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I wish II
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  • 1. I wish I passed my exams!!!
  • 2. Choose your top two pet hates:
    • Get into the shower and then either the water goes cold or there’s no shower gel left.
    • When I’m travelling on a plane or train and a child sitting behind me keeps kicking my seat.
    • People who wear sunglasses indoors.
    • When you want to buy sth in a shop and you have to wait for the shop assistant to finish a telephone conversation with a friend.
    • People reading over your shoulder on a bus or train.
  • 3. I wish…
    • I wish the Champions League final was now.
    • I wish some football players wouldn’t be so violent.
    • I wish Barça won the Champions League final next 28th.
    • I wish Barça had won the Champions League final last year.
  • 4. Present situation
    • Talking about your present situation:
    • I wish I had a cold drink now!
    • wish + past simple
  • 5. Present situation
    • -I haven't got any money. I wish I had some money.
    • -I don't earn much money. I wish I earned a lot of money.
    • After wish you can use was or were with I,he,she,it.
    • -I wish I were/was taller.
    • The same form can be used to talk about someone else's situation.
  • 6. Present situation
    • However, there is another structure that you use to talk about actions that take place in the present, but you want them to change in the future.
    • This structure is used to talk about another person, and generally about things you don't like.
    • The structure is:
    • wish + would/could + infinitive.
  • 7. Present situation
    • Your friend is always borrowing money from you because he never seems to have his bank card with him. You could say to him:
    • -I wish you wouldn't borrow money from me. -I wish you would remember to go to the bank from time to time.
  • 8. Let’s practise (simple past/ would):
    • I wish I ____________(have) long dark hair.
  • 9. The answer is:
    • had
  • 10. I wish it _______(stop) snowing, we want to go out!
  • 11. The answer is:
    • would stop
  • 12. His radio is really loud. I wish he ________(turn) it down.
  • 13. The answer is:
      • would turn
  • 14. I wish I ______(have) my key to open the door.
  • 15. The answer is:
    • to open
  • 16. Future situation
    • When you talk about the future, you use the same structure as you use to talk about present states.
    • wish + past simple
    • -I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. I wish I didn't have to go to the dentist tomorrow.
  • 17. Future situation
    • -I'll have to do some extra work at the weekend.
    • I wish I didn't have to do any extra work at the weekend.
  • 18. My brother will come next week. I wish my brother _______(not/come) next week.
  • 19. The answer is: didn’t come
    • Present Situations:
      • Wish + Simple past
      • Wish + Would/wouldn’t
      • Future Situations:
      • Wish + Simple past
  • 21. Complete the sentences so that they are true for you:
    • About me:
    • -I wish I could ___________ (ability)
    • -I wish I was more _______(adjective of personality)
    • -I wish I wasn’t so _______ (adjective of personality).
    • -I wish I had _______( personal possession).
    • Things people do that annoy me:
    • -I wish my _______ wouldn’t ________. (brother, sister, friend)
    • -I wish ______ would/wouldn’t _______. (drivers / cyclists)
    • -I wish young people today would/wouldn’t ______.
    • -I wish there was a law against people who _____.
  • 22. Wishes about the past: regret
    • When you think about a situation in the past, naturally you can't do anything to change it.
    • Therefore this is a way of expressing regret. The structure you use is:
    • wish + past perfect.
    • - Now we've missed the train. I wish we hadn't missed the train.
  • 23. You were too slow getting ready to go out. I wish you __________(not/be) so slow getting ready.
  • 24. The answer is:
    • Hadn’t been
  • 25. I promised my friend we'd arrive on time. I wish I ___________(not/promise) we'd arrive on time, because he’ll be waiting for us.
  • 26. Complete the sentences so that they are true for you:
    • I wish I ____________ (learn) when I was younger.
    • I wish I ____________ ((not)buy) recently.
    • I wish I _____________(see) in concert when I was younger.
    • I wish I ____________((not) do) when I was younger.
  • 27. Notes:
    • You don't need to repeat all the verbs all the time:
    • -My flat is cold. I wish it wasn't. -You smoke. I wish you wouldn't. -She told him! I wish she hadn't.
    • You can use If only instead of I wish with these tenses:
    • -If only the bus would come. If only I hadn’t bought those shoes.