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  • Read the following before you buy from this company:
    On 2/7/14, I ordered 3 solar panels online and paid online. Although I received an automated order confirmation a few minutes after the order, I never heard back from the company. After a few days, I contacted them via email because I wanted to know the shipping date and also how much the shipping cost would be, because - per their website - shipping is billed separately. Neither this email was answered, not three more that I sent over the course of several days. I called the phone numbers that are listed on their website several times, but the phone was never answered. Each time I left a voice message asking for a call, but nothing ever happened. It is as if this company does not exist at all or is in dissolution. I canceled the order on 2/14 via email and asked to return my payment, but nothing happened again. I will now have to ask the cooperation of my financial institution to get my money back - hopefully.
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  • The above logo and slogan are a registered trademark in the United States Patent & Trademark office. Registration # 4,262,753. The trademark is for “Online retail store services featuring solar products, in class 35, 100, 101 and 102.
  • Solar Systems USA, Inc. and it’s principals have retained Mr. Jeff Neurman of Farkas & Neurman(68 Jay Street * Suite 201 * Brooklyn, NY 11201) to represent the company’s interest in all matters pertaining to it’s stock and the corporation as a whole. Should you have any questions regarding the company’s stock, its corporate structure, its officers, directors, etc… as it pertains to investing in the company or purchasing the company….then please contact Mr. Jeff Neurman at 347-470-4596 or email jneurman@farkasneurman.com - Thank you
  • Solar Systems USA does 100% inbound marketing via the world wide web through our primary domain name of www.solarsystems-usa.net. The company does engage in “affiliate marketing” via approximately 300 web affiliates who promote the company’s website through banners and links. The company also derives business from its contractor/dealer program known as its “OSA” program. (outside sales associates). The company also has commissioned sales people and designers who are knowledgeable in solar technology and sell solar panels and complete systems in return for commission compensation. All of the aforementioned programs are under developed and are in need of qualified personnel to “drive” these programs to their full potential.
  • According to SEIA figures there was a total of $21 Billion dollars spent on solar in the United States. There was $11 Billion spent on solar system equipment alone. Most “experts” believe this is around 1% of the total market potential. Simply put, there is a lot of room for growth in the U.S. solar market.
  • As of summer of 2013 solar panels had “bounced off the bottom” and is showing some signs of stabilization around the .65 cents per watt range. This means a 250 watt solar panel would roughly cost Solar Systems USA $ 162.50. This is before any mark-up, aka profit, is placed on the solar panel. Solar Systems USA currently uses a mark-up process of “cost of product X 1.225 = price we charge for the product”. The bottom line is that in numerous cases across the country, solar is more affordable than buying electricity from the local power grid.
  • How do you make money with this idea? What is your business model style?Provide simple case and premise of assumptions. Include sales strategy.
  • In March of 2013 we received a very odd note from Intuit Merchant Services, which was our credit card processor at the time. The note stated that we had two accounts with them and the limits per month, we were allowed to take in from customers were $5,000 and $2,500 respectively. At the time we received this notice we had been doing $200,000.00 + per month in CC transactions and thought no more of it. By June of 2013 “Intuit Merchant Services” had begun a campaign to hold-back credit card sales revenue as received from our customers. They started with the amount of $20,000.00. This debacle ultimately culminated in Intuit holding back a total of $75,000.00 and us contacting our customers and instructing them to “charge-back” against us so their money was returned. Needless to say this had a major impact on our ability to operate and maneuver, but underneath it all we now knows was a silver-lining. Thus was the beginning of “Operations Increase Profits” and “Operations Reduce Over-head”. Due to the impact this had on the business we could no longer continue to scale the business at such a rapid rate. We immediately began “Operation Increase Profit Margin” and “Operation Decrease Over-head”.
  • For more information on the credit card processor debacle please contact Nathan Thompson for more information. He can send copies of letters received from Intuit as well as the next two credit card processors after Intuit. We can also provide you with the necessary remedy to ensure first class credit card processing with quick turn-around on all transactions.
  • The above is our current over-head and a 36% reduction in over-head cost from the 2 year p & l on pages 30-32.
  • The above percentages and amounts are used to track every sale made at the company and determine the amount of sales needed….at what percentage of profit….in order for the company to make a profit. The above represents a different mentality then the mentality that went into creating the sales behind the 2 year p & l.


  • 1. America’s Online Solar Store Contact: Nathan Thompson, CEO Direct Office: 678-666-0040 Cell: 404-991-0777 nathan@solarsystemsusa.net www.solarsystems-usa.net 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 1
  • 3. Outline Page Description Page Description 1 Trademarked Logo & Contact Information 21 Value of Solar Systems USA business? 2 Legal Stuff 22 - 23 Corporate Team Introduction (Salaried) 3 Outline 24 – 25 Remote Located Corp. Team (Commission) 4 About the company… 5-7 Market Drivers 8 Value Proposition Key Suppliers 27 Key Partners 28 Investment Opportunity 29 9 26 Purchase the Company Opportunity The Benefits of Solar Systems USA 30 - 32 Two Year Profit & Loss (8/2011- 8/2012) 10 - 11 The Solar Systems USA Solution 33 - 35 Operation Increase Profit Margin 12 - 18 Market Potential 19 Competition – Barriers to Entry 20 How does the company make revenue? 9/23/2013 36 Operation Decrease Over-head 37 Profit Margin & Sales Guidelines Solar Systems USA 3
  • 4. Solar Systems USA • We are an industry-leading online solar marketplace. • We act as trusted advisors in helping our commercial, municipal, institutional, and residential customers leverage the power of the sun and save money. 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 4
  • 5. Market Drivers • Customers experiencing… • • • • • Dramatically increasing energy costs across the board. Inability to predict and control electricity prices. CO2 reduction goals and other compliance demands. Weakened real estate markets. Volatile prices impacted by growing and inexhaustible global demand for energy. • Seeking public relations credit for greening efforts. • Lack of energy alternatives. 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 5
  • 6. Market Drivers • Solar Manufacturers experiencing… • • • • Declining prices of products made. Increasingly competitive global market. Increasing demand for greater reliability and higher efficiency. Rising cost of manufacturing, marketing and distributing products. • Unequipped to sell on their own. • Increasingly squeezed margins. • Solar Distributors and Dealers experiencing… • • • • • • Increased cost of buying, storing and shipping products. Rising costs of square footage. Holding stale and antiquated inventory. Greater opportunities for damaged goods. Declining prices of inventory. Increasingly squeezed margins. 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 6
  • 7. Market Drivers • Customers responding by… • • • • • Taking control of their energy use and cost. Generating investments in green business initiatives. Making changes in supply chain and workflow. Transitioning energy production into a profit-center. Transitioning budgets to elevate Environment, Energy or Facilities Management Departments as strategic business units. • Seeking ways to increase the value of their properties. • Customer behavior changing… • • • • • Shopping and purchasing online. Seeking expertise and knowledge. Desire immediacy and accuracy. Increasing volume of direct purchases. Expecting best pricing and value. 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 7
  • 8. Value Proposition • We focus on making solar energy systems more understandable, affordable and possible. • We offer the right combination of expertise, project management, economics, customer service, and capital financing skills to help customers make the most of solar in their current energy investments. • We eliminate the cost of dealers, distributors and shipping - connecting customers directly to reliable, high performance, pre-qualified solar manufacturers and their goods. • We partner with the manufacturers, associations, engineering firms, architects, utilities, installers and government agencies that shape and drive this market. Manufacturer Distributor Dealer Shipping $ $$ $$$ $$$$ 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA Customer 8
  • 9. Solar System USA Benefits • High Quality Customer Service - assistance available at every step of the planning, ordering and delivery process. • Increased Return on Investment - we offer pricing advantage with our direct manufacturer relationships. • Accuracy and Velocity - we help customers find the right solutions and help manufacturers move their products. • Expertise and Focus - we deliver flexible, scalable, proven solutions and employ processes focused on making the biggest energy impact for the price. • Greater Success – we’re passionate about helping our customers save budget, win proposals and get credit for making solar investments for their organizations and homes. Manufacturer Wholesale 9/23/2013 Expertise Service Financing Solar Systems USA Customer 9
  • 10. The Solar System USA Solution • Solutions for the manufacturer… – Provide the shortest route to the customer. – Expose product benefits to more customers, more places using web analytics paired with superior customer service. – Educate our technical and customer staff to properly position capabilities and features with customers. – Deliver more and better qualified customers to their products. – Increase customer satisfaction and repeat business with right solutions. – Sell manufacturers’ inventory faster. – Sell higher volume of solar solutions. 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 10
  • 11. The Solar System USA Solution • Solutions for the customer… – Augment and improve the migration to online shopping by providing high quality multi-channel customer service. – Provide expertise and service throughout the experience of planning, ordering, financing and delivery of a solar system. – Provide quick, easy-to-understand, accurate proposals. – Deliver higher return on solar investment than other methods. • Offer factory direct pricing • Carry no inventory • Provide drop shipping at no cost – Provide decades of clean, reliable energy at or below utility cost, increasing the value of their property or their operations. 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 11
  • 12. Market Potential • Customers seeking solar solutions: – 1000s of builders & millions of homeowners seeking value. • Qualify for higher loans or equity loans. • Increase value of home for future sale. – 1,000s of green development communities & builders. • • • • Builders using or seeking LEED, EarthCraft, EcoCraft certifications Environmentally- and cost-conscious consumers. Home owner associations. Apartments, mixed-use areas.. – 1,000s of non-profits & low-income properties. • Reduce or eliminate monthly utility costs. Solar Systems USA 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 12
  • 13. Market Potential • 100,000s of companies, universities, municipalities trying to offset rises in other expenses. – – – – Reducing ongoing utility cost or run as a profit center. Green initiatives, CO2 reduction, compliance goals. Building and retro-fitting for higher efficiency. Creating value for fully depreciated buildings. • 100,000s of heavy hot water users. – – – – Industrial process heat, manufacturing. Food processing, food service, linen services & laundries. Hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, dorms, non-profits. Apartments, retail storefronts, car washes, multi-family properties, any home with large families. 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 13
  • 14. Market Potential • 100,000s of customers planning and deploying solar solutions: – – – – Solar installers. Architects. Engineering Firms. Government Contractors. 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 14
  • 15. Market Potential Demand for solar is growing exponentially… 76% growth in 2012 Record year expected for 2013 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 15
  • 16. Market Potential While solar panel prices have decreased dramatically... cost and complexity of equipment remains a barrier to faster adoption. 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 16
  • 17. Market Potential # Locations 144 62 124 30 41 14 35 1 134 = 1.2 M Solar Panels in just top 20 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 17
  • 18. Market Potential • Rising US installs. – Annual U.S. PV installations grew 76% in 2012 to reach 3,313 MW. – Over 90,000 PV installations in 2012 in the U.S., including 83,000 in the residential market. – US market forecasted to grow 30% in 2013 with 4.3 GW of new PV installations across all market segments; Q1 2013 had 723 MW installed. – 4,400 MW of PV and 938 MW of concentrating solar power expected to come online in calendar year 2013 – The International Energy Association believes that by 2016 solar will be the second largest electricity source behind coal. • Larger US installs. – 11 states installed over 50 MW each in 2012, up from eight in 2011. – 8 of the 10 largest PV projects currently in operation were completed in 2012. • Decreasing solar panel cost. – Blended average sales price for PV modules for Q4 2012 of $0.68/W and 41% below the Q4 2011 price of $1.15/W. – 2012 weighted average U.S. PV system prices fell 27% to $5.04/W in the residential market, $4.27/W in the non-residential market, and $2.27/W in the utility market. 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 18
  • 19. Competition – Barriers to Entry • Few competitors already in this space. – Online market used as sideline for some companies. – Home improvement stores pushing do-it-yourself solutions. – Solar market is large and growth rate will make it possible for several firms with the manufacturer relationships, historical sales, service records, and trusted advisor status to remain successful and grow. • Changes in the energy industry. – Competition from other energy sources, utility & legal barriers. – Rapid advancement, complexity of solar technologies. – Non-certified, untested equipment dumped on US market. • Financial constraints of buying customers. – Competition for budgets and capital investments. – Reduction in or loss of government incentives. • Lack of education or misrepresentation of solar power. – Training of building Inspectors, facility managers, policymakers. 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 19
  • 20. How Does Solar Systems USA Make Revenue? • Keep expenses low while growing volume of customers. – Strong web analytics, site optimization and gamification brings in large volume of pre-qualified customer leads. – We are a lean organization with skilled solar professionals to validate pipeline of opportunities. – Sales professionals are commission-only and paid percentage of sales; incenting production with low cost of sales. – No storage of inventory required. – Leverage educational resources of manufacturers. • Maintain quality customer conversations that move efforts to closure. – Surround customer with multi-channel, solution-based expertise and service to enhance the online shopping experience. – Becoming the “Amazon” of solar purchasing but with multi-channel expertise. – Deliver quick, accurate proposals addressing customer’s pain points to facilitate faster buying decisions. – Create strong bonds with customers as trusted advisors to complex and varied technology. – Sales & fulfillment of product with high customer satisfaction. – Build repeat business, reference-able business. 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 20
  • 21. Value of Solar Systems USA Business • Management vision, marketplace traction and differentiation is working and scaling. • Online Marketplace, Management and Sales Operations established. • Web analytics and search optimization of online site has stickiness: – Attracting tens of thousands of unique shoppers per month. – Delivering average revenue of $6.00 per visitor. – Growing website traffic - expected to double each year. • Revenue trending up as the solar marketplace expands. – $2M in revenue within 18 months of online launch. – Revenues are at $200k+ per month. – Robust pipeline of validated customers. Increased Online Shopping Manufacturers Squeezed Customers & Market Growing • Growth of leads, qualified conversations and sales. – > 70 Outside Sales Associates expected to generate approximately $5k/month. – > 250 Affiliates driving web traffic. – CRM system in place for customer management, sales tracking, marketing and proposal generation. – Manufacturers increasing reliance on us to help them move inventory quickly. 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 21
  • 22. Corporate Team Nathan Thompson - Chief Executive Officer As a principal, Nathan is a highly motivated start -up specialist combining over 25 years of business ownership spanning multiple industries. Prior to starting Solar Systems USA, Inc Nathan built a group of service companies; including a multi -million dollar service business that catered to the Military Housing Privatization Initiative that started in the late 90’s. From 20 03 through 2010 his company worked on some of the largest military bases in the country including Ft. Benning, Ft. Stewart, Ft. Polk, Ft. Bliss, Key West Naval Station, Charleston Naval and multiple Air Force Bases throughout the continental U.S. Nathan’s group of companies provided services such for incoming soldiers and “Turn -key” services such as preparing returning soldiers' homes before move -in. Successfully built and managed these contracts to the multi -million dollar range. Nathan’s primary strength is visualizing a potential business model and then rapidly scaling the business. His achievements include growing Solar Systems USA from $300 into grossing $2M in revenues within a year and a half. From 1990 to present day Nathan's startup enterprises have grossed over $150M in revenues. Nathan can be reached 678-666-0040 Gary Thompson - Chief Financial Officer As a principal, Gary has over 30 years of growing, developing, and selling businesses. He joined Solar Systems USA at the beginning and quickly became a valuable asset to the team. Over the past 2 years, Gary has provided leadership for many of the new team members brought on board. He's lead the team in positioning and selling solar energy while providing clients with superior customer se rvice. Additionally, Gary's business background and experience in consulting and financial management has allowed Gary to serve as the company's CFO in addition to his role as interim sales manager. In the mid 90’s Gary started “National Drive Buy Broadcas ting, Inc.”. NDBB was the first to take advantage of FM radio transmitters inside a home or business to communicate a service or product. Gary took existing technologies and put it all together to launch this business. Upon reaching approximately the miles tone of 80 licensees across the U.S., Gary sold the company for $7.2 million dollars. All the technology, including FCC approval, behind NDBB was developed and patented by Gary. Gary’s primary leadership strengths include a solid educational background, in -depth business experience and tremendous ability to overcome the financial challenges of a small business. Gary can be contacted 678 -999-2131 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 22
  • 23. Arin Adamson - VP of Web Strategy As a principal, Arin is a web developer and programmer who manages theSolar Systems USA web site and affiliate program. He joined up with SSUSA while attending Gwinnett Technical College and studying web development and design. Over the past two years he's used the opportunity to practice his talent in building and adapting the SSUSA e-commerce website, optimize the search engine capabilities, and build a superior online marketing engine and content management service. He manages a worldwide team in making SSUSA.net one of the top solar procurement and fulfillment destinatio available anywhere. His efforts have made SSUSA.net ns easy to navigate, to connect with resources, to gain expertise and to track orders. Arin can be contacted 678-999-2665 Paul Merriman - VP of Operations & Customer Service Once a product or system is sold, Paul Merriman is in charge of communicating with the customer through the delivery of the purchased items. Paul is also in charge of invoicing the customer and generating a purchase order to the supplier. Once submitted, the financial trans actions are turned over to Gary Thompson while Paul manages customer expectations on shipping dates and product delivery. Paul also manages product returns, damaged items, and product refunds in the event there are any. So far so good! Paul is very good at customer service and manages our 1-800 customer service line at 1 (800) 737 -3907. Paul’s experience includes real estate brokerage, leasing, redevelopment, property management and financing in the North Atlanta area. Paul was also a Market Segments Manager for calcium carbonate and specialty clay sales & marketing into select polyolefin market segments including: plastic films, wire/cable, cultured marble, rubber/elastomers and reinforced composites. Paul can be contacted Toll Free1(800) 737-3907 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 23
  • 24. Remote Corporate Associates Onur Kaya – Engineering & Design Complete Systems Mr. Kaya completed his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at the University of Instanbul, but quickly came to the states where he has fully developed his love and passionfor solar energy. Onur brought with him an in-depth knowledge of solar and all its advantages. By his mid 20’s Onur had located to Miami, FL where he worked with Sun Electronics, a major online and bricks and mortar distributor, doing designs, sales and assisting with installations of solar and wind energy systems. He also became very hands on with site analysis, single line and 3D drawings, He also knows Autocad for solar and he even did a stent in the Sun Warehouse as manager of shipping and receiving. Onur Kaya is Solar, if you will. He also seems to genuinely enjoy working with people. He is well versed in all aspects of solar and particularly strong in off grid and battery back -up systems. This is a big asset to the SSUSA team as off grid system req uest continue to increase. Onur joined the SSUSA team in Spring of 2012 and has never been to our corporate office. He proudly represents SSUSA from wherever he resides and thus far has been a great asset to the team. Onur can be reached Toll Free at 1 ( 800) 959-9717 Joey Keys – Engineering & Design Complete Systems Mr. Keys brings to SSUSA 15+ years of progressive experience serving in increasingly responsible positions with Motorola, Dell and Freescale. Joey has served in capacities from product e gineer through project manager n to product manager. His credentials include a PMI Master’s Certification in Project Management, as well as an Electronic Technology degree. Joey received his undergrad from The George Washington University and was accepted in the School of Business. The last 5+ years Joey has been involved in the solar industry and received his NABCEP certification in “Solar PV Installation”. NABCEP certification is the premiere certification for the solar industry. Prior to joining Solar Sys tems USA Joey worked with a national level solar installer and over seeing mega-watt size solar projects. In 2010 Joey joined Solar Systems USA and is responsible for managing all out-going grid tied and off grid solar system proposals. Joey participates rom his home office in Austin, Texas. f Joey can be contacted Toll Free 1(800) 928-4492 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 24
  • 25. Dan London Founder and President of Solar Max, Inc, a renewable energy company helping homeowners and businesses save money with low cost solar energy solutions. Dan is representative of some of the creative ways SSUSA has found ways to meet the company’s needs by working highly qualified individuals that would otherwise not be possible for the company. In addition, Dan brings significant experience and accredita tion in the design and installation of Solar PV and Solar Thermal systems to SSUSA via the Long Island, NY area. Solar Max is a fullservice, low-cost / high value provider of customizable turnkey Solar PV systems for residential and commercial applications, and of totally off-grid systems and cabins for remote areas lac ing infrastructure. Dan join the Solar Systems USA team in the summer of 2012 and has been a very welcome addition to the team. His service as manager of our “Live Chat” communication program has been invaluable to the company as his department drives sales for the company and provides his business solar installation leads in the Long Island, NY area. Dan can be contacted Toll Free - 1(800) 979-0917 Phillip Newman Design Engineering working in the aerospace industry for approximately 20 years in the areas of product development of FAA -PMA aftermarket aircraft parts, aerospace bearings, automotive tubular products, anodizing, coating, plating, heat treatment, machi ing fixtures and tooling for the manufacturing processes while n working for Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Kamatics Corp and Siemens Energy & Automation. Phil joined the SSUSA team in the Winter of 2012 and brings a whole new meaning to the words solar advocate. Phil aka “Newman” rather sell solar to a customer just as quick as most people would eat a meal. Phil Newman is solar! Newman joins the team from his home office in South Metro Atlanta and attends weekly staff meetings at the corporate office. Phil can be contacted 678-999-2107 9/23/13 Solar Systems USA 25
  • 26. Key Suppliers 70+ suppliers & growing 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 26
  • 27. Key Partners 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 27
  • 28. Investment Opportunity Raise $250,000.00 (Round 1) • Sell Convertible Notes @ 8% Interest @ 20% Discount. (Note agreement available upon request) • Funding will be used for: (Request Use of Proceeds List From Nathan) – Grow the number and quality of customer conversations. • Drive customers to our online site. • Increase connectivity with our resources. • Manage web analytics, SEO, superior marketing, branding and customer retention. – Keep management focused on exceeding topline goals. • Make key hires in search engine optimization and office administration. – Training and recruiting for success. • Workforce development. • Continue to offer the highest quality service. • Attract and maintain the best performing sales team. Note: The above investment is an option other than purchasing the company. 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 28
  • 29. Purchase Opportunity  Purchase Solar Systems USA for $995,000.00       Option 1 – Buy 100% of stock – SSUSA Team transition you in. Option 2 - Buy 40% of Company’s Stock From Nathan and Nathan maintains position as CEO or President For Compensation. Nathan maintains 10% for the future sale of the company ) Option 3 – Buy 50% of Company stock from Nathan and partner with Gary and Arin. Option 4 – Buy ANY % of the company stock and we all equally dilute down our shares to raise funding. Option 5 – Invest in SSUSA (See slide 26) Option 6 – Open to new ideas?  We are flexible! 9/23/2013 Solar Systems USA 29
  • 30. First Two Year’s P & L 8/2011-8/2013 Solar Systems USA, Inc. Profit & Loss August 31, 2011 - August 31, 2013 Total Aug 31, 2011 - Aug 31, 2013 % of Income Income Pending Sales 0.00 0.00% Refunds-Sales -114,328.92 -3.64% Sales-In House 627,218.21 19.98% 2,733,729.31 87.09% 10.56 0.00% 3,246,629.16 100.00% Freight and Shipping Costs 107,773.55 3.32% Purchases - Resale Items 2,650,847.73 84.45% 72.54 0.00% Sales-Online Uncategorized Income Total Income $ Cost of Goods Sold Wells Fargo MS Charge Backs Total Cost of Goods Sold $ 2,650,920.27 84.45% Gross Profit $ 487,935.33 15.55% 97,322.93 3.10% 7.50 0.00% 585.24 0.02% 592.74 0.02% Expenses Advertising and Promotion Automobile Expense Fuel Total Automobile Expense 9/23/2013 $ Solar Systems USA 30
  • 31. Bank Service Charges 97.97 0.00% Fees - AMEX - Expenses 131.18 0.00% Fees - Chase 388.00 0.01% 63,452.81 2.02% Fees - Transnational 451.34 0.01% Fees - Transw orld 175.12 0.01% 11,262.28 0.36% 4,780.96 0.15% Fees - Intuit Paym ent Solutions Fees-PayPal Fees-Wells Fargo Total Bank Service Charges $ Business Licenses and Perm its 80,739.66 2.57% 75.00 Charitable Contributions 0.00% 250.00 0.01% Com puter Expenses 5,922.03 0.19% Continuing Education 2,061.29 0.07% Depreciation Expense 411.56 0.01% Dues and Subscriptions 917.44 0.03% Interest Expense 0.00% Interest - AMEX Total Interest Expense 594.29 $ 594.29 Managem ent Fees 0.02% 0.02% 0.00% Arin Adam son 28,249.36 0.90% 785.69 0.03% Gary Thom pson 75,315.53 2.40% Nathan Thom pson 81,523.69 2.60% Bradford J. Nutting Total Managem ent Fees $ Total Marketing $ 0.39% 449.19 Mailboxes 5.92% 12,225.52 Marketing 185,874.27 0.01% 12,674.71 0.40% Meals and Entertainm ent 3,208.76 0.10% Office Supplies 4,261.08 0.14% Office/General Adm inistrative Expenses 4,060.99 0.13% Outside Labor 0.00% Adm in 8,660.50 0.28% Affiliates 3,033.50 0.10% Marketing 6,448.15 0.21% Operations 51,338.86 1.64% Sales Associates 46,229.30 1.47% Website Developm ent 27,861.05 0.89% 143,571.36 4.57% Total Outside Labor 9/23/13 $ Solar Systems USA 31
  • 32. Postage and Delivery 211.72 0.01% 12.41 0.00% 3,190.07 0.10% 3.55 0.00% 9,408.76 0.30% 344.30 0.01% 6,209.88 0.20% 600.00 0.02% 10,975.84 0.35% Travel Expense 2,824.72 0.09% Uncategorized Expense 1,991.28 0.06% 867.23 0.03% 11,500.20 0.37% Printing and Reproduction Professional Fees Reconciliation Discrepancies Rent Expense Repairs and Maintenance Sales Support Taxes - Penalties Telephone/Internet Expense Utilities Web Site Total Expenses $ 590,678.07 18.82% Net Operating Income -$ 102,742.74 -3.27% -167.91 -0.01% Other Expenses Reconciliation Discrepancies-1 Total Other Expenses -$ 167.91 -0.01% Net Other Income $ 167.91 0.01% Net Income -$ 102,574.83 -3.27% Thursday, Oct 10, 2013 01:39:38 PM PDT GMT-4 - Accrual Basis 9/23/13 Solar Systems USA 32
  • 33. Operations Increase Profit Margin Things to Know In Advance: 1. 2. 3. The Company was incorporated on 8/27/2010 and went live in the Spring of 2011. When determining commission we always pay from a percentage of net profit. This is the amount of money remaining after deducting the cost of product & the shipping cost. Advertising in this document ONLY refers to advertising we pay for, like PPC advertising. (Pay Per Click) Present Day Example on a commission using our current mark-up & paying 30% of the net profit commission. $12,324.72 = Total sale price w/shipping Minus - $10,061.00 cost of product (X 1.225 Multiplier) Minus $425.00 Shipping cost $1,838.72 X .30% = $551.61 Commission Paid To Sales Person I.Mark-up & Profitability History: The following break-down offers a quick history on the evolution of the mark-up modifier, commission structure and paid advertising cost as it relates to profitability. Additionally, this document shows the learning curves along the way. _______________________ Phase 1 Period – 4/2011 – 9/2011 - “Development Period & Pre-Gary” Profit/Mark-up – We posted products on the SSUSA website directly from a distributor’s catalogue and marked up their product list “cost X 1.15”. The first six months of doing business was Nathan selling, developing product relationships and while Arin (10% partner) was figuring out how to get customers to the website. Advertising - We were selling purely off double digit per day organic traffic. Commission - We had no commission sales people to pay at that time. Hindsight Visual - The mark-up was too low, but it was the right move at the time in that it ultimately led us to the “low priced leader” theme. In turn, as the low priced leader, this confirmed we needed factory direct sources on solar panels. 9/23/13 Solar Systems USA 33
  • 34. Phase 2 Period – 9/2011 – 8/2012 – “Increasing Traffic, Gary Joins SSUSA & We Learn To Sell” Profit/Mark-up – During this period we moved the product multiplier up to “product cost X 1.175 = price of product”The 1.175 was on all products across the board. Advertising – We began experimenting and learning how to use PPC (pay per click) advertising at a rate of approximately $2,054.33 pe month or $24,652.00 r per year. This was in May of 2012. In retrospect this rate is very close to accurate when doing $150,000.00 - $200,000.00 per month in sales. Commission – We brought in a master electrician who was an veryexperienced solar installer who could put together solardesigns and sell. We were paying him 40% of the profit for his sales + he received 20% of the profit if he designed a system for one of the contrac tors. We began the OSA or contractor program during this period as another way to scale the business. During this period there is a percentage of sales where we paid out 60% of the profit. Hindsight Visual – We now know the advertising was in line, butthe commission structure was totally unacceptable. However, this was another necessary lesson on the path to profitability. Phase 3 Period 9/2012 – 8/2013 Profit/Mark-up – We continued to use 1.175 up until approximately 8/2013. Advertising – We increased PPC spend to average $6,100.00 per month ($73,270.00) This was too high. Commission – We brought the commission down to 30% of thenet profit for all commissioned sales people, but it was during this period we learned with absolute certainty we could hire reasonably educated semi-solar knowledgeable people to sell on straight commission at 30% of the net profit. Hind Sight Visual – All though the advertising lesson was equally as painful as the commission lesson learned in phase 2, this was a learning curve we had to experience. 9/23/13 Solar Systems USA 34
  • 35. Summary: Present Day Profit/Mark-up - We currently mark-up product using a multiplier of “cost X 1.225” and we still are 20% to 30% lower than our main competitors. There is room to increase this, but recommend a stabilization period to see the net results of this recent change. Advertising – We are currently producing sales from 100% organic traffic, but upon integrating some pay per click advertising into our mix we will spend no more than $2,000.00 per $150,000.00 to $200,000.00 in sales. Commission – We now pay sales people and solar designers 30% of the net profit commission. The sales team currently consist of the following: 1 commission & 1 salaried person fielding phone calls from the 1-800 number. 2 commission solar knowledgeable designers are receiving complete system leads from our online request form. (This is an area we would spend PPC advertising dollars) Online Submission Form - http://www.solarsystems-usa.net/solardesign/ 1 commission sales person fielding & developing live chat request as generated from the website. 1 commission sales person fielding & developing email request as generated from the website. All Commissions paid are 30% of the net profit *The above “sales team” excludes any contractors and/or affiliate sales. Any sales from contractors are temporarily worked by any of the above team members. These programs are currently available and actively receiving new sign ups, but under developed, underutilized and under managed. This is an area I would allocate resources going forward. 9/23/13 Solar Systems USA 35
  • 36. Operation Decrease Over-head Name Description Amount NT Salary $4,113.50 GT Salary $3,464.00 AT Salary $1,558.80 PM Salary $2,000.00 Windz & Julz (Web Prod Mgmt) & Web Help Marketing $824.00 Jake Wahome Content Writer & Marketing 400.00 $ Marlon Marketing & Web Help $143.00 Kelly CPA / Accounting $500.00 Skype Phones - Personnel $187.99 Ring Central Phones - 800 toll free $140.87 Georgia Power Utility $153.83 Office Depot Supplies $99.00 Intuit Accounting / Book Keeping $31.96 Rent Rent - corporate $1,024.00 Big Commerce.com Email Hosting $24.95 Big Commerce.com Website Hosting $149.95 Go Daddy Domain & Hosting $29.95 Digital Reach (Ralf) SEO Mgmt $499.00 Google Advertising $583.64 Hoot Suite Marketing $7.98 Linkedin Advertising $49.95 Amex Re-payment of Loan $250.00 Modsolar Proposal Generator - Sales $315.00 Constant Contact Email Marketing $85.00 Total 9/23/13 $16,636.37 Solar Systems USA % 24.73% 20.82% 9.37% 12.02% 4.95% 2.40% 0.86% 3.01% 1.13% 0.85% 0.92% 0.60% 0.19% 6.16% 0.15% 0.90% 0.18% 3.00% 3.51% 0.05% 0.30% 1.50% 1.89% 0.51% 100.00% 36
  • 37. Profit Margin & Sales Guide Lines Sales & Profit Required For Break-even Amount of Sales Required Gross Profit 20% $83,181.85 19% 18% $90,905.56 17% $96,252.94 16% $102,268.75 15% $109,086.67 14% $116,878.57 13% $125,869.23 12% $136,358.33 10% 9/23/13 $86,121.05 $163,630.00 Solar Systems USA 37