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    • Nathaniel Pearson Nathaniel Pearson Elia, we powwow'd on whether to show any figure(s), and ultimately felt that doing so would pull the punch -- like trying to advertise color tv in monochrome. Because dynamic, online visualization can do so much more than paper, we put our money where our mouth is -- and, to our surprised delight, doing so worked even in the sensory buzz of a poster session: in a roomful of other posters with colorful figures, ours (one of few if any devoted -only- to data viz!) drew tons of traffic, with folks stopping, dropping the URL into their phones, grinning as they saw the data emerge in front of their eyes, and starting to brainstorm how they could use it for their own data. Even viz guru Jan Aerts stopped by for ~15 minutes(!), fascinated and peppering us with q's on our next features, &c.! So heartening. Which raises the question: Have you tried it out with some data? Useful? All feedback welcome! ;-)  3 months ago
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