Designers Accord Education Meeting


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This is a very short summary of CCA's Sustainability education I gave to the Designers Accord audience in San Francisco in May 2009.

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Designers Accord Education Meeting

  1. 1. Sustainability @ CCA Nathan Shedroff April 2009
  2. 2. Sustainability @ CCA Our approach: Sustainability is a core value for the whole school. It should be addressed integrally in every program and most every course, not something that is attached to the curriculum.
  3. 3. Sustainability @ CCA Part of our 5-year strategic plan Curriculum Committee: ECOTAP Student group: CEED
  4. 4. Sustainability @ CCA Sustainability encompasses 3 domains: FINANCIAL SYSTEMS SOCIETY ENVIRONMENT
  5. 5. Sustainability @ CCA The model we’re helping to develop (“The Presidio Model”): Principles Frameworks (perspectives) Tools Design Strategies
  6. 6. Sustainability @ CCA Principles: Systems Thinking Multidisciplinary Teamwork Service to Users/Customers Multi-stakeholder Engagement
  7. 7. Sustainability @ CCA Frameworks: Natural Capitalism The Natural Step™ Cradle to Cradle Holistic Management
  8. 8. Sustainability @ CCA Tools: LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) ISO 50001 Total Beauty™ SOS (Blackburn) Biomimicry Wheel of Change City Climate Protection SROI Manual Sustainability Helix Metrics (GDP, GPI, GNH, Blended Value GRI, SRI) Integrated Bottom Line LEED LASER Manual FASB redefinition of Profit Footprint Calculators SCORE (water, carbon, etc.) Factor 4 and Factor 10 Stakeholder Analysis SHINGO SA 8000 SIGMA CSR
  9. 9. Sustainability @ CCA Design Strategies: Reduce • Design for Use (Usability & Meaning) • Dematerialization (Materials, Energy & Transportation) • Substitution (Materials & Energy) • Localization • Transmaterialization • Informationalization Reuse • Design for Durability • Design for Reuse Recycle • Design for Disassembly • Close the Loop • Design for Effectiveness Restore • Design for Systems
  10. 10. Sustainability @ CCA Government & Policy: Principles Systems Thinking Stakeholder Engagement/Community Activism Citizenship/Representation Frameworks Democracy Socialism Totalitarianism Social Contract Tools Voting/Polling Lobbying Bills/Regulation Propaganda Metrics: GNP, GNH, GPI, etc.
  11. 11. Sustainability @ CCA Business Dynamics: Principles Systems Thinking Stakeholder Engagement Service Culture Frameworks Market Capitalism Michael Porter Entrepreneurial Creativity/Creative Distruction Value Chain Tools TQM, Six Sigma Stage Gate SWOT Doblin Value Model Metrics: ROI, NPV, IRR, GNP, etc.
  12. 12. Sustainability @ CCA Design Thinking Principles: Principles Systems Thinking User/Design Research & User-Centered Frameworks Experience/Meaning Models Tools Deep Dive Prototyping Iteration Need Finding Ethnographic Techniques Critique
  13. 13. Sustainability @ CCA Thank you
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