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Winning Online: Digital Marketing 2014 Trends
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Winning Online: Digital Marketing 2014 Trends


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Winning Online: Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2014 from Find out more about the content, social, mobile, local and SEO trends that will impact your company's marketing …

Winning Online: Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2014 from Find out more about the content, social, mobile, local and SEO trends that will impact your company's marketing in 2014.

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Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology

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  • 118.4 bn spent on content in 2013 acoording to eMarketer27m pieced of content shared daily
  • 118.4 bn spent on content in 2013 acoording to eMarketer27m pieced of content shared daily
  • 118.4 bn spent on content in 2013 acoording to eMarketer27m pieced of content shared daily
  • Transcript

    • 1. Winning Online: Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2014 Bernard May President Adam de Jong Marketing Director
    • 2. Agenda Digital Marketing Trends 2013 vs. 2014 Top 10 Trends of 2014 Where to spend your budget Action plan Q&A
    • 3. Digital Marketing Trends
    • 4. Digital Marketing 2013 vs. 2014 Smart Insights Study
    • 5. Trend 10: Predictive Search and the age of context
    • 6. Predictive Search Hummingbird Algorithm to understand search context Google is going to be better at spotting duplicate content and spam Exact match keyword optimization will further decrease It will be more important than ever to segment your content based on what your audience needs Market research will become more important
    • 7. Predictions We need to understand our customers better To do this, we need to research what our customers really need Customer Personas A content strategy to make our content helpful and engaging
    • 8. Trend 9: Analytics and the drive for new information sources
    • 9. Analytics and the drive for new information sources
    • 10. Predictions Marketers will be more creative in how they use Google Analytics Not just about tracking clicks, about user engagement
    • 11. Trend 8: Age of Authenticity
    • 12. Age of Authenticity Search engines are trying to authenticate the web Rich Snippets associate content with people or organizations Rich snippets and the semantic web becomes a more important ranking and conversion factors Author Organization Reviews Product
    • 13. Prediction Trust factors will ultimately result in better rankings Google + profiles will be more important than ever Author tags will be added to most content Writers will be hired based on their quality profile More companies will care about their online reputation
    • 14. Trend 7: Paid Search in 2014
    • 15. A Necessary Evil Insurance against organic fluctuations Continue to take up more screen real estate Margins will be further depressed Conversion will become more important More sophisticated targeting PLA’s continue to grow Amazon, Yelp and more vertical search gain popularity Retargeting tools will become more popular Attribution across multiple channels will continue to be a challenge
    • 16. Predictions Advertisers will look at other paid options besides Social Media ads Angies List Amazon, Yelp Apps Look for PLA’s to become more sophisticated local PLA’s, Google Shopping Express, Google Wallet Vertical Search will grow
    • 17. Trend 6: Linking becomes about Value Exchange
    • 18. Linking becomes about Value Exchange Value exchange and paid exchange to be the norm Fewer higher quality links Exact match anchor text if overdone can be dangerous Linking continues to be important as a ranking factor Content Marketing and linking are closely related Links need to be diversified
    • 19. Predictions Earned links are going to be the cornerstone of a successful SEO campaign You earn links with content, social engagement and outreach
    • 20. Trend 5: Social’s Impact on Business Continues to Grow
    • 21. Social Impact on Business Continues to Grow Google+ will gain even more traction Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest will all grow exponentially Social signals and social engagement will become a more important ranking factor Social will integrate with everything Social will continue to be one of your most important content marketing channels Paid social search starts to gain more traction
    • 22. Channel Decisions Become more Complex
    • 23. Predictions To get organic visibility, it’s essential to have a social media strategy that fits your brand Brands that build their authenticity and authority on social channels will be rewarded with rankings
    • 24. Trend 4: Local Opportunity Shines
    • 25. Local Search in 2014 Local Search continues to grow and become more dynamic across all platforms and devices
    • 26. Local Continues to Grow
    • 27. Increased Local Paid Search Sophistication
    • 28. Online customer reviews affect your local business?
    • 29. Predictions Local search is a great opportunity to drive organic traffic for local SMBs Reviews continue to grow in importance Carousel will expand across more categories Multimedia to grow in Local (images, virtual walkthroughs and videos) Local paid search becomes more sophisticated Innovation will continue at a rapid pace
    • 30. Trend 3: Mobile Gets Smarter
    • 31. Then…
    • 32. And Now
    • 33. Mobile Gets Smarter Hummingbird means more contextual search results User experience is more important than ever Responsive or adaptive debate will continue Mobile shoppers continue to spend more Location services become more important Geo Fencing Digital Coupons Loyalty programs will grow Multiple Screen Adoption Behavioral targeting and big data (Big brother is watching you)
    • 34. Mobile in Retail
    • 35. Mobile Users Are More Serious About Buying
    • 36. Predictions Brands will revamp sites to be more mobile friendly Poor mobile user experience will hurt visibility Ephemeral services like Snapchat to grow Android will gain more market share and the market for tablets will grow The next big thing will be responsive content to go with responsive design mCommerce will offer a better user experience and become more sophisticated
    • 37. Trend 2: SEO will not die but will evolve and grow
    • 38. The State of SEO
    • 39. The State of SEO SEO is not Dead Hummingbird will change Search Search queries more sophisticated and intelligent Google continues to favor brands Rankings become mostly irrelevant The long tail is more important than ever Opportunities in SEO exist beyond text results More paid ads on Google changes landscape
    • 40. SEO Becomes More Technical A technically sound website is critical to rankings
    • 41. Images, Reviews and Knowledge Graphs
    • 42. Images, Reviews and Knowledge Graphs
    • 43. Predictions Search remains a profitable channel to drive clicks SEO will remain key to a successful digital strategy Good SEO will involve process of technology, user engagement and marketing
    • 44. Trend 1 Content Remains King
    • 45. Content Remains King Panda updates influence content quality Penguin influences marketers to create great content to generate links and sharing that result in rankings Quality determined by engagement Sharing, social signals, comments Give people a reason to share your content Developing a content strategy is key Editorial Calendar Optimize the journey (the buying cycle and funnel) Personas Choose your channels
    • 46. The Future of Content Marketing
    • 47. Predictions Marketing personas and touch point marketing will become common concepts Content becomes the primary link generation strategy Site blogs become the core content hub Lead nurturing and email marketing will continue to grow and become more sophisticated Content becomes more tightly integrated across channels Content personalization and reuse on the rise Long form content will grow in importance
    • 48. Allocating your budget in 2014
    • 49. Investing your budget in 2014 Smart Insights Study
    • 50. Your Action Plan for 2014
    • 51. Action Plan Define your customer persona Create a content marketing strategy Make your site mobile friendly/responsive Setup your blog as a content hub Setup authorship tag Long form content – 1 blog post/month that’s 1,500+ words Determine your most profitable social channel and get started!
    • 52. Q&A