Business Model and Process


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Toboc Business Model and Process

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Business Model and Process

  1. 1. Toboc.comBusiness Model and Process
  2. 2. What is Toboc? is a premier multinational B2B website that bringstogether suppliers, buyers, Transporters, Brokers and relatedservice providers from across the world, giving them an onlineplatform to do active business and drive mutual growth, whilesaving their time and money.
  3. 3. TOBOC Headquarters are located in Montreal, Canada.Our branch offices are located at:• Bangalore, India• Beijing, China• Florida, USA• Paris, France• Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  4. 4. WorldwidePartners
  5. 5. Business Vision• To be the GlobalLeader - where everyInternational Tradetransaction goesthrough TOBOC.
  6. 6. Registration Flow
  7. 7. RegisteringbyChoosingCompanyType
  8. 8. ProfileDashBoard
  9. 9. MembershipType
  10. 10. Typesof SearchSimple Search Keyword Search
  11. 11. Trade Plus MembershipBenefits• Messages (Send Trade Enquiries)• Respond back to infinite Trade Enquiries• Purchase Toboc Credits• Upload unlimited Buy or Sell Product Leads• Receive Regular Trade Alerts by email• Newsletters, International Trade News• Convert all Buy Product Leads to Featured Leads For Free• Convert Sell Product Leads to Featured Leads for FREE• Priority listing for Featured Product Leads• Feature your profile in up to 20 sectors• Set your own, customized Alert Preferences• Free E-Banner Advertisements• Unrestricted Access to all Member Profiles• Display Company Contact Information, Other Contacts on your profile• Display Company Pictures, Video, Brochure, Presentation on your profile• Display Financial Info & Certificate of Incorporation
  12. 12. PersonRegistration FreeUserTransporterBuyer/SellerServicesproviderPost an SellleadPost infor.,& visit thelistPost infor.,& visit thelistPost bothbuy and sellleadPost anBuyleadIf want,they cansendmessageIf want,they cansendmessageIf want,they cansendmessageIf want,they cansendmessageIf want,they cansendmessageUpgrade toTradeplusMembershipUpgrade toTradeplusMembershipUpgrade toTradeplusMembershipUpgrade toTradeplusMembershipUpgrade toTradeplusMembershipFlow Chart-AnOverviewBuyer SellerBothFree userTrialTradeplusmemberTradeplusMember
  13. 13. Hot Buy Leads!!
  14. 14. Build YourNetwork• Building a network of yourbusiness contacts improvesyour chance to do active B2Bbuying or selling.• Register now and completeyour profile at• Send up to 10 invitations/dayto your friends through ourBYN program.• Watch as your friends acceptyour invitation to join.• Earn credits for yourself andyour friends.
  15. 15. LiveChat• Chat support offers youadvice when you need it.• If any queries, just contactchat support and getimmediate assistance• After entering name, getinstant answers to yourquestions, 24-hours a day.
  16. 16. TobocBlog• Blogs can serve as a separate website ofthat subject, and then simply lead to themain site.• They provide a method of informationgathering for the customers• Promoting Flow:Idea Content Post SM linkMonitorReport
  17. 17. OnlineBannerAdvertising• Home page• Products page• Products Search Result page• Companies’ page• Transporters Page• Services page• My Business Account (MBA)page
  18. 18. And Finally Toboc is,An online tool designed to strategically drive your offlinebusiness.