide a value exchange with quality contentFind your nicheExplore multimedia and integrate it with yourcontent campaignsMake sure your brand has a presence onsocial media sites that accomplish your goals
    • 16. Paid Advertising Trends
    • 17. Paid Search is More ExpensiveClick are costly, so you must diversity your PPCAdwords: Text & displaysGoogle Product Listing AdsComparison shopping enginesMarketplacesMobile ads
    • 18. Retargeting is KeyRetargeting will continue to grow in importanceNew sophisticated ‘cookies’ will track usersMaximize traffic by bringing visitors back to yoursite
    • 19. New Focus on Attention Grabbing AdsVideo ads will be more effectiveNew ways to grab user’s attentionRich media gets more sophisticatedDynamic ad content that slide out or downand videos that expand and play with a mouseover
    • 20. PPC TakeawaysDiversity your paid ad campaigns by targetingspecific channelsCreate dynamic ads with visualizationUse retargeting to increase your ROI
    • 21. Mo/Lo Trends
    • 22. Explosion of the Mobile MarketMobile has surpassed desktopTargeting will be done by devicetype and geotargetingecommerce on mobile will becomemore elegant and easier to use
    • 23. Local is EverywhereMobile and Local (MOLO) willbecome integratedLocal Search is becoming increasinglyrelevant and Local Apps are becomingincreasingly importantGoogle will further monetize localsearch/MapsReviews will continue to influencetraffic and sales
    • 24. Mobile and Local TakeawaysCreate a mobile optimized websiteCreate a Google+ local business pageSubmit your business to the top national dataprovidersCreate profiles on the top local review sitessuch as Yelp, Foursquare and CitySearch
    • 25. Conversion Trends
    • 26. Conversion Rate OptimizationTraffic is moreexpensiveConversion is moreimportantWeb design andanalytics trackingbecome crucial to youronline success
    • 27. Email Marketing Going StrongEmail still generates strong ROIMobile search has made email more relevantthan ever
    • 28. Conversion TakeawaysUse Google AnalyticsImplement conversion testing on your mostimportant webpagesCreate regular email campaigns targeted tospecific customer personas
    • 29. Reputation Trends
    • 30. Online Reputation Impacts Sales57% of users now use search engines to find background online46% of adults have created their own social media profile72% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations44% of adults have searched for information about someone whoseservices or advice they seek in a professional capacity Pew Statistics, "Reputation Management and Social Media" 2012 Search Engine Land’s Local Consumer Review Survey – March 2012
    • 31. Reputation TakeawaysInvest in protecting your brandMonitor your online reputation so that youknow what’s being said and how to fix itFocus on improving your online reviews Respond to negative reviewers –be proactive Encourage customers to share positive experiences with you or on review sites
    • 32. Action Plan
    • 33. Your Action Plan for The New YearGenerating quality offsite content that generatelinks and drives trafficExploring link diversification and distributionMoving into emerging mobile and local marketsLeveraging social media to get the most ROISegmenting your PPC campaignRetargeting and conversion testing will maximizethe value of your trafficOptimize your website for engagement
    • 34. Q&A