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Intern hiring101

  1. 1. Intern Hiring 101 Make progress not coffee
  2. 2. Road Map1.) Brief Background on Nathan andInternMatch2.) The real deal behind unpaid interns.3.) How to structure an intern program.4.) Typical compensation levels fordifferent interns (marketing, engineering,design, and more).5.) How to create a standout internshipposting.6.) How to effectively manage and get themost our of your interns.7.) Plenty of time for Q & A.
  3. 3. About InternMatch Hello InternMatch, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for all the help you post in your website. I just moved to the states from Argentina and when it was time to get a job I followed every step and used every tip that I could find at InternMatch. Your articles really helped me to understand the working environment in this country and how to fit in. As a result I just got hired today, and I cant ignore the role you played in this accomplishment. What you do in this website is great and I believe I speak in the name of all college students when I say (once again) Thank you very much! I hope you can keep on growing and expanding, you and your team truly deserve it. Best regards, Joaquín Van Thienen. • Started in 2009 • Over 500,000 unique student visitors a month • Over 700 direct university connections
  4. 4. Our InternsInternMatch has now hired over 50 interns • We have hired numerous campus ambassadors at schools including MIT, Harvard, Upenn, Wisconsin, Michigan and more! ** US Employers with 20+ Employees
  5. 5. Why Hire Interns New Aggregated Internships12,00010,000 • Fill in critical skill gaps8,0006,000 • Pipeline for future hires ( to-hires/)4,0002,000 • Regional Expansion 0 Nov March Oct Aug Jan Sept April July Dec Feb
  6. 6. Not for everyoneHiring top notch students with the right culture fit is essential for SMBs and Startups• Autonomous but not automatic +50K /• Contributes energy Fantastic Intern to office/team• Future hire• Can’t test assumptions -25K /• Needs to be motivated Mediocre Intern• Only around for 3 months
  7. 7. Topic #1: UnpaidInterns
  8. 8. Be very careful of unpaid internshipsDOL 6 Point Test1.) The internship is similar to training which isgiven at an educational facility.2.) The internship experience is for the benefit ofthe intern.3.) The intern does not displace regular staff. Have a Goal/Project in mind4.) The intern is not necessarily entitled to a job atthe end of the internship.5.) The employer receives no immediate advantagefrom the intern in fact the employer may beimpeded.6.) The employer and the intern understand that theintern is not entitled to wages during this period.(
  9. 9. Topic #2: Structuringyour program
  10. 10. How soon to start recruiting For Summer Interns: -September 1st – October 15th (Nestle) -January 1st – February 15th (Most banks) -March 20th – May 30th (Most SMBs and startups) For Fall Interns: Have a Goal/Project in mind Hardest season to fill! -pull from summer program -post in June, July and August. For Winter/Spring Interns: -September 1st – October 15th November 1st – November 30th
  11. 11. Define Position Nuts and Bolts • Length? Typically 3- 6 months long • Hours? Typically 10-40 hours per week • Season? Summer you get more attention from a student
  12. 12. Decide on a Manager • Should love teaching • Should have plenty of bandwidth to meet with students and throughout the role. • Nest model—one mentor per intern.
  13. 13. Topic #3: TypicalCompensation Levels
  14. 14. Decide on Compensation • Marketing/Business: $10 - $12.50/hour • CS $12.50 - $20/hour • MBA $12.50 - $15/hour Educational Compensation is worth more than $$$. Learning software (Basecamp, Hootsuite, etc) is huge!
  15. 15. Topic #4: Creating aStandout Posting
  16. 16. Create a posting • Pitch company Have a Goal/Project in mind• Pitch education opportunity • Detail the role Use our free template! Got to
  17. 17. Share it out • Tweet about it • Send it to rock star former interns • Send it on to favorite TAs, professors,etc
  18. 18. Always be Closing Interviews: • Sell: Spend first 5 minutes talking up your company and role • Be prepared: Have a list of questions ready to Have a Goal/Project in mind evaluate the student. • Review: Extra-curriculars are often more important than grades. • Follow-up: Setup a time to talk again with the student before making a decision. • Manage expectations.
  19. 19. Topic #5: ManagingInterns
  20. 20. Stay Engaged • Meet once a week for coffee Have a Goal/Project in mindTell the student to • ask questions • Set benchmarks/goals for projects
  21. 21. Start on the Right Foot! • Let students know what they need on the job (bring laptop, wear a suit, etc) • Email directions to the office and on when to arrive. • Create an email account for them before they arrive • Be upfront about office rules and expectations, etc
  22. 22. Have Fun • Interns can and should impact your culture • They come and go Have a Goal/Project in mindbut you can have a truly meaningful impact on their future
  23. 23. Interested in Using InternMatch?Post positions at
  24. 24. Thank You Nathan Parcells, Founder/CMO 301-873-8435