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Texas Star Chart Presentation for Bellville Jr. High

Texas Star Chart Presentation for Bellville Jr. High

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    Bellville Junior High
    Bellville ISD
    Nathan Smith
  • 2. Why Are We Here?
    Today’s Goal:
    Discuss status of the Integration of Technology into the Curriculum at Bellville Jr. High
    Background- 4 Areas of Texas Long Range Plan and Texas Star Chart
    BJHS Current Level of Technology Integration
    Suggested Actions for Current Improvement
  • 3. Long Range Plan for Technology
    The Texas Long Range Plan for Technology (LRPT) 2006-2020
    “directly supports the mission of Texas Public Education by ensuring and engaging, relevant and future- focused system… preparing each student for success and productivity as a lifetime learner, a world- communicator, a competitive and creative knowledge worker, and an engaged contributing member of the emerging global digital society.”
    LRPT 2006-2020. pg viii
  • 4. What is the Texas Star Chart?
    A tool used to help all Texas teachers to find effective ways to use technology in their curriculum.
    Helps determine the progress toward meeting the goals of the Texas Long Range Plan for Technology and District Goals.
    It is to help teachers set goals for their use of technology to support student achievement.
    Helps identify the needs for on-going professional development.
  • 5. Star Chart Key Areas
    The Texas Star was developed into four key areas:
    Teaching And Learning
    Educator Preparation and Development
    Leadership, Administration and Instructional Support
    Infrastructure for Technology
  • 6. How is the Star Chart Scored?
  • 7. What does BJHS’s Chart look like?
  • 8. How Can We Improve?
    Teacher and Learning Goals:
    To development lessons plans incorporating the K-12 Technology TEKS and implement them in student- centered learning experiences.
    Encourage the integration of existing technology and other resources into classroom instruction
    Educator Preparation Goals:
    Implement strategies to promote students participation in collaborative learning communities
    Provide Educators varied types of Educator development for technology integration
  • 9. How Can We Improve?, Continued.
    Leadership Skills Goals
    Develop a Campus Plan that is technology oriented and that include goals for online learning and technology benchmarks.
    Establish technology leaders and teacher partnerships to participate in technology integration learning communities
    Infrastructure Goals
    Have at least two computers in each classroom that are accessible by all students
    Try to decrease the student to computer ratio